True Love – Sadda Haq – Part 1

Hey I am not a writer and this is my first fan fiction. the story is based on the current track of Sadda Haq.

Sanyukta’s POV
The episode starts with Sanyukta crying badly after knowing the truth of Randhir and Aryan. It really hurts when you are betrayed by someone close and today she was betrayed by two closest people in her life. Why does she always fall for Randhir, why does she always come in his talks? Why does her heart still crave for him? No this has to be stopped, this time he has crossed all his lines. He betted on me as if I am some kinds of doll who will be going with the winner as his trophy, she thought. I will never ever forgive you Randhir Singh Shekhawat. Even though she was equally angry with Aryan, hated him equally for this betting, but it was always Rd’s action which hurt her most. This is because she never loved Aryan. She always thought of him as her friend in fact her true friend who understands her, support her and most importantly respects her. But no she was wrong. Aryan has just not insulted her by being in part of this bet but also proved that he can never be her friend. He always believed that one day there could be a future where both of them will be happy together. But she knows that this is not possible. The harder she tries to move away from him her mind her heart forces her to go near him. Though she tries her level best but she can’t hate him as her heart is full of love for just person, Randhir. But no not this time, she is determined. She won’t forgive him.

Flashback (one hour ago)
Sanyukta was sitting in her room thinking what has happened to Randhir? In the last 6 days something must have gone wrong. That’s why he is behaving like so nicely with him. What’s the catch? What is she missing? Or is it possible that he is really changing. May be he is trying to mend their broken relation. Last 6 days explains that. He helped me, didn’t shoved or taunted me even when I was rude to him. In fact, he didn’t laugh at me when Nirman sir was shouting at me because of my failed experiment. On the contrary, he stood by me in front of Nirman sir like our early days of togetherness in FITE. And today he stopped in middle saying something about how much he missed….Blank. All I could see was pain, some sort of pain that he could not share with me and he left. No, what is she thinking. This is not Randhir. If he would have wanted her back then he could have just said it like last time. Gosh I am just so confused. I was already very confused about Aryan and his confession about his love and on top of this Randhir’s behavior. Okay I just can’t sit and wonder what is wrong? I have to ask him, Sanyukta said and went towards Randhir’s dorm. She was about to enter his room when some one’s voice stopped her. Aryan what the hell I he doing here, She thought.
Aryan – Arrey, there’s 2 hours left and you already look as if you lost. C’mon I like good competition. Why are you wasting your energy on this punching bag while you could use it in planning something to separate me and Sanyukta? Oh sorry in bringing her closer to me. Remember what I said the more you try to separate us, the more she will be closer to me. You know you were never made for her. Not her type. She deserve better than you. She deserves me.
And then Randhir stopped punching his punching bag.

Randhir – You are right she is not for but now I am 100%sure that you are definitely for her because all you are thinking about is your victory. You could not see the pain, the confusion with which she must be going on and you say you love her. Huh (he smiles)
Aryan – Oh now you care about her pain. The person who has not given anything except pain to her is suddenly feeling bad for her. Do this drama somewhere else. And, hey save this energy for sometime because in an hour or two, you will lose everything, this bet, Sanyukta and you your ego. Today Sanyukta will say yes to my proposal and you will be left with nothing.
And Aryan left his room. Sanyukta hides behind a pillar so that he could not see her. Devastated, shocked.

Back to Present
Sanyukta – But no not this time, she is determined. She won’t forgive him. No I can’t cry like this. I know what I have to do. And Sanyukta walked out towards lab determined to focus only on her dream. Love, friendship or any kind of emotion will not affect her now.

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