True love never fades.. (shot 1)

hello friends…iam shiza!. This is one shot FF and it will be based on true love. The lead for this FF is Dheeraj dhoopar and hina Khan. Hope you all like it..☺️.

A girl named rose and her boyfriend Heman are enjoying seeing a movie..

Rose:i wish we should have watched this movie on theatre..

Heman:yes..but what to do this coronavirus spoiled everything..

Rose holds her hands with heman and she lies on his shoulder and..

Rose:see..those couples in the movie are getting married in a church even i dream of getting married in church like those will be very pleasant..

Heman looks at the couples shown on movie and smiles and pulls rose closer..

Heman:you dream of getting married like those couples but i dream of romancing you like those couples..

Heman comes closer closer to kiss her but rose laughs and pushes him..

Rose: what do you think yourself? You are romancing as if you got married to me..

Heman smiles and..

Heman:yes..i got married to you 1000 times in my dreams..then i have rights to romance you right?

Rose laughs and..

Rose:then romance me in your dream like our marriage..

Heman:fine..I’ll romance you in my dream but now i will go to my house only after kissing you.

He comes closer to kiss her but rose gets up and runs..

Rose:ok..I’ll give you a chance to kiss me but there is a rule. You can only kiss me if you catch me..’s a easy rule. Now I’ll catch you within seconds.

Rose smiles..

Rose: don’t think it as easy..i will then make hard by hiding somewhere..

Heman: fine..

Heman starts to chase rose and both of them run on the whole house and finally heman catches rose and rose smiles while heman backhugs her..

Heman:do you think that i can’t catch you?

Rose:fine..i accept that you won.

Heman turns her towards him and comes close to her..

Heman:then i can kiss you right?

Rose gets shy and…


Heman comes close to kiss but suddenly someone hits heman’s head and he falls down shocking rose..

Rose shouts:heeeeemannnnnn…..

She gets shocked seeing her parents lalit and moksha…

Rose kind of action is this? Why did you do this?

Rose sits near heman and cries..

Lalit:what should we do beta? When a guy is spoiling my daughter’s life then i have no option except this..

Rose shouts:is love a mistake for you all?you both loved each other after marriage right and in the same way we are loving before marriage that’s all…then what is wrong in this?

Moksha:rose beta..try to understand. Loving after marriage is not wrong but loving before marriage is wrong..even if we accept then how will our village people accept this relation? Your grandmother already fixed your alliance with Megan..

Rose cries:no..i won’t marry anyone except heman..

Lalit:if you are adamant then we are your parents so we will be more adamant than you..if you don’t come with us now then forget our relation..

Rose cries:dad..

Lalit:tell me do you want your family or heman? If you want us then come with us before heman wakes and if you want heman then forget your family forever..

Rose gets shocked and stumbles and looks heman emotionally..

Rose:iam sorry dad and mom..i need heman now as i have attained maturity..i can’t marry anyone else other than him.

Lalit claps his hands and..

Lalit:great work are breaking even your parents relationship for this boy.. hereafter you have no relation with us. You should never come to us until you forget him forever..

Moksha cries..

Moksha cryingly:rose..why are you doing this. I carried you for nine months in my womb but you are choosing that guy who just came into your life recently…

Rose:you carried me for nine months but what happiness did i get all these 23 years? I sacrificed all my wishes and i lived according to our village rules but i can’t sacrifice my marriage life..iam sorry. And even if i come with you my time of living with you both have ended and indeed i would get married right?. Then my heart can’t bear someone else in place of my heman..

Moksha cries and..


Lalit holds moksha’s hands and..

Lalit:when a cat becomes a snake we should let it go before it kills us.. already our daughter killed come lets go.

Rose gets hurt hearing this and cries..

Rose in mind:iam sorry mom and dad.. but i can’t live without my heman. I also want my happiness as i sacrificed all my happiness all these years for our village but not anymore..

Lalit takes moksha forcibly while rose lies on heman’s chest and cries..

2 months later…

Rose have got ready in a beautiful white gown and she stands before the mirror…

Rose in mind:today is my lucky day. Finally i and heman are going to reunite forever..

Suddenly rose gets sad..

Rose in mind:but we both are marrying against our parent’s wish. To get united we have sacrificed our parents..

Rose remebers how heman’s parents refused..


before 2 months after rose parents left rose took heman inside and made him conscious by sprinkling water..

Rose emotionally:heman..heman..are you fine?

Heman wakes up slowly and sees rose with tears and caresses her face worriedly..

Heman: what happened rose? Why are you crying..iam fine only right?

Rose:i was scared..

Heman:when you are there near me nothing will happen to me because god wont separate us even by death..but if I find the person who attacked me then i wont spare him..

Rose cries shocking heman..

Heman:why are you crying rose?i dint tell anything wrong..

Rose cryingly:no heman..iam crying as the person who attacked you is none other than my parents and also they tried to force me to leave you but i refused and so they ended my relationship with them and went.

