So it is true, Swaragini is ending…

So it is true eh? Our serial is coming to an end on December 19th… idk if I’m feeling bad or not. I mean th serial is awesome and I’ll definitely miss the serial a lot. Every day at 9:30pm I’d run for the TV, skipping my dinner sometimes just to watch the show. And while everyone were fighting their Swasan vs Raglak wars I was sitting in between saying that both couples are awesome (I’m sure there r more ppl who r like me). I’m gonna
Miss this. And most importantly, I’m gonna miss this show a lot coz this show made me meet new ppl who r amazing. Every online friend I have is either directly or indirectly through swaragini. I remember when I joined a community on g+ and I became mod. It was the most active community lemme tell u that. And I made so many new friends. I was the first one on g+ to start a ff writing trend. And then a community was created for that by my friend. Yea remember that boring story Ek Prem Kahani? Lol that was the first ff on g+. I’m proud of that.

I can’t believe it’s gonna end tho. I mean I always knew it would end someday. Every serial does. But I just didn’t want it to be now.

Why do u think there was a drop in TRP’s which is leading to the end of our fav show? I think it’s coz of the overdose of villains. So many negative roles. The charm of negative roles was lost after Kavya. Instead of showing some family morals and stuff they brought in more and more villains and ignored the four main characters a lot with all the Pari and Adarsh drama. I mean what was the need to make Pari a villain? I wish they had shown stuff like Laksh trying hard and making Ragini feel special to make up for all the mean things he’s done to her to get her to agree to marry her. Or Ragini’s sweet romantic side instead of the obsessed lover we all know. Or one Swasan Sanskar’s naughty romantic side instead of the serious dude we all know or they could have shown Swara’s fun side and lessened the amount of jasoosi she had to do coz of the influx of villains.

But instead of complaining let’s see the bright side. We got an amazing AF serial. We met new ppl. We saw an awesome chemistry between two couples. We saw the relationship of pure love between siblings. Wasn’t it all amazing? Even with its twists and turns, hats off to all the ppl who’ve stuck with Swaragini from the beginning. Coz many ppl stopped watching after Kavya. I’m glad that I stuck with it.

And guys don’t feel bad seeing that the actors r happy with the show ending. They need a break too!

And also, even if the show is ending, let’s not end our love for the show. Let’s continue showing that we love the show. I’m gonna continue with my ff Kaun Tujhe. And my SS Yeh Hai Aashiqui.

And thank u for all the amazing ffs I saw all over on social media. On g+ after my EPK so many started writing. They were all amazing. On FB, Neha’s FF’s was something I really enjoyed a lot. And here there r so many ffs I love. Anju’s MMAI, all of Goldie and Zuzu’s ffs, etc. There r so many more!

And wattpad has some amazing ones too. Love Hurts, Love Heals by Ruhi and A modern tale of Swaragini by Mandy are my favourites. Go read them.

Anyways I’ll miss watching the serial. Let’s continue showing our love for this show and maybe we might get a season 2 with same cast? That’ll be a treat. And a HUGE thank u to Rashmi Sharma for giving us a serial as amazing as this. And at least now end the Swasan vs Raglak fight? It’s the last few days of our Swaragini. Let’s enjoy it and trend #MissSwaragini

And I wanna end with this:-

Jeevan Yeh Suro SE Sajati
Rishtey Yeh Suro SE Banati
Bajati Hai Toh PYAAR Ke Dhun
Ek Dhoop Chanchal Hai
Ek Chandani
Phir Bhi Hai Ek Duje Ke Liye Bani
Dilo Mein Hai PYAAR Bhara
Suro SE Saji Hai SWARA
Rago SE Rachi Hai Ragini

Forgive me for spelling errors I didn’t proof read:p

~Love y’all


  1. is this news entirely true
    where did u read it

  2. I just hopa heva jald se jald wapas aye.

  3. Thank u rain-lightwood for ur wonderful message plz swasan and raglak fans stop fighting and watch our favourite serial plz

  4. Mica

    i read Ruhi’s love hurts, love heals also in wattpad…
    huh! i can’t fight and bash if SR off air…soo sad, no more fun…

  5. SRSL

    Rain!!you are there in telly updates you know ‘swara ragini’ in Goole+ its me..we had a lot of fun in the ff community.. I m gonna miss swaragini..

  6. Sammykapoor

    every serial end one day or other….but shows like ssk running from years with same produce rashmi sharma…. why not give chance to swaragini some more time….if any show ended…the leads in show takes more time to do other show as all slots in all famous channels are we miss swa san rag lak somuch..

  7. No it won’t end today they will decide and tel about d process please watch swaragini repeat telecast 6am, 3am, 12pm and 9.30, and increase trp

  8. Nope… i still have hope SR will survive.. !! but let’s see what happens next?
    Thnk u .. !!

  9. am almost crying o shit iam totaly obsessed with the show

  10. Plz say….if its true sr going to off air…
    Plz say to ths production house….nt to stp thm…..ask thm to change time slot nt to end it…atleast ask thm off air a month….
    Wht abt uttara and her would be husband story…….

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      It might get extended. Coz Rashmi Sharma didn’t know about the knew promo in her slot. She’s asking for an extension so she can end it properly

  11. I mean ask thm to off air….after one r two month…thr is alots of matter to show like uttara’s story and couples match up…celebration…like tht…ask thm to give proper ending???

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      True. Just saw it. Hopefully

  12. So the production house decided to off air ths show…..k
    Then goodbye to colors channel….

  13. Gauravi

    Swaragini season. 2 plzzzzzz if it’s ending then as soon as possible have season 2…..

  14. Aasthu

    I can understand your desperation to save the show……….I remember feeling the same thing when my all time favorite show “Manmarziyan” ended……… was an amazing show!!!!! No family drama and stuff like that……………………..but they brought it to an end………..we had send them petitions like you guys………….but if Rashmi productions want to bring this to an end, they surely will…………….anyways don’t lose your hopes and watch it…………..maybe they will extend…………………

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      Actually now there’s this new news that RS didn’t know about all this drama and she didn’t know about the new promo. She’s asking for an extension coz it needs to end properly na

    2. Aasthu

      oh…… isn’t SR gonna end in Dec???????

  15. We asking to give proper ending….i knw tht all the show has to come to end…but y…..they nt try to do in other show like ssk..sathiya…like nt hurting others i just say my feelings…thts it…in ssk they show ghost…devil…somethg like tht…sometime its too lost trp…y nt thy off air tht show

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      Exactly. We just want a nice ending where everyone is happy

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