Truelove? I will take you out of the darkness” Intro of episode 1 (Raglak, Swasan, Thahaan & Twinj)

Truelove? I will take you out of the darkness” Intro of episode 1 (Raglak, Swasan, Thahaan & Twinj)

Hey guys Nusz is back aha with another Fan-Fiction of four different couples (From Cad raised in England). This story will be very different than the actual track!! But everything will be based on a love track in my style… I have written many Fan-Fictions and people enjoyed it a lot. So guys I will be writing a story on Thapki and Bihaan (From Thapki Pyaar Ki), Ragini and Laksh (From Swaragini), Twinkle and Kunj (From Tashan – E – Ishq) and Sanskar and Swara (From Swaragini). So I really hope you enjoyed this one because it will be based on Vampires and Werewolves that have hidden and truths. Some will be negative in the star but will turn positive after. I hope you enjoy this storyline xx.



Main Female Leads

– Helly Shah (22 years old) (Known has Swara from Swaragini) – Helly Shah is raised in New York with her family she’s very western and stylish. Helly is a human who lives up her life with her best friend Jasmine. Helly doesn’t believe in supernatural things. Helly is a sweet and bubbly girl. Helly doesn’t get along with her half sister at all. But in her heart she loves her a lot. One day she bumps in to the Kapoor brothers and when she bumped into one of them her life totally changed. Helly believes in true love and wants to shine high in the sky. They call her Hells for short. Also Helly and her sister were separated away from each other ages ago. Helly is learning magic because she belongs to a witch family.

– Jasmine Bhasin (23 years old) (Known has Twinkle from TEI) – Jasmine Bhasin is an outgoing girl. Jasmine is actually a werewolf and hates vampires so much. Jasmine thinks her father and mother died because of them and is here to take revenge. Jasmine is trying to look for the person who killed her parents. Jasmine is a very rich after her parents died she took over the business and is a great business woman even though no one knows her secret. Jasmine still thinks her parents are still alive. Jasmine and Helly share a great bond. Helly knows about Jasmine being a werewolf and is trying to help her out. One thing you didn’t know about Jasmine is she always has a soft corner for people who are suffering and always tries to help them out. They also call her Jas for short.

– Jigyasa Singh (22 years old) (Known has Thapki from TPK) – Jigyasa Singh is a Vampire who is a hidden secrets. She loves to teach people lesson and is looking for the prefect guy who can help her out and kill the werewolves. Jigyasa is really close with the Kapoor brothers and they all work together to trap the werewolves. Jigyasa is very smart and fast and you guys won’t notice when she breaks your neck within seconds. Jigyasa is one of the oldest vampires in New York and nobody knows that but only her close friends. Jigyasa has a crush on one of the brothers. Jigyasa is looking for a witch who can break the curse and she can go back and kill those werewolves. They also call her Jigs for short.

– Tejaswi Prakash (23 years old) (Known has Ragini from Swaragini) – Tejaswi Prakash is a vampire/ werewolf and she is very strong and a killer at the same time. Tejaswi has learned a lot about the Kapoor brothers and want to kill them. Tejaswi is working with a guy name Siddhant who has a dark past. Tejaswi and Siddhant want to kill the kapoor brothers. Helly doesn’t know Tejaswi is very smart and fast and also she has own business and is working against the Bhasin company. Tejaswi and Jasmine are enemies. Jasmine knows the truth about Tejaswi but doesn’t tell Helly because it could cause problems between them. Tejaswi always tries to keep her younger half sister Helly away from trouble because she loves her a lot even though she doesn’t show it. They also call her Teja for short.

Main Male Leads

– Varun Kapoor (22 years old) (Known has Sanskar from Swaragini) – Varun Kapoor is one if the finest and richest family in New York. Every girl hits on Varun Kapoor. Varun is one of the oldest vampires in the world. Varun hates the werewolves so much and thinks they’re killers and could kill any vampire within seconds. Varun is thinking of a plan how to kill the werewolves some one. Varun is the one understands and fight with his younger brother every time because he is the biggest killer and has lost many people he loved. Varun and his brother fight every day. Varun and Jigyasa were in a relationship before but they broke up and didn’t get back together. Varun is smart, fast and active for everything. Varun is trying his best to stop all the problems that are happening and his brother at the same time. Varun hates Siddhant and Manish so much that he wants to kill them because they have a dark past together. They call him VA – VA for short.