Heman gets shocked hearing this..

Heman: what are you telling rose?did they blackmail you to leave me?

Rose:yes..i chose you instead of them. Because i love you more than anything..i cant live without you.

Heman gets emotional and hugs her tightly and he too cries..

Heman:i never knew that you love me this have sacrificed your parents for me..i really feel guilty.

Rose caresses his face and smiles..

Rose: don’t feel guilty heman..i can sacrifice anything for you even my life. When everything comes in front of me also i will choose only you because i love you more than myself.

Heman gets emotional and kisses her forehead..

Suddenly a bell rings and they both moves away from each other..

Heman:who could it be?

Rose: don’t know..lets go and check.


Heman and rose goes and opens the door and gets shocked seeing heman’s parents Linda and Joseph..

Heman shockingly:

Linda and Joseph looks angrily at rose and Joseph slaps heman shocking rose..

Rose shockingly:uncle…

Joseph:shut up are spoiling our son. We are rich people who only considers city people. In our culture we don’t consider village people and we won’t get mingle with them also but you have broken heman’s culture.

Rose gets shocked and looks shockingly at heman while heman gets angry and..

Heman:dad..cultures are different but humans are not different. The same blood and veins are running in both city and village people then what is your problem?

Linda:shut up mannerless you are talking with your dad.. it’s very shameful in our culture.this is all because of this stupid girl only..and as per you told bloods and veins are same only but what about behaviours? Is the village people and city people have same behaviour??

Rose gets hurt and her tears fall from her eyes while heman looks at her painfully and shouts at his parents..

Heman angrily:the truth is village people’s behaviour is far better than city people. Whatever you scold iam not going to give up my rose..i will only marry her.

He holds Rose’s hand tightly while rose looks him emotionally..

Joseph: don’t be stubborn should follow only our culture.

Heman:not a chance dad..i lived all these 25 years according to our culture but now iam changing it for my love. Mixing of culture is not wrong.

Joseph gets angry and..

Joseph:our family doesn’t like mixing of we can’t accept this girl. You better leave her and come if you want your family Orelse forget your family forever.

Heman and rose gets shocked while rose cries..

Rose in mind: because of me..heman is getting away from his family. I should sacrifice my love for him..

Rose whispers in heman’s ears..

Rose:heman.. please don’t break yourself from your family because of me. Leave me and go to them…

Heman gets shocked and looks rose angrily..

He then holds her hands tightly and..

Heman:mom and dad..i will choose rose only. I can sacrifice anything for my iam choosing rose over you.

Rose Linda and Joseph gets shocked..

Joseph are choosing that girl over us right?


Linda:so from now you are her boyfriend and not our shall never come to our house until you leave her.

Heman’s heart breaks but he hides and..

Heman:fine..but one day you will understand the value of true love. And that day will come soon..

Joseph:no..never. we won’t go against our culture. If you think so then keep dreaming but we won’t accept you both. Linda..come lets go.

Linda: okay..

Joseph and Linda turns to go but suddenly she turns and stares rose angrily and curses..

Linda angrily:you have snatched my son but god will snatch your loved one soon.. wait and watch.

They both leave while rose gets shocked and cries while heman hugs her..

Heman consoles: don’t get affected with my mother’s curse..she is like that only.

Rose sadly:i can understand her pain..every mother’s would have done this only. Why did you choose me over them? You love them so much then why did you hurt them??

Heman gets emotional and caresses her face and..

Heman:i love them but i Love you too..i can never live without you. When you can sacrifice then i can also sacrifice anything for my love.

Rose gets emotional and looks him with tears while heman wipes her tears and hugs her..

Heman:one day our parents will understand the value of true love.Culture and village rules doesn’t require for love..i hope they understand this one day.

Rose:yes..we will pray for it.

Heman: yes..


Rose in mind:hope our parents accept us atleast after sometime..

She gets ready and her neighbour friend lisa comes there..

Lisa:are you ready buddy?


Lisa smiles and..

Lisa: seeing you…heman is going to get heart attack i think.

Suddenly Lisa’s husband reyaan comes there and..

Reyaan: no.. seeing heman our rose is only going to get heart attack.Heman is like mr.universe now..

Rose blushes hearing it..

Lisa: don’t blush too much rose because heman can die seeing your blush.

Reyaan:ok..lisa take rose and come and i will bring heman.


Reyaan goes from there while lisa takes rose inside church.. while reyaan too brings heman inside and both sees each other and they smile..

Heman in mind:you Look gorgeous like white princess..

Rose in mind: you look handsome like hot prince in fairy tale..

Both reyaan and Lisa leaves heman and rose near each other and finally they get married by exchanging rings and they smile happily..

Lisa:now both my buddies got i want to ask one thing from my friend for one last time..

Rose smiles..

Rose:sure..ask whatever you want.

Lisa:now you and heman should do a work and this will be a competition. So whoever wins the competition then they should obey their partner for whole life. Are you okay with this Idea?

