True soulmates who made for each other (chapter-5)


Abeer and zara looking into eachother eyes.

Mis,arma,khus:are u guys ,ok.

Hearing this they broke their eye contact.They get up hurriedly.

Khusi:u are ok na…


Abeer:(towards zara):are u ok?

Zara nodded.

Abeer:I am sry.I didn’t notice you.i was talking….

Zara:its ok.Infact i am sry.i also didn’t notice u.

Armaan:Baas..baas.stop saying sry eachother.By the way,who are u?we didn’t see u here before.

Misha:she is zara and she is khusi.My new frd infact ours best frd.They are new in our clg .They came from Bangladesh.

Armaan:ooo… Welcome to our clg,our gang.

Ankush: welcome to our country.

All smiled….

Abeer secretly looking at zara.

Armaan:by the way,mishu when u became their frds.

Misha told them the whole story.

All started smiling.

Abeer:(with smile)I must say..what a new way to make frds!


Misha:shut up.


Armaan:ok..jokes apart.let me introduce myself.Hi,i am armaan.He is abeer and he ankush.


Zara,khusi:Hi….nice to meet u.

Khusi:so..he is abeer.

Abeer looked surprised.

Abeer:Do u know me?

Khusi:actually… Morning…

Khusi told him the morning incident.

Armaan:so you are that girl(towards zara)

Zara:why are u saying like this.

Armaan:no.actually abeer told us this incident.your dupatta,his face.thats why..


Armaan :(in low tune)yaar…she is nice,beautiful…..exactly the same u want.I think u get your soulmate.

Abeer:(in low tune)shut up.yaar.

Armaan:what shut up.she is perfect for u.think about it.

Abeer gave irritating look to armaan.

Armaan:ok guys we have to leave.we’re getting late for our lecture.

Abeer:yes.we are getting late for our lecture.bye..bye…we’ll catch u all later.

Ankush:ok,guys .bye.

All boys left for lecture.

While leaving armaan told abeer in low tune”Abeer think about this matter.”

Abeer:which matter?


Abeer:will u just shut up.



After some time zara’s father came there

Z.f: i am searching u ,zara.where are u both roaming?

Zara:we were just seeing the clg.

Misha:Hlw uncle.


Zara:Abbu,she is misha.ours new frd.

Misha:zara,khusi.i have to leave.i have a cls.

Khusi:ok,bye.we’ll meet u tomorrow.


Misha left……….

Khusi:uncle,did u talk with principal about our seat in a hostel?

Z.f:yes,beta.but we didn’t get a seat because of late coming. we both stay?

Z.f: Don’t worry.They suggest me another girls hostel.its not so far from your clg.lets go there.

They left for hostel which is 45 mins far from their clg. luckily they got a room

.In hostel…..

Warden make them understand the rules and regulation.

Warden:listen u both carefully…there has some rules .u have to follow them strictly.u can’t break them.u can’t stay out after 7 pm ,u can’t………etc..

If you break any of these u will be punished.i hope u both understand.

Zara and khusi noded.

Warden :Mr.khan come with me.u have to sign some papers.

They left.


Khusi:right.hitlar.I think hitlar is a nice name for her.we will call her hitlar from now on.

Zara:ok(with naughty smile)

After some time zara’s father entered into their room.

Z.f:I completed all the formalities…….i hope u understand what she said.u both have to maintain their rules.dont do any mistake.

Zara and khusi noded.

Z.f: tomorrow i will leave for Bangladesh after dropping u in your clg.

Zara:Abbu,why are u looking worried?

Z.f:u won’t understand, difficult for parents to keep her child away from their eyes.

Zara become emotional and hug her father.

Zara:Abbu,i know u and ammu are worried about us.But dont worry.we will take care of me.

Khusi:yes,uncle.dont wry about us.




Abeer stopped his bike in front of a big mansion.He entered into the house.

A lady came towards him,put her hand on his shoulder and asked”How was your day,Abeer?”

Abeer:nice,mom.(said while hugging his mother)

Farida(abeer’s mom):go and freshen up.i will make arrangements for your food.