– Siddhant Gupta (26 years old) (Known has Kunj from TEI) – Siddhant Gupta is one of the best werewolves you would know him by. Siddhant and his cousin Manish are harsh but very kind – hearted. Siddhant is a totally flirt and goes with any type of girl he sees. Siddhant and Teja has once been in a relationship in the past but broke up because it didn’t work out. Siddhant is planning to kill the Kapoor with the help of Teja because she is planning to make one of them fall for her. Siddhant wants to destroy the Kapoor brothers because he knows one werewolf bite. Siddhant has a dark past that no one knows about it even Manish his own cousin. Siddhant and Manish share a great bond even though they aren’t real brothers but act like. Siddhant is known has the best dancers in New York. They call him Sid for short.

– Manish Gupta (25 years old) (Known has Bihaan from TPK) – Manish Gupta is one of the best werewolves you would know him by. Manish is really close with Siddhant and always protect him from everything. Manish hates the Kapoor brothers more than anything. Teja always stood by Manish like a best friend. Manish always tries to bring Siddhant and Teja close together but fails at the same time. Manish is known has the biggest rock star and prank star. Manish is a break dancer just like his brother Siddhant. They both go the club and party there. Siddhant and Manish are very close to killing the Kapoor brothers but always fail to do so. Manish is rude and selfish and doesn’t believe in love. Manish only wants revenge and happiness for his brother. They also call him Mani for short.

– Namish Kapoor (25 years old) (Known has Laksh from Swaragini) – Namish Kapoor is the oldest vampire known in New York City. Namish and his brother Varun fight 24/7. Namish almost tried to kill Varun so many times but fails to do so because Varun is stronger than him. Namish is a total flirt and would always go the club and party there. Namish hates Manish they had a past and always try to kill each other. Namish hates werewolves in general and also he is seeking for witch that could him and his brother kill Manish and Siddhant. Namish hates Jigyasa and Varun together instead he laughs and makes fun of them. Namish thinks love is stupid until he meets a girl name Teja and falls for innocence and kindness. One more thing Namish and a girl shared a past that basically destroyed Manish almost. They also call him Nami for short.

Additional characters

– Nia Sharma (23 years old) (Known has Roshni from Jamai Raja) – Nia Sharma is a very fast and cool vampire she is Jigyasa’s best friend and lives with her aunt Sonia. Nia is trying to find the werewolf Manish and Siddhant saw she can destroy them. Nia always feels like there is dark fast between them. They call her Ni for short.

– Ravi Dubey (25 years old) (Known has Siddharth/Satya from Jamai Raja) – Ravi Dubey is witch and wants to destroy all the black magic. He bumps into a girl who is a vampire and tries to connect to her because he thinks there is something between them. Ravi loves when people are enjoying and smiling every time. They call him Rav for short.

– Zain Dubey (25 years old) (Known has Yuvi from TEI) – Zain is Ravi’s cousin and they both work with each other. Zain is actually a werewolf and knows his brother Ravi a witch. They both want to destroy the black magic. But Zain does have some dark shades which he hides from brother. They call him Zai for short.

– Ankit Gupta (25 years old) (Known has Dhruv from TPK) – He is the brother of Manish and wants works has a business man and doesn’t know anything about Vampires, Witches or Werewolves.

– Jaya Gupta (Known has Vasu from TPK) – Jaya is a normal human and the mother of Manish but adopted Siddhant when he lost his parents. Jaya lost her sister and her sister’s husband in a car accident so they adopted Siddhant into the family.

– Monica Khanna (24 years old) (Known has Shraddha from TPK) (Main Antagonist) – Monica is secret underground worker and wants to kill the vampires and werewolves and she wants to become both of them and take over all the stuff that they have.

– Kishwer Kapoor (Antagonist) (Known has Haseena from Pyaar Ki Ek Kahaani) – She is the mother if Varun and Namish is very modern. Kishwer hates werewolves and humans and wants to destroy them. Kishwer is a very selfish mother and could do anything she likes.

– Naved Kapoor (Antagonist) (Known has Chand from Pyaar Ki Ek Kahaani) – He is a very fast and smart vampire. Naved loves causing problems between the brothers. Kishwer and Naved never get along but their targets are same. Naved and Kishwer could do anything to take over things.

– Prats (Known has Poonam from TPK) – She is a caring and loving mother of Jigyasa but doesn’t know she is a vampire. Jigyasa treats her mother very badly sometimes but Prats always tells her not too. Prats and Jigyasa share a great bond sometimes.

– Pari Shah – She is the mother if Helly and has adopted Teja but she ran away from them. Pari is a caring and sweet mother. She is teaching her daughter how to do witch magic so she can fight against and bad and save people from dying. Pari and Helly have a great bond together.