Rose and heman smiles..’s interesting. But how will the competition be conducted?

Lisa: first we will tie one of the partner’s eyes and that partner should find his/her partner in his near surroundings..there will be lot of girls surrounded when heman is tied and there will be a lot of boys surrounded when rose is tied..and whoever finds faster in time they will be considered as winner.

Heman:it’s nice..iam ready to play this competition and make my lovely wife to obey for my romance anytime.

Everyone laughs while rose stares heman..

Rose: don’t think too much then if i win then I’ll make you to prepare breakfast lunch and dinner for whole life..

Everyone opens the mouth in shock while heman whispers in Rose’s ears..

Heman:you are becoming oldie bride and that’s why you are not giving good jobs like kiss and romance..

Rose:shut up heman..then i will sleep on first night.

Heman gets shocked and makes puppy face..

Heman:ohh my lord.. please save me from this stupid girl. She is always against my love..

Rose shockingly:what are you murmering heman?

Heman:nothing..i was just praying.

Lisa:ok..I’ll take both of you to the garden in the backyard and there we will start our game.

Rose: sure..

Lisa and reyaan takes heman and and rose to backyard..

Reyaan:ok..tell me who will first tie their eyes?

Rose:first..i will tie and find my heman..

Lisa:ok..then i will tie you. There wil be many boys surrounding you so you should find your partner correctly and we will count the time of how much time you took to find your love..


Heman jokes:iam sure you are going to faint after searching me for a longer time and then i will be become the winner.

Rose stares angrily at heman..

Heman: don’t dream too much then you will become loser..

Heman:lets see..

Lisa ties Rose’s eyes and rose starts to search heman…

Suddenly rose hugs someone and..

Rose: i think its you..

Heman who is standing opposite feels jealous seeing her hugging someone and he comes near her to make her aware but reyaan stops him..

Reyaan:i know you feel jealous heman but this is just a game so control..


Rose moves away from that guy and..

Rose:iam sorry it’s not you..i know you are not heman and sorry for hugging you.

Person:it’s okay..

Heman smiles seeing rose..

Heman:wow..she is great in analysing me.

Suddenly rose comes behind and hugs him..

Rose:now..iam sure this is heman i right?

Heman gets shocked.. are right but how did you come here soon? Just now you was standing near someone..

Rose:your perfume smell made me to find you immediately i came here once i got your perfume smell.

Heman feels embarrasswd while everyone claps hands for rose while lisa teases heman.. made yourself loser with your spray.

Rose and reyaan laughs while heman stands embarrassed..

Heman: ohh..this idiot perfume. But iam not a loser yet..i will find her more faster than her now.

Lisa:ok..lets see..

Lisa now ties heman’s eyes and heman starts to search rose..

Suddenly heman feels someone and he goes to hug her while rose smiles seeing from backwards..

Rose in mind:thank god he dint find me..

Suddenly heman catches rose instead of that girl and pulls her and hugs her tightly shocking everyone..

Heman:i found my rose..i know it’s you i right dear rose?

Rose and everyone gets shocked.. did find me soon? And you was going to hug someone then how come you hugged me?

Heman smiles and..

Heman:when you can find me with my perfume then i can find you with your ponds…and by the way i pretended to hold someone to prank everyone.

Everyone laughs hearing it while rose gets embarrassed..

Rose:you i lost i think.

Lisa:yes you are heman won. Now you should obey him..

Heman comes and hugs rose and..

Heman: now you should dance with me… okay?

Rose smiles and..

Rose:okay.. though i lost but iam ready to obey you because iam your wife now.

Heman smiles hearing her calling her as his wife and pulls her closer and they dance..



Humko Tum Mil Gaye Lyrics

Jaane kis ki lagi
Hai yeh dil se duaa
Jaane kis ki lagi
Hai yeh dil se duaa
Humko tum mil gaye mil gaye

Koyi aahat na thi
Koyi dastak na di
Aake rooh mein meri bas gaye
Humko tum mil gaye mil gaye

Main akela tha


Ke ghamon ne ghera tha
Tu mila to khushi mil gayi
Labon pe mere thi koyi dhunn kahan
Tu mila mausiki mil gayi
Waqt ne the diye
Humko jitne zakham
Tere aane se wo sill gaye
Humko tum mil gaye mil gaye

Dil kare tera
Ho sanam shukriya
Toone kar di haseen zindagi
Apne seene mein woh


Tujhko de di jagah
Ke karunga teri bandagi
Ab sada ke liye
Faisla kar liya
Ek pal na tere bin jiye
Humko tum mil gaye mil gaye

Jaane kis ki lagi
Hai yeh dil se duaa
Humko tum mil gaye mil gaye
Humko tum mil gaye mil gaye


Heman whispers:when you called yourself as my wife..i felt very happy.

Rose:even iam happy seeing you as my husband.

They continue dancing and finally they stop and heman lifts rose shocking her..

