true love wins over every hatred (episode 16)

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Episode 16-
Recap – raizada’s come to know abt laman; a prank on aman

While aman is talking to the guests gupta family arrives. N with them arrives pragya, bulbul n twinkle. Abhi’s eyes fell on pragya n he gets mesmerized seeing her. While raman gets surprised when he sees ishu since they match. Raj n simran welcome them when asr comes n gets mesmerized seeing Khushi’s beauty! Khushi eyes him from top to bottom n opens her mouth in shock since asr n khushi also match.

Asr comes forward n says – hi everyone!! I think u guys r a little late!! Our dulhe raja is waiting for u guys since a long time!

Pragya – oh plzz let him wait then!! Our dulhania had to dress up well. So ofc it would be late.
Asr – oh really??
Pragya – yes really. Now isnt it getting late??
Raj – arey baccho don’t fight. Lets get in n start the engagement ceremony! So all of them get in the house. Raj goes to the center n sasys – hello everyone. Thank you so much for coming here today. U guys made a special day for our kid even more memorial!! As you all know, today we are holding an engagement ceremony for my son aman. Aman plzz come here. (so aman comes hesitatedly). This is my son aman n today i want to announce that i am getting the world’s best daughter-in-law for my son. I know she’ll always keep him happy. N i hope for their better future. My aman is very lucky to have a girl like her in his life n that girl is my very close friend shashi gupta’s daughter lavanya!! Aman was shocked as well as happy when heard the name lavanya!!

Aman – dad??
Raj – offc beta, i know u n ur choice!! Come on we need to get the ceremony done with, the kids have planned a special program for u guys after the ceremony. Come on!!
So lavanya n aman come forward for ring ceremony. They make each other wear the ring n after that bulbul says – attention plzz, everyone is requested to proceed towards their tables so that we can start. Everyone gets seated n khushi comes forward n says – hi everyone n thank you so much for attending my sister’s ring ceremony. I just don’t have words to explain my happiness! I m so happy that today my sister found her prince charming. Today i want to say something abt her childhood. When we were kids, she was so different from the others that she always used to tell that my prince charming is going to come in a race car n i m going to propose him, i wont give him a chance to speak… n i m so glad that today i was able to help her fulfill her dream! I kindly request u all to bless this lovely would be couple today n go! Please make ur self comfortable n enjoy! Saying this she goes to her place n bulbul n purab come forward! Thank you so much khushi di for this awesome yet emotional speech, but now its time to have some fun! Today we are going to show u how lavanya di n aman bhai’s love story started!

Purab – through a dance performance! N the first performance is from abhi bhai n pragya di! Saying this they come to their seats n the curtain behind them opens!
Abhigya dance n show how laman met n how their friendship started. Performance ends! Purbul come back n announce second performance by ishra. They also dance n show how they fell in love with each other n how lavanya proposed aman! Performance ends! Bulbul comes n says – now its time for our couple of the house to dance. A loud round of applause for our new couple!!
Laman come forward n dance romantically on the song khuda jane yeh! Performance ends!
Bulbul comes on the stage n says – i hope u liked today’s program n had a good time! But the program doesnt end till the family doesnt come up for a dance!! So i would suggest both families come up n show us their dancing skills!!
Raj – offc, why not!! So both the families come on the dance floor. A dance medley plays n all of them dance in pairs in a circle! Raj, simran, garima, n shashi in the middle n all of the others in an outside circle. Abhigya, ishra, laman, akyal (akash payal), n purbul pair up. Twinkle pairs up wid one of the boys from the crowd! The only one remaining r arnav khushi. So raman says – arey khushi come on pair up with someone!

Pragya – arey, y wid someone? See my handsome is also not having a partner (pointing towards asr)
Asr – pragya i don’t want to. U guys carry on!
Khushi – ya piggy, its better not to participate instead of participating with him
Asr – what the
Khushi – oh plzz now stop ur what the what the. Thats like the only thing u know to speak. I don’t know who made u a rockstar!! Rockstars r like abhi n raman who never stop to speak. But u… tumhe toh what the ke aage kuch aata hi nahi hai!
Asr – oh plzz, u egoistic person, u have know idea what i know n what i don’t. So its better if u don’t say anything abt me. Before telling me whats wrong wid me. Ask ur self whats wrong wid u!!
Khushi – ohh plzz, i m the perfect lady in the whole world. I don’t know what lavanya so in u that she turned into ur biggest fan. U just show of as if ur the only one living on the earth n all the others r living dead
Lavanya – plzz khushi don’t say anything abt him. U know how i feel when someone says bad abt him
Khushii – oh plzz lavanya, i don’t know what u saw in him that u r defending him

Aman – ya lavanya, whats so great abt him?? U know he threatened me to do this engagement!!
Lavanya – what?? U didnt want this engagement??
Aman – no lavanya. I mean i didnt want to get engaged with an unknown girl!
Lavanya – am i unknown to u??
Aman – no baby, ur not. But u know what?? They all pranked me n told me that they have mixed my marraige with someone n arnav threatened me to marry that girl. If i have known it was u i would have never said no to it.
Lavanya – accha?? Hum sab ne tumhe ullu banaya or tum ban bhi gaye?? R u a kid.
Aman – arey but what can i do?? Wait.. did u mean that even u were included in their plan??
Lavanya realized what she said n bited her tounge n said – woh, actually yess
Aman – what now i m not talking to u
Lavanya – arey aman plzz na it was just for fun. But truthfully tell me, didnt u like the surprise??
Aman – yes i liked the surprise but the way it was given was horrible…
Khushi – arey my dear jiju, forget the horrible parts n enjoy the good moments. Many horrible things happen in life but that doesnt mean that we forget living. (she is then reminded of kriyaan)

Arnav – yes aman u should be happy that ur family is happy with ur relation n u got a girl like lavanya. U deserve her
Raman – yess aman, u know, not everybody gets the love of their life. (hiniting towards him n ishita)
Raj – chalo yaar enough of ur emotional n dramatic speechs now can we start with the dance. I m waiting to dance with my beautiful wife!! N plzz arnav khushi get into a pair!
Khushi – uncle just cuz ur saying i m going to dance with him
Arnav – oh plzz, ur not queen victoria that everyone wants to have a dance with u aur waise bhi tumhare saath dance karne ka mujhe koi shockh nai hai
Khushi – offc everyone wants to dance with me. Ask any guys standing over here n they’ll fight to dance with me!! Chalo ab.. Laad governer!!
They all dance on a medley in couples changing partners. At the end all the pairs are together!

Precap – some old ladies comments on Khushi…

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