– Sonica Singh (Antagonist) (Known has Urvashi from Swaragini) – She’s the aunt of Nia and has a lot of black shades in fact she is working with Monica to destroy the vampires and the werewolves. She is a witch and doesn’t know Nia is a vampire but when she finds out will try to kill her too.

– Sachin Prakash (Known has Shekhar from Swaragini) – Sachin is the father of Teja but has disappeared ages ago after his first wife died and had an affair with Pari who gave birth to Helly. Sachin is actually a vampire but no one knows where he ran off too.

So guys these are all the characters for now, if I add anymore I will let you know ASAP. For now enjoy the introduction the characters and let’s get started about how episode 1 will look like. This story will take place in America and India that’s about it xx.


New York City is a really big and everyone knows that clearly. But this place is full of Werewolves, Witches and Vampires. Most of these Vampires have lived up to at least 400-500 years and werewolves don’t live that long but they can try too. Witches are really powerful that could kill vampires with their fast brains and sense were the werewolves are. I will tell you the storyline works today but I will only give you parts of episode 1 because I don’t to spoil everything in the Introduction so I hope you guys will enjoy this Fan-Fiction and if you don’t let me just let know okay. Welcome to New York City for now and enjoy this plot till we move into India.


*New York City*

A girl is jumping and running to cross the street because her best friend is on the other side. She is wearing a black short dress with a black top on. The girl is wearing black long boots too with see through tights. She then finally crosses the street and reaches the other side. The girl quickly carries her friend from the back. The other girl screams her name.


Yes the girl that was crossing the street is Helly Shah and the girl she is carrying is Jasmine Bhasin who is wearing skinny jeans and a crop top with a leather jacket on.

Helly: Jasmine I finally got accepted for dance classes

Jasmine: Really Helly? I am proud of you

Helly: Jasmine why do you look so sad?

Jasmine: It’s nothing

Helly: It’s your mom’s birthday right?

Jasmine: Wow Helly you always remember everything

Helly: Ofc I will, after all I am your best friend

Jasmine: I think we should and have lunch somewhere

Helly: Did work end for you already?

Jasmine: Yes and I need to tell you something about the vampires

Helly: Did they try to harm someone this time?

Jasmine: No because I am not the only werewolf in New York there are many more

Helly: What are you saying Jasmine?

Jasmine: Can’t you sense Helly? You’re the one who has the magic

Helly: No I can’t sense it Jas because I feel like everything is fine, I even asked my mom she said that no vampires has been looking for werewolves so far.

Jasmine: Okay and thanks to your mom I have some information or a duffer like you couldn’t tell me, anyways come with me I need to show you something

Helly: That’s very rude and I am learning magic and you know that.

Jasmine: I know now let’s go this very important then nonsense talk.

Helly and Jasmine leave from there when Helly sees a guy and then he disappears from there. Helly didn’t get to see his face clearly.

Helly (In mind): Did I just see someone standing there?


A big house

A girl is sleeping and then her alarm rings she wakes up and the song Kala Chashma plays. The girl gets up and jumps on her bed. She is only wearing a long black top with shorts on. She wears glasses and starts taking pictures and then runs fast around the room. Then her best friend enters the room and races towards the radio and stops the music. She tells her to stop the music and selfie taking early in the morning. The two girls are Jigyasa and Nia who are both vampires.

Nia: Jigyasa man can you relax for once morning

Jigyasa: No way Nia, you already know why I don’t sleep at my own house

Nia: Because your mom is always home right? Remember my Aunt will be back in a few weeks too

Jigyasa: Duh? I am not in the mood right now and also your Aunt is a horrible person

Nia: Stop acting like this and no she’s not

Jigyasa: Whatever and I am curving for blood Nia, I haven’t broke any neck for three months because of you

Nia: You can’t always randomly kill people Jigyasa

Jigyasa: I need to Nia so I can kill those werewolves and break the cruse and then everything will be back to normal

Nia: The werewolves can kill you Jigs

Jigyasa: I know that’s why I am looking for a witch

Nia: Then let’s go ask Varun

Jigyasa: Why do you always bring Varun’s name?

Nia: After all his your ex boyfriend

Jigyasa: Okay but first let me go change and then we will go meet the Kapoor brothers and then I have a nice plan in my mind

Nia: Jigs listen to me

(Jigyasa rushes out of the room with speed)

Nia (In mind): Werewolf bite is very dangerous and witches can damages are brain even though we’re fast but nobody listens to me here…


KM (Kapoor Mansion)

Namish comes home in the morning quietly so his brother doesn’t notice. But Varun comes there with and pushes him against the wall and he hits it.

Varun: Knock Knock little brother

Namish: Varun you’re still here

Varun: Even though you’re younger than me yet dumber too

Namish: Shut your crap Varun

Varun: This is because Naved our so called father who has totally spoiled you

Namish: Like you barely still home right?