Rose:heman..what are you doing?

Heman smiles and..

Heman: taking you in my arms to our house.

Lisa:oooohhh…such a romantic plan!

Reyaan whispers:shut up and come with me..let them go alone as they are newly married couples now.


Lisa and reyaan leaves separately while heman carries rose to the house and he takes her to his room and twirls her and kisses her forehead..

Heman:our dream of getting married is fulfilled..

Suddenly rose becomes sad and..

Rose: not yet heman..we are just married for ourselves but we should get married before our families too with their support.

Heman: yes..i hope they accept us one day.

Rose:yeah..we will pray for that day to come soon.


Heman makes her stand and they dance passionately..

Heman: anyways we are newly married so let’s celebrate it simply..

Rose smiles and kisses heman’s forehead..


They both romance and spend their night with their beautiful romance…

3 month later…

Heman gets ready in a police uniform and he comes out and searches for his cap…


Rose comes hiding her hand behind..

Rose:why are you shouting heman?

Heman:did you see my cap?it’s missing..

Rose smiles and she shows the cap which she kept hiding in her hands while heman looks suprised..

Rose: actually i hid it from you as i will only make you wear this you have become mr.police so i will start your day..

Rose comes to wear his cap but heman holds her hands and takes the cap from her and make her wear and he smiles..

Heman: you are the base for my building..i mean you are behind of every of my success and today i have become police because of your courage and encouragement you should wear this cap first because you are mrs.police first..

rose smiles and salutes him..

Rose: thank you so much are the best.

She takes the cap from her head and makes heman wear it and..

Rose:but it belongs to are the real policemen and iam just mrs.heman..

Heman pulls her closer and.. are true. You are mrs.heman so from now you should give me a booster before i go to my job.

Rose: what booster?

Heman looks her romantically and..

Heman: a kiss..

Rose gets shy and turns away..

Rose: this is too much heman..

Heman:you are acting shy as if i married you just now. Iam sorry i can’t go to job if you don’t kiss me..

Heman keeps his bag down and he sits on the sofa while rose makes a face and..

Rose: you have become mr.blackmail’s okay i will do it for your sake.

Rose comes closer to him and kisses his cheeks..

Heman smiles and..

Heman: my lord..what kind of wife you have given me? To get a kiss i should blackmail her..waah!!

Rose stares heman and funnily beats him..

Rose:shut it’s time up for you. So go now..

Heman: another kiss please..

Rose pushes heman outside the house and..

Rose:no..not a chance. I will kiss you only after you come from duty..

Heman:what a brave wife you are!! pushed your own husband outside..

Rose:yes.. because you are wasting your and my time unwantedly..

Heman makes a face..

Heman:fine..i won’t leave you when i return. Iam going to ask you 1000 kisses when i return..

Rose:lets see that when you return. Now you go..

Heman immediately kisses rose and bids good bye and goes while rose smiles seeing his departure..

Rose in mind:my Heman is always cute and romantic.. hope our relation stays stronger always.

Rose goes inside her house and closes the door and a heavy wind blows and the photo frame of heman’s falls and gets broken while rose sees it and gets shocked….

Rose in mind:ohh my godd.. what is happening? Why did heman’s photo broken? Is this a bad sign?? Will Heman face any problems? No.. nothing should happen to him. I cant live without him..

She immediately goes and takes heman’s broken photo frame and she prays..

Rose:my lord… please protect my heman from every bad situations..

Suddenly rose feels dizzy and she falls down..

Later at night:

Rose wears a beautiful gown and she sees herself in mirror happily..

Rose in mind:i hope i look so pretty..once heman comes he should find that there is some special occasion today seeing me.

She takes the pregnancy test stripe and smiles seeing it..

Rose in mind: today i got lot of dizziness and then i had doubt about my pregnancy and finally i checked it and it is confirmed..iam so happy. Surely heman is going to jump upside down hearing this good news.

Rose waits for very long time but still heman Doesn’t come and so rose gets tensed..

Rose in mind:why is heman taking this much time to come?i hope everything is fine..

Suddenly rose feels tired and she sleeps on the table atself..

At morning:

Rose wakes up and gets shocked seeing heman still haven’t reached..

Rose in mind:ohh my godd..why dint heman reach yet? It became morning atself..let me call him.

Rose calls heman repeatedly but he doesn’t pick the calls and so rose gets scared..

Rose in mind:ohh lord..what is happening? Why is heman not attending calls? Did anything happened to him?noo… nothing will happen to him. I will go and check in his station.

Rose immediate runs very tensedly to the station and asks about heman to the constables..

Constables sadly:mam..sir..sir met with an accident and we were the one who took and admitted him in the hospital.

Rose gets shocked and stumbles..

Rose:wh.. what?

Rose remembers the yesterday’s bad sign and her eyes gets tears..….

She starts to cry and shouts at the constables..

