True love shatters…..but Journey to new phase of life begins (episode 6)

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Hi guys this is jhansi back with FF on ishqbaaz.
Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes….

The Episode starts shivomru going to satvika’s room but hide behind the pillar by seeing a person.
Some time before(KUCH SAMAY KE PEHLE)

Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur,Rajasthan
Shivomru want to teach a lesson for insulting and killing her own parents by tying and showing her own fear.They got know that she was scared of they want to leave a centipedes after her sleeping and tying her to own bed.They bribe the servant and asks them when satvika will sleep.He says she will sleep at they decided to leave the room at 11pm but a Person comes to the palace ,switch off the lights from the fuse box and goes to chandrika’s room.when they are leaving to her room lights went they felt happy that time is also supporting them.suddenly they saw a person leaving to satvika alias chandrika’s room….he was followed by shivomru but person did not see them…
He(person) says to chandrika that I thought you sit in the corner of the room because you are afraid of darkness …..chandrika says to him that I am not scared of darkness now I have no fears in life because I learn to fight with everything which tried to scare me until now ……..This words was heard by oberois and surprised because anika was also scared of darkness…Mr.aryan singh rathore.

Aryan:I am happy that I heard my name with your sweet voice…He flirts her by praising her.
chandrika:How dare you came into my room you are my enemy she angrily says.
Aryan:He was in shocked by her reaction but realized somebody was observing them.
Chandrika:she calls the guards and asks them to turn on the lights…..They turn on the light ,see aryan who was rival to them and try to attack them but she stops them and says we can’t harm unarmed person.
Chandrika signals to aryan to meet him at temple.He smiles at her and leaves.
This was observed by shivomru and was confused by her action.Because she talks to him as he know from generations..but at the end she asks him to leave from there…
They determined to know the truth about both of them and revealed it to the people of jodhpur….
After an hour ,chandrika leaves to the temple followed by shivomru who are keeping eye on her.They are shocked to see aryan waiting for her…

Aryan:He proposed to chandrika in flimy style by holding a diamond ring and sitting on knees.
After seeing this shivomru go to call the priest chidambaram ji to tell the truth about their princess and make her punished for deeds…..
Chandrika:she rejects him angrily saying that you are not my standard and you cannot handle me in each and every situation because my anger is such a thing which can’t be controllable…..It will only kill the person or take the pleasure by giving pain or hurting the person……
Aryan:He get angry and says to her that Do you even know my standard?
Chidambaram and other members in the village is wake up by the shivomru and reach the place where chandrika and aryan are talking….
First they scold the shivomru by waking them up in midnight and saying wrong against the princess,But they ask for a chance to show their evidence that she was with the enemy….so they leave the place….

Chandrika :Let me show you who am I she reached a tree which was very big and hit the tree with her soft hands and it falls down…with her one hit….
This is my anger ….which can’t be tolerate by any person in the world.I know you helped me to regain my identity and taking revenge from my father and mother…That doesn’t mean you can marry me…

This was listened by people and priest…
Chidambaram asks the people to hold the princess and aryan to tie them to a tree and judgement will be taken tomorrow morning by me.
Chandrika asks them to leave and listen to her .This was planned by aryan by making her as a culprit.
Aryan was shocked by her reaction and angrily says “I supported you in every step and decisions.Now you are leaving me alone to die …This is not fair chandu….”

Chidambaram says Now no one will listen to you princess…..I know you want to punish the persons who did wrong with you but you are taken wrong route………But I want to give a chance to prove yourself innocent ..So we are giving time until tomorrow bring me the proofs until 9 am otherwise you will also be punished with that betrayer’s son…..aryan..
Aryan was tied to a tree but shivomru was frustrated with priest and people why they freed satvika…even though they proved her wrong….. while all people leave along shivomru ….aryan stops chandrika by holding her hand and asks her to free because she is her slave……….she removed his hands and says that I am not a slave I will do work on my own terms…I know you helped me to gather proofs against my parents but you did with revenge and selfishness but I did with love for sister………….

He laughs loudly where she kept on camera on her phone and recorded his confession that I killed satvika not your father I just blame on him so that you take revenge from him…….
Chandrika says but you said that he tried to attack me to kill but satvika came in middle and died…………That means you cheated me………YOU BASTARD……….You BETRAYER……..she hold his collar……
But he still laughs and says my father said to pandit to say your fake birth chart like you kill your own father that but the servant’s daughter destroyed his planning………by taking you to mumbai……Then I promised to my father that you will come in one day then I will plan to destroy your own family by yourself chandrika…………WOW!..I did it…….Your pain gives me happiness……..
Chandrika:I will show your real face to everyone……….Mr.aryan singh Rathore……..she shouts angrily……..

Aryan laughs and says who will give proofs against me your dead father or imprisoned mother…………….I am so happy with my death also chandrika because your own people is giving you punishment………..laughs like crazy people………Hum saath jee nahi sakthe tho kya hua rani shahiba hum saath mauth payegai(when we can’t live together princess we can die together ) by tommorrow judgement.
Now the time is 1pm you have only 7 hrs to find proofs against me go ..and find……
Tomorrow is final episode where anika and shivaay will meet…….how we will see……..wait for it………………….

Please let me know how you felt after reading this…any comments good or bad is welcome…I will reply as soon as possible…..

Precap: Chandrika cuts her head in front of chamunda maa……..

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  1. Dhar

    OMG.. Plzz do post the next update ASAP.. Awesome episode

    1. Jhansi

      Thank you Dhar I will post it today…….

  2. Harsita

    Please don’t separate them

    1. Jhansi

      It will not happen…….Harshita next episode I will reveal everything…….

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear.. Scary precap…

    1. Jhansi

      Thank you Nikita………

    1. Jhansi

      Thank you Alekhika……….

  4. Banita

    Superbbbb….. Post nxt soon…

    1. Jhansi

      Thank you banita….I will post it today


    Dear Jhansi
    Precap Is Shocking?

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Jhansi

      Thank you UF dear……..

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