Varun: Don’t mess with me Namish

Namish gets up and runs in speed to stab Varun with a stake but Varun pushes him on the ground and stabs him with it.

Namish: OH CRAP

Varun: You’re weaker than I thought Namish

Naved comes from the back and snaps Varun’s neck

Naved: Tick-Tock where were you?

Namish: Dad wow you’re very fast

Naved: Shut up Namish go get changed

Namish: But what about Varun?

Naved: I will deal with him

A woman runs down the stairs with speed and slaps Namish.

Kishwer: You selfish boy

Naved: Kishwer behave yourself

Kishwer: Just like I said you went out and killed how many people?

Namish: I killed nobody

Kishwer: You need to stop this Naved you’re spoiling Namish really badly

Naved: I learned it from you

Varun slowly gets up from the back and snaps Namish’s neck

Varun: I play fair and really well

Naved and Kishwer look on

Varun: You need to your control yourself or we will all die

Varun walks out while Naved and Kishwer look on

Outside the Dance studio

Two guys finish are teaching dance to all the students and they leave from there. Even though one of the guys is a rock star and dress like a goon aka prank star. The other one is a break dancer is normal. Then they hear a girl entering the place with high heels and a long dress that shows one of your legs. Her hair is out while the boy’s sense there is something wrong. They turn into a werewolf to attach in fact the girl pushes them and they both fall against the wall. The guys are Siddhant and Manish while the girl is Tejaswi aka Teja.

Tejaswi: Oh god boys haven’t you known by now that it is me?

Siddhant: The way you enter is annoying

Manish: Teja you aren’t hot okay

Teja: Well every guy falls for me including you

Manish: In your dreams

Teja: Look I think I found a witch

Manish: And in fact I found out that someone is else working with Kapoor brother and I will destroy them all

Teja: Manish you need to shut the hell up

Manish: Look I need to leave and I don’t have any interest in you

Teja: Get hell out of you before I kill you

Manish gets angry and Siddhant tells him to relax

Manish: I will deal with you later but one thing Siddhant this girl is only working for herself

Teja: I wouldn’t do something like that

Manish: I know you really well then my brother

Teja: Prove it

Manish: I don’t need to because I cans see it in your eyes


Teja: Manish is the one who started it

Manish makes a dirty face at Teja and leaves from there.

Manish: Hurry up Siddhant, Mom and Dhruv are waiting for us.

Teja: I am gonna kill Jasmine

Siddhant: Did you say something?

Teja: No I am gonna fool Namish Kapoor the youngest brother

Siddhant: Okay then I know a prefect witch to contact

Teja: Okay I will meet you later

Siddhant leaves from there and Teja gets thinking

Teja (In mind): Helly I hope you’re safe because I don’t want you near that Jasmine in any condition.


In the woods

A guy is running in the woods to find the right way to destroy the curse when he falls in a hole because someone casted a spell which was done by a witch. The guy who was running was werewolf Zain and the guy who casted the spell is Ravi the witch.

Ravi: What are you up to Zain?

Zain: I knew who killed our parents

Ravi: What are you saying?

Zain: It’s this way I can sense it


Zain: Why Ravi, what are you hiding from me?

Ravi: Shouldn’t I be asking you that

Zain gets shocked and Ravi looks on


Unwanted place

A woman and girl are planning something big. The woman is Sonica and Monica.

Sonica: Those vampires need to die

Monica: Do you even know how to break the curse Sonica?

Sonica: We’re actually very close into killing the vampires

Monica: Okay you’re a very smart witch then sense it

Sonica: Okay wait

Monica: I will look at the information I found so far

Sonica gets shocked after seeing something

Sonica: Oh my god

Monica: What the hell happened to you?

Sonica: There is more than one werewolf

Monica: Have you lost it?

Sonica: I swear to god I can sense at least 5

Monica: What about the vampires

Sonica: We need to destroy before its late Monica

Sonica and Monica are confused

Introduction of Episode 1 ends.

Moral – “This story will be different but interesting all you need to do is sit back and relaxes”

Recap: “Don’t break the curse it will kill all the vampires” “Werewolves want that badly”


(By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you. Also love you all aha x)

Btw I’ll post the first episode when I have time aha xx.

Thank you so much for enjoying this, please do comment and silent readers I need to know if you want me to make this Fan-Fiction longer or not!! Till then enjoy the Introduction of episode 1 !! (Also there might be some grammar errors because I didn’t read over my work so Hmm aha xx.)

Love you guys by Nusz aha xx.

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