Rose shouts:why dint you all call me? Iam his wife..i was waiting for him for whole night. Why did you all do this??

Constable:mam but we contacted from his mobile and some lady spoken that she will come immediately but i dont know who it was..and her name was written as Linda..

Rose gets shocked..

Rose: that..that is his mother. Now.. please take me immediately to the hospital.

Constable: sure madam..

Constables take her to the city hospital and leaves her while rose runs inside cryingly..

Rose in mind:heman.. please come back to me. I cant live without you.. nothing should happen to you.

Rose further runs towards icu and gets shocked seeing Linda and Joseph crying badly there and she runs to them cryingly..

Rose cryingly: aunty.. uncle..

Linda and Joseph looks her and gets shocked and Linda slaps rose hardly..

Linda:how dare you come here? have ruined our life. Because of you we lost our child forever..

Rose gets shocked and she stumbles..

Rose:au.. aunty..what are you telling? He..heman is fine only right?

They both break down more and shouts..

Linda:how will he be fine if you are his unlucky disaster? You are the bad omen in our family..he have left us forever. Heman is died forever..

Joseph:yes..if you had left him then he wouldn’t have left us but you killed him..

Rose gets shocked hearing it and she feels as if a mountain have fallen on her

Rose shouts:no… will not leave me. He wouldn’t have died..hemannnnnn..

Rose starts to cry more remembering their moments..

Rose goes and bangs the icu door shouting him..

Rose:heman…heman.. please someone leave me inside. I want to see my heman alive..

Joseph and Linda pulls her and..

Joseph: have you gone mad? How can a dead person come alive?

Rose can’t be true. Please..i want to see him.

Linda:if you don’t believe us then see his dead body..

Linda signs a nurse to bring the body and the nurse brings some dead body and shows it to rose..

Linda:see..this is my dead son.

Linda falls on th dead body and cries while rose gets shocked seeing the dead body..

Rose :bu..but..but his face is covered.. then how..

Nurse:mam..his face is Fully burnt that’s why we have covered his entire body. This is mr.heman’s body only.

The nurse shows the photo of heman to rose and..

Nurse:this is the guy(pointing towards the photo) who is dead here..

Rose gets shocked and her heart beat stands still for a moment as she got a shocker of her life..

Her hands starts to shake and she leaves the photo down and she holds her head and falls down and cries loudly..


She remembers their moments and cries seeing the dead body.. promised me to live with me forever then why did you leave me?

Suddenly Linda and Joseph pulls her and they push her away angrily..

Joseph:now go away from have seen his dead body right? So now go away..

Linda:yes.. don’t cause his final rites too a bad omen for him? So just get lost..

Rose cries hearing it..

Rose:un.. uncle..

Joseph:if you don’t go then prepare for our final rites too..we will die if you are near heman’s body. Once upon a time you separated us from him so atleast leave us with him in his last day..

Rose cries hearing it and she sees the dead body for the last time and she turns and goes cryingly and she holds her stomach and walks..

Rose murmers cryingly: Heman..why did you leave me alone? I was happy to tell you that you are going to be his father but…

Rose stafts to cry more and she leaves from there while Linda and Joseph smiles seeing rose gone..

Linda: thank god..our plan worked.

Joseph:yes..iam thankful to God for making heman meet with accident so that he is reunited with us finally.

They both recall their plan..


Joseph and Linda meets the main doctor in privately and..

Joseph: is heman now?

Doctor: actually he is safe from death but there is some problems regarding his we will analyze him further and will tell you.

Joseph and Linda looks each other and..

Linda: thank you doctor..

Joseph: doctor..can you do a help?

Joseph: please show some dead body to a girl and tell it as that this is heman once she comes to the hospital..

Doctor gets shocked and gets angry..

Doctor: hello..what do you think yourself? Do you think this is a hospital or some other fraud area?

Joseph takes the huge amount of money and gives it to doctor..

Joseph:take this money doctor..this is 1crore and we will give you more also but please help us doctor.

Doctor looks the money and gets concerned..

Doctor in mind:i was waiting for more money to build a new u think this money will help me..

Doctor: fine..i will help you. But don’t tell this matter to anyone..

Linda and Joseph gets happy and..

Joseph:sure doctor..

Linda and Joseph gives rose photo to doctor..

Linda: this is the girl doctor.

Doctor takes the photo and..

Doctor:ok..I’ll arrange for the dead body to be shown to this girl.

Joseph:ok.. doctor.


Joseph:once we got a news that Heman met with an accident..we planned to use this opportunity to separate heman and rose.

Linda:yes.. finally our plan worked too.


They both smile seeing each other…

5 years later…

Rose is seen combing a hair of a little girl..

Rose: Raiza..sit straight na. If you don’t sit straight then how will i comb your hair?

Raiza:mumma..i will sit straight only when you listen to me.

Rose caresses her face and..

Rose:iam always listening to you beta. Tell me now what do you want?

Raiza makes a face and..

