True soulmates who made for each other (chapter-9)

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Chapter 9:

Misha invite Zara and khusi to her house.They went their house in lunch.And Zara came to learn that She and Misha are cousin sister (distant relative).After settled in india Misha’s parents and zara’s parents never connect with eachother.Finally they met again through zara  and talked over phone.Everyone so happy to learn that.

(Few days later)…

Misha,Kabeer,Simi and Umang talking in ‘live life’ cafe .They are talking about Abeer and Zara.

“What’s going on between Abeer and Zara?”Umang asked looking at other.

“What?”Misha asked confusingly.

“Didn’t you notice they always get into fight?”Sumi replied.

“They didn’t even become friends”kabeer added

“Thats true.Now 2 month passed but still didn’t become friends.”Misha said sadly.

“I think something is cooking between them”simi said with a smile.

“What do you mean?”Misha asked

“I think they like eachother.Maybe they didn’t realize yet.”Simi said

“What?Abeer and Zara?No away..”Misha said with surprised

“But I’m agree with Simi”Kabeer said where Umang support him.

“But I never felt anything between them.I don’t know about Abeer but as far I know Zara doesn’t like Abeer much.She thought him as a spoilt brat.”Misha said looking at others

“Abeer also never said he like zara.But didn’t you notice whenever zara get into trouble ,Abeer come to help her .”Kabeer said

“But I felt he like her just don’t want to accept .”Kabeer added.

“And fighting ,arguement is the first step of love”Simi said with a wink.

“How can you all be so sure about them?”Misha asked

“You don’t know anything misha”Simi said narrowing her eyes

“You’re talking as if you know everything about love”Misha asked with irritating look

“Yes..I am expert.And I have a boyfriend  .so i know better than you”Simi said proudly.

“Expert!!  ….Ha ha ha…You’re only expert in taking selfies.”misha tease her.

“Both of you stop your fighting.”Umang and kabeer stopped them

“Now think something to make them friends.”Kabeer said

“I think picnic is the best option for this mission.”Umang said

“You are right.If they become couple I’ll be super happy.Abeer is best for my sister.”Misha said with excitement.

“Yes..Their pair will be perfect like Soulmate.”Kabeer added

“Lets make some plan for picnic to make them unite.”Umang said

“I have some plan”Misha said with a naughty smile

“What?What is it?”Everyone asked with excitement.

Picnic day come……



Hi friends….How are you all?I am sorry for late update.I know you’re upset with me.I am sorry for that.

How is the chapter?What you think guys,Will they succeed in their plans?What will happened in picnic?will they become friends?

Guys I want to share something.I guess I will not be able to write story here.Because of study pressure.But you don’t need to be upset.I am writing this same love story in wattpad.You can read this story there. And in wattpad I wrote more chapter than here.And i also add images there in chapter.So you can connect with story more good way.Writing same stories in different places is difficult for me.So I’m going to discontinue writing here  .But If you want to read this story and want to know their further love story ,Then you can follow me in wattpad and can read my story.There you can give votes and do comments.pls knock me through message si that I could know that you’re from telly updates .I will be happy to know that.


my wattpad account name- @Habiba Sathi

Story name-” True soulmates”

And I’m writing more 3 you can read those stories also.And i guess you’ll like those stories.


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