True soulmates who made for each other (chapter-10)

Chapter 10


Picnic day..
“Where are Zara and khusbu?”simi asked to Misha while pouting for selfies .

“They left from hostel.They’ll be here anytime”misha said to simi while struggling to putting her luggage on bus.

“Misha,leave this luggage.I’m putting this luggage inside .”Kabeer said to misha while taking luggage from her hand.

“Ooh..Thx Kabeer”Misha sighed in relief.

“Umang,you also should help me.You’re my boyfriend but you’re standing here and flirting with other girls.”simi said to umang with angry look .

“Who said i’m flirting ,janu.I’m just helping her .”Umang said to simi while looking at other girl .

“Umang,come and help her”Kabeer said to umang .

“Ok..”umang said with irritating look and picked up her luggage and loaded on bus.

“Now.. Happy!!Now give a pose and take your selfie.”Umang said pressing Simi’s cheek with a tight smile

After some time…

They all are sitting in a and khusbu came inside the bus.Zara was about to sit beside misha but misha stopped her.

“Zara..pls sit on the other seat .”

“But that day you said you want to seat with me on bus.Now what happened!”zara gave a surprised look.

“Actually ,i want to seat with khusbu.I have some talks with her”Misha made a excuse.khusbu gave a surprised look.

“Yes.With you.Come and sit with me.”Misha pull khusbu’s hand and made her sit .

“Zara,pls sit with simi.”misha said with pleading voice.

“Okk”zara sit with simi.

A few minutes later ,a message came into misha’s mobile.

Kabeer mg: Abeer is coming .

After reading message ,misha sign something to simi.simi smirk.

Simi stood and sit on other seat with other surprised at her act.

“What happened ,simi!Why did you sit on there?”zara asked simi.

“Ooh.. Actually zara..I was not comfortable there.Thats why i changed my seat.Dont mind,dear”Simi made a sorry face.

“Its ok .”zara said with sadness.

Now only 2 seats are available on with zara and other with sam.
Misha messaged Kabeer.…still one sit available beside Sam.what If abeer sit with sam? far i know he will never sit with sam.He would rather go by foot.So don’t worry about that.

Abeer entered the bus.Seeing Abeer ,sam became excited .She thought Abeer will sit with her.

Abeer don’t want to sit with sam.He would prefer to sit with zara rather than Sam.So,he sit beside zara.


Chapter end


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