Raiza: everyone of my friends in school have their mother and father but why don’t i alone have only mother.. where is my father Mumma?

Rose gets shocked and remembers heman and her eyes gets tears..

Rose in mind: now Raiza became conscious about parenthood..heman..i would have died that day when you died but today iam only living in sake of our daughter.why did you leave us? Now what will i answer to her??

Rose:beta.. your father have went to a big only he is taking so much time to come back.

Raiza: really mumma? Then why dint he take us with him?

Rose gets sad and..

Rose: because that place is only allowed for boys that’s why..

Raiza gets sad and sits down folding her hands..

Raiza: my friends are making fun of me that i don’t have father. I really feel like punching their faces. They always tell me that their father is their superhero but i tell them that my mom is my superhero but still they make fun of me..

Rose gets sad and caresses her face and..

Rose: don’t worry beta.. your father will come soon.

Raiza gets happy hearing it..

Raiza: really mumma?

Rose:yes beta..

Raiza:wow..then i will take my super duper dad to school and mock my bad friends who teased me.. please tell dad to come today atself mumma.

Rose:ok darling..but now go and get your school bag and come because your van will come now.

Raiza:yes mumma..

Raiza goes and brings her school bag and her van comes and she bids good bye to rise and she leaves in the van while rose runs to her room and takes the photo’s of heman and cries..

Rose cries: why did you leave us like this heman?how will i tell that Raiza that you have left the world? And for how long can i lie?even iam struggling to live without you…

Suddenly a bell rings and rose wipes her tears and she goes and opens the door and gets shocked and stumbles seeing heman in wheel chair while heman looks emotionally at rose…


Her tears fall from her eyes and she recalls their moments and she cries..

Rose:he..he..heman… i dreaming? it really you?

Heman too cries in sitting in the wheel chair and he nods the head and he opens his arms for the hug…

Heman emotionally:iam your heman rose..iam back for you.

Rose cries and immediately hugs heman..

They both cry in each other’s arms for long time and later they release themselves and rose caresses heman’s face..

Rose:where were you all these years? Why dint you come before me earlier?i..i.. thought you died that day..

Heman cries and..

Heman:i know that my mom and dad lied to you that i died but the truth is that i got paralysis. I can’t walk from the day i met with accident…but my mom and dad want to separate us so they lied and took away me from you but i too made a big blunder.

Heman starts to cry more while rose gets shocked and looks his legs emotionally and hugs him again..

Rose in dint do any blunder. I know you’re parents hates me and that’s why they did like that.

Heman:no..even i thought to live without you because i got paralysis and i thought that you can’t spend your precious life with a walkless man like me and that’s why i dint come in front of you all these years..

Rose gets shocked and she  cries..

Rose:are you mad? Why won’t i live with a walkless man? Whoever you are and whatever problem you have..i don’t care..i love only you and i will live only with you. Paralysis is not a big issue..there are many specialists here so you can become alright like before.

Heman caresses her face and..

Heman:iam sorry..i really hurted your love all these years.i..i couldn’t live without you more and that’s why i decided to come before you. Lets start our life afresh again..

Rose smiles emotionally and..

Rose:yes..we will start our incomplete life again..and i will surely make your leg fine.

Heman: no.. don’t give me false hopes rose..

Rose touches his leg emotionally and..

Rose:no..iam telling the truth. You will become fine like before..i will discuss your problem with a good specialist and will arrange for your treatment okay?

Heman gets emotional and..

Heman:thank you so much are my world. Only your words have given strength to think positive..thank you so much.

Rose smiles and they hug each other emotionally and then rose takes heman inside they spend their time nicely..

It becomes evening..

Rose and heman are sitting in a sofa..

Rose:heman..can you sing a song for me?

Heman smiles seeing rose and..

Heman:yeah..why not? We will recall our past beautiful days…


Rose gives him the guitar and heman sings while rose listens to his songs and enjoys recalling their past..

Suddenly the bell rings while heman gets scared..

Heman:ohh no..will it be my parents again like in the past?

Rose:no.. don’t get scared. It will be a suprise for you..


Rose smiles and..


Heman:fine..i will wait to see the suprise eagerly.

Rose smiles and goes and opens the door and Raiza comes inside and hugs rose tightly.. know i won drawing competition.

Rose smiles and caresses her face..

Rose:woww..that’s great beta.iam so proud of you..

Heman looks on and gets shocked..

Heman in mind:why is this kid calling rose as mumma? Did rose got remarried with someone?

Heman’s heart starts to beat faster in fear while Raiza looks heman sitting in a wheel chair and she goes to him and..

Raiza:mumma..who is this handsome guy?

Heman and rose looks shocked at Raiza..

Rose:mad girl..will you call your elder as a guy?

Raiza makes a cute face and..

Raiza:iam sorry mumma..but tel me who is this?

Heman looks on while rose smiles seeing heman and..

Rose:he is the person who you was asking for in the morning..