His room is on 2nd floor.while he was going towards his room he met his chachi.

Abeer:hi,chachi.where are u going?

Chachi:i am going to kitchen.when u come?

Abeer:a few minutes the way ,chachi where is dadi?

Chachi:mammi ji ….maybe in her room.


Abeer entered his dadi’s room.he saw his was praying.after finishing her prayer,abeer went towards her and closed her eyes from back.

Dadi:u are back,abi.when u came home?(said with smile)

Abeer released her eyes.

Abeer:Dadi,how u always come to know that!

Dadi:because when u love someone,u can feel his presence without seeing him.i loveu thats why i can feel u.

Abeer lying on her lap and said”i loveu too,my lovely dadi”

Dadi:did u eat anything?


Dadi:why?go and first eat something.

Abeer:ok,dadi…bye.i’ll meet u later.


Abeer left for his room.

He entered his room.when he was taken off his t shirt , suddenly he remembered dupatta incident,falling down incident and started blushing in his subconscious minD.

At that moment a boy (wearing short pant,blue t shirt)entered into his room.he saw abeer was smiling infront of mirror without any reason.he became surprised.

“Woh…bhai ,you are smiling infact you are blushing .what happened.”

Abeer returned into his conscious mind.

Abeer:akash….come inside.

Akash(vivaan from kaleerein) is abeer’s cousin brother but their bonding is stronger than real brothers.Akash is abeer’s best friend,best buddie, partner in crime.They share everything eachother.They are eachother saviour.Abeer live in a joint family.

Akash:bhai….at first tell me why u are blushing that time?(with naughty smile)


Akash:A while ago…

Abeer:me…..blushing….leave it.why u came?do u need anything?

Akash was hesitating .he want to say abeer something.

Abeer:Do u want to say something?

Akash:bro…… Tomorrow u had to come with me.

Abeer:i knew it.Again create some problems,right.

Akash:actttua..aly. ….bro yes.but its not my fault.He bitten my friend so i also gave 2/3 punch to him.Now he said that tomorrow he will bring his big brother to hit me.

Abeer sat on bed and said”so….whats the problem.go and fight.”

Akash:bhai….what are u saying?his brother is a boxer.he will make my chutney.

Abeer:Then who said u to get into fight.

Akash:Because i know that u will always save me.bro…pls help me this time.this is last time.please show them your kungfu,karate.

Abeer:Your last time never end…

Akash sat beside him ,hold his hand tightly and started to pressurized him


Abeer:ok..ok..but last time.

Akash:Thank u,bro.I love u.u are the best.u are the best bro in this world.

Abeer:stop buttering me.

Akash:bhai,when my day come i also help u.Thats promise.

Abeer:ok… lets go.i am very hungry…..yaar.

They came to dining table and sat.

Abeer:Mom,give me food fast.

Farida:I am coming……here is your food.


Farida:Abeer ,eat slowly….

Abeer: don’t stop me,mom.i am very hungry.

After some time abeer started to caugh.

Akash:bhai,take this water.

Abeer drank the water.

Farida:i told u to eat slowly but u didn’t see what happened.

Abeer:mom,i am fine.dont be angry.u dont look nice in angry suits u.

Farida:stop buttering eat carefully.

Akash:(in low tune):bhai,now who is dramebaaz.

Both smiled.

Abeer:by the way,mom….dad and chachu didn’t come yet?

Farida: No…today they will come late.

Akash:bari maa…pls pass me the bowl.

Farida:ok…take u need anything else?

Akash:No….badi maa.

After finishing their eating they went their room.



Zara and khushi lying on the bed and talking about todays happening.

Zara:Today is a hectic day.

Khusi:hmmm.right.Now sleep.tomorrow is our first day at clg.

Zara:hmmm……our first day at night.

In abeer house….

Abeer and akash lying on the bed and they are talking.

Abeer:akash,u know …today.i meet with a girl…

Suddenly he heard snoring.Then he looked beside and saw akash was already sleeping.he put blanket on his body,switch off the light and slept.

Chapter end……..

Guys see you in next week.Always stay happy and keep smiling.

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