True soulmates who made for each other (chapter-7)


Zara and Abeer looking each other adorably……Because of passenger noise they came into senses.

Driver:sry, passengers. suddenly a car came in front of car. Thats why i stopped bus.

Driver again started to drive. Abeer standing behind zara and he blocked zara by his hand so that others passenger doesn’t push her.

After reaching their bus in front of clg they get down from bus.

They entered into the clg. And went for their lectures.(they are from different their classes are different.)


After two hours

All frds are sitting in a canteen.

Misha:zara,why didn’t khusi come today?

Zara:Actually ,new environment doesn’t suit her. Thats why she became sick.

Ankush:By the way,Abeer where is your bike today?

Abeer:on the way,it broke down.I left the bike in garage for repair.Before finishing our clg,they get it back here.

Misha:zara,next week u and khusi are going to my home.

Zara:But ..misha(with hassitation).

Misha:No..but.u both are going and thats final.And my parents also want to meet u both.

Zara:ok…ok..we will go.

Misha:zara,today khusi is not with how u will go alone.I will drop u in my car.

Zara:No,its ok mishA.I have some work in library after i will be late.

Misha:so what.i will wait.

Zara:No need.i will manage.u don’t need to wait for me.

Misha:are u sure?

Zara:yes sure.dont wry….(she looked her watch)ok,guys bye.i have a lecture now.bye..bye..

Zara left hurriedly.


Zara is waiting for any transport.

Zara:(in mind)oh…no.Today i become very late in library.If i reach late then hitlar will kill me surely by her lectures.pls Allah,pls help me to get any transport .

A bike stopped in front of her.seeing this bike zara started walking to avoid it…..But bike again stopped in front of became scared.

Zara:Excuse me,pls move .u don’t know me.My dad is a police .If u tried to do anything then i will complain my dad about u(she is scared but showing her self brave in front of biker.)

Biker:u never told us that your father is a police officer.when this happened!

Zara found that sound familiar.

Zara:Who are you?open your helmet.

Biker opened her helmet.


Its Abeer.

Abeer:Yes.its me.

Zara feeling relieved.

Zara:Thank god,its you….

But why u do this that time.I thought some goon….

Abeer:I saw you alone in road thats why i stopped my bike.but before i say anything u started walking.By the way what are u doing here at this time.This place is not safe for u.

Zara:I went to library.I become late there.And now i am waiting for transport.

Abeer:In this time transport move less.Come,i will drop u.

Zara:No,thx.i will manage.I dont need your favour(said arrogantly)

Abeer:ok.I thought to help u but if u don’t need my help then fine.I am leaving.u stay here alone.

Zara feel insecure herself.

Abeer is about to start his bike.

Zara:wait…U request me i thought i should go with u.

Abeer smiled in mind.

Zara sit in back seat.she feel uncomfortable because its her first time.she covered her face with her dupatta.

Abeer:If u are covering your face for dust then its ok.but if u are doing it for some other reason then i want to say that u aren’t doing anything wrong.

Zara removed dupatta from her face.

Abeer started his bike.

Abeer:Road is bad.u can fall.u can hold my shoulder.

Zara:Its ok.

Because of one big holes in road he stopped his bike suddenly.And zara hold his shoulder to protect herself from fall.when she realise it,she removed her hand in a haste.

Abeee again started his bike.

Abeer is looking zara’s uncomfortable face in front mirror  .

Abeer:I think u are riding in bike first time.

Zara:No,its my second time. i sit in my cousins brother bike once when i was 6/7 years old.


Abeer started smiling quietly.

Zara noticed it in front mirror .

Zara:Why are u smiling?Did i say anything funny.(said furiously) said i smiling because of u.

Zara:Then why are u smiling?

Abeer: suddenly i remembered something funny so i smiling.

Zara make annoyed face.

Abeer again noticed her face and smiling .but this time for her cute expression.


Background music:

Jitne dafa dakhu tujhe

Dharke jorose

Aisa toh kabhi hota nahi

Milke  garose

Dur jana nehi

Tumko he kasam

Khudse jayada tomhe

Chahate he sanam



Chapter end☺☺☺



This small but special chapter for vikramians fans.Today is his birthday??

(Special mention :Thx hira for liking my story. U request me to write a chapter for vikram ,i wrote this.I hope u and all others readers will like it.)

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