Raiza gets suprised and looks heman and she goes and hugs him tightly and..


Heman gets shocked and looks rose questioningly while rose gets teary and..

Rose:i know what do you think heman? Yes..she is your daughter. I was pregnant and i thought to suprise you that day but unfortunately our fate changed by making you meeting with the accident.

Heman gets shocked and he recalls their moments and he gets teary and hugs Raiza tightly and Cries..

Heman:my daughter…

Raiza wipes his tears and..

Raiza:papa..why are you crying? You only went somewhere and i should only cry for that but you are crying like a baby..

Heman gets emotional while rose smiles seeing their cute bond..

Heman:iam sorry beta..i promise i won’t go anywhere from now.. okay?

Raiza smiles and kisses his cheeks..

Raiza:ok Papa..but now come and play with me. Always i and mumma used to play and now you should play with me.

Raiza starts to pull his hand while heman and rose looks each other sadly..

Rose:Raiza beta..papa wont play with you now.

Raiza:but why mumma?

Rose sadly: your..your dad can’t work now. He have met with the accident so he can’t walk.

Raiza gets shocked and looks her papa and she starts to cry seeing his leg..

Raiza cries:why mumma why? Our lord is so only i met my papa happily but lord snatched it soon. My papa is so handsome and good then why did he do this?

Heman gets emotional seeing his child’s care and he caresses her face and..

Heman: don’t worry beta..your papa will soon become alright. You go and pray to lord okay? If you pray to lord regularly then i will become fine..

Raiza:ok Papa..i will pray tht you should get fine soon and play with me and mumma.

Heman smiles and kisses her forehead..

Heman:that’s good girl..

Raiza gets down from heman and..

Raiza:ok..i will go and pray now.


Raiza goes to pray while rose and heman smiles emotionally seeing Raiza..

Heman:thank you for this beautiful gift rose..i wished i should have a junior rose and you gave it according to my wish.

Rose:no heman..i should only thank you. If i dint get pregnant then i would have died because when i heared that you died i thought to commit suicide but i lived all these years only for Raiza..

Heman gets emotional while both of them cries and they join their foreheads and they caress each other’s face..

Heman:iam sorry again..i couldn’t be there during your pregnancy time.

Rose: leave it heman..past is past. Now let us focus on present alone. are true.

2 months later..

Rose is seen massaging heman’s leg in bed..

Heman:keep massaging like this..i feel very happy on your touch after 5 years..

Rose smiles..

Rose: don’t you are 50% fine..once you get completely fine then i wont massage you at all.

Heman smiles and..

Heman:i don’t care that time because at that time i can romance you..

Then rose makes a face and kisses heman’s leg finger…

Rose:now atself iam romantic only..

Heman:waah.. because of your kiss..i think i will walk today atself.

Rose: touch is your i right?

Heman:’s 100% true.

They both smile and lie down and they sleep..

After a week rose is making heman walk with her support..

Rose:be careful..

Heman jokes:when you are there near me Then i can walk with closing my eyes atself.

Rose:shut serious now.

Heman:ohh..mrs.rose have become mrs.teacher..

Rose:yes..till you walk properly by your own..i will be your teacher.

Heman smiles and..

Heman:i feel very lucky..if you weren’t exist before me then i would have stayed paralysis forever. Thank you for coming into life..

Rose smiles and kisses his cheeks while heman gets stunned and was about to fall but rose holds him..

Rose:are you mad? Why did you stopped as if you saw some tiger in front of you?

Heman:your kiss freezed me that’s why..

Rose:waah..what a romantic dialogue.

Heman: ofcourse iam romantic my dear..

They both smile and rose makes him walk nicely..

After some weeks heman and rose are seeing their marriage album..

Heman:we are looking like fairy prince and princess right?

Rose:yes..i wish i could marry you again like that.

Heman smiles..

Heman:why not? We will marry again..

Rose looks him suprised.. Still you dint walk yet then how will we..

Heman: don’t worry about that..just get ready tomorrow.

Rose smiles and..


Next day..

Rose gets ready and Raiza compliments her.. are like fairy and angel. If papa sees you then he will fall down seeing your beauty.

Rose:thank you beta..but how did you know about love?

Raiza:i learned it from movies..

Rose pinches her cheeks and..

Rose:you became smart nowadays..

Heman comes there wearing beautiful coat suit in a wheel chair while rose sees him and smiles…

Raiza:mumma..i think papa is more beautiful than you.


Raiza:yes..he is very handsome.

Rose:ohh my.. nowadays you became Papa’s child.

Raiza:no..i just made fun to tease you mumma. Both of them are looking very beautiful.

Rose smiles and pinches her face..

Rose:thank you so much beta.

Rose kneels down before heman and both looks each other mesmerized..

Rose comes near heman smilingly..

Rose:heman..i love you.

Heman:even i too love you rose.

Raiza claps her hand while rose forwards her hand for Heman putting finger..

Rose: only you can fill this finger… please fill it with your love.

Heman smiles and..

Heman:i won’t fill in this way..


Heman slowly gets up from wheel chair and he makes rose too stand up and rose and Raiza gets shocked and suprised and looks heman emotionally..

Rose:he… Heman..what.. i became absolutely fine. Now i can walk like before…

Rose and Raiza gets suprised and rose gets teary while heman opens his arms for the hug and rose immediately hugs nd cries…


Heman smiles and..

Heman:i already told you right? You are the base for my building and you re behind my every success. Today iam able to walk only because of you…you have consulted various doctors and finally you helped me with a good specialist and now i became normal from paralysis only because of you…thank you so much my love.

Rose smiles and hugs and Raiza too joins him in the hug..

Raiza:my papa is back finally..

Heman kisses Raiza..

Heman: little Raiza’s superhero is arrived..


Later rose and heman gets married again..

1 month later..

Rose is working on kitchen and suddenly bell rings..

Rose:Raiza beta.. please go nd check who have come.

Raiza:ok mumma..

Raiza goes and opes the door and sees Linda Joseph moksha and Lalit and she gets confused..

Raiza:hi Everyone..who all are you? you know mr.heman and mrs. Rose? Because they were living in this house only before..

Raiza laughs while everyone gets confused..

Linda:why are you laughing beta?

Raiza: because iam only the daughter of heman and rose. Heman is my dad’s name and rose is my mother’s name.

Everyone gets shocked..

Everyone: what?

Raiza:if you don’t believe me then i will show you my parents..

Raiza goes inside immediately and brings heman and rose to them and both of them gets shocked seeing their parents..

Heman and rose

Both of their parents gets teary and they run and hug both Heman and rose..

Joseph:iam sorry heman..we were not understanding what is true love. Now you are fine only because of her..i understood now only the true love can heal every wounds.

Linda: yes rose..even iam sorry for hurting you. I have cursed and separated you and heman for five years which i shouldn’t have done. I thought we should follow only one culture but now i understood true love doesn’t need the same culture to live with. We have tried to cure heman for five years but we couldn’t but you have did… this is the real love.

Moksha:Yes rose..even iam sorry for degrading you. You showed what the love is…now i understood the love can come even before marriage.

Lalit:even iam sorry rose.

Everyone cries while rose and heman gets teary and they hug their respective parents..

Rose:even we are sorry mom for disobeying you.

Heman:even iam sorry mom and dad for going against you..

Both their parents caresses their children and..

Moksha:no need to apologise beta.. from now we will be together always. I will accept heman as my son in law.

Lalit:yes even me too.

Linda: don’t apologise heman because it’s not your fault. From now i will accept rose as my daughter in law..

Joseph:even me too.. now iam proud that rose is my daughter in law.

Rose and heman smiles and they all hug together..

While Raiza comes there and..

Raiza: excuse me..iam also there in the house.

Heman and rose looks at her and laughs..

Heman and rose:we are sorry beta for forgetting you.

Linda:who is this kid heman?

Rose:i will introduce her to everyone..she is heman and my child Raiza. I was pregnant when heman met with accident and that’s i couldn’t inform to anyone.

Everyone gets suprised and happy and both the grandparents of Raiza starts kissing and pampering her while rose and heman smiles seeing the happy family..


  1. Jasminerahul

    Heman Rose conversation was very romantic. Shocking that Rose’s dad hit his head.never thought that rose is a villager seeing her dressing.Shocking that she had a sad life with her parents.sad that her parents didn’t support her n she sacrificed them.glad that heman is fine.heman Rose conversation was very emotional. Heman telling his parents that only culture is different but human beings are same was lovely.sad that even he had to sacrifice his parents.his mom cursing Rose was painful. Heman consoling her was emotional.

  2. Jasminerahul

    Parica as Rose Heman’s friends was a surprise. Heman calling Rose as the white princess was sweet.Rose complimenting him was also nice.the game was very interesting.the dance was very romantic. Surprising that heman became a police.Ths cap scene n Herman’s dialogues to her were very nice.surprising that Rose is pregnant. Shocking that Herman’s parents lied to Rose that heman died.they blaming Rose n making her leave was painful.

  3. Jasminerahul

    Happy to see pihu from kdb as their daughter. She suits as dheeraj’s daughter.raiza Rose scene was nice. Surprising that heman returned to Rose.sad that he can’t walk.i wonder how his parents reacted when he came back.but how did he reach there on wheel chair alone?Rose heman conversation was emotional. Heman meeting his daughter was emotional.

  4. Jasminerahul

    Glad that Rose gave treatment to heman.but why didn’t his parents give him treatment?how Rose helped heman to walk n all his dialogues were lovely n romantic. Kiss was romantic. On the wedding day heman surprising Rose by walking was superb.glad that they got married again.glad that their parents apologized to them n they accepted each other.all raiza scenes are very cute.superb pics.i can’t tell you how much I loved this os.

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