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Let start..
Swara was in deep thought everyone one noticed her..
Dida came beside her and asked
Dida:shoru what happened.. Till know ur very happy then Suddenly what happened.
Swara:nothing just thinking maa and Papa agreed but what to do about Mr gadodia.
Dida:what u mean shoru.
Swara:dida we have make them divorced but I knw mr gadodia will not agree.. He is selfish he won’t let maa to be happy… After listening swara everyone was on deep thought . Ya swara is right bcz they knw very well shekar.. But only Raj ,sanskar and sona are calm and eating snacks as nothing serious is going on.. Swara saw them got annoyed by their act.
Swa:here we are worried about marriage and u trio having snacks..
San:chill angel when we are here no fear.
Swa:what u mean
Sona:it means don’t take tension have snacks and enjoy.
Suj: ramji I think hearing swara they both gone mad.
Sona :we are not mad infact we are relax Bcz we kw papa have something in his mind.. Just relax.
Raj :sona beta u r right… And doll no need to worry.
Swa:but bade papa… she stopped thre only after realizing what she called to Raj.. Even everyone is seeing her happy that she is accepting them ..and most happiest person is Raj and arnav..
Swa:can I call u bade papa na she asked hesitately.
Raj:ofcourse doll.. U know It’s the best day finally I got my family back. All are happy.
Swa:actully bade papa as per I knw Mr gadodia is selfish and he will not ready to give divorce Bcz Mrs Parvati gadodia want to tourcher us and she will instigate him and for sure he is spineless man who always behind his maa hiding behind her Pallu so he will make it hard.
Raj:doll we don’t want divorce.. This is like bomb to everyone
Ram:raj ji without divorce how this marriage will happen and this marriage will be not consider .
Raj:ram ji I m telling this Bcz Shomi not shekar wife..
Dida:raj beta I’m not getting what I’ve telling Shomi is married to shekar and then hw she not his wife.
Raj:wait maa.. Shomi did ur divorce with shekar accept by court did u got hearing
date notice..
Shomi :no bhai shekar told that divorce got rejected.
Raj:shomi and arnav did u both got ur divorce notice or hearing date.
Both nodded head in negativity
Raj:do u know y?
Shomi and arnav nodded her head in no
Raj:its bcz u r still arnav legally wedded wife.
This is a like a big bomb exploded. No one understanding what’s going on.. They all are in deep thought when again..but spoke
Arnav: how it possible
Raj:bcz urs divorce papers didn’t submitted in court.
Arnav:bhai but I handed the paper to lawyer.
Raj:but I took back that papers from him..
Arnav: y Bhai
Raj:bcz if u. When I saw ur eyes their I find love and hurt ..i wanted to give u all happiness .and I had hope that ur love will win now see I m correct.. And Shomi what u thought that If u tell guards not to tell truth then I may not get what’s happening with u and doll. I was very angry on u that time but I knw u very ur selfless women who don’t depend on anyone.. I had hope that one day u will be back and I was just waiting for that day see now it came.. And abut shekar his marriage is baseless and divorced got rejected Bcz u r still Mrs arnav singhania.. Raj saw everyone face he saw some are throwing dragger to him some are still in shock and some are happy..
Sanskar and sona are throwing dragger to him.. Arnav and Shomi are in shock rest all are happy..
Raj:y u both are seeing me like u will eat me..
San:uncle y dint told this us first only when we are planning.
Sona:han papa u didn’t told us full plan very bad.
Raj:sorry beta I knw I shoud not hide but what to do .i very knw sanskar. If he see my doll he will lost and he will tell all plan so I don’t told. After hearing Raj swasan was embarrassed and due to shy both are blushing seeing both everyone laughed .. But how can our swara sit silently.
Swara:wait wait.. What plan u r taking about.? Hearing Swara question trio realized that they blurt the truth..

Precape :more revelation..

I knw guys it’s small update but I promise I ll give next update large ..i ll try to complete this ff in last 5 updates Bcz all my ff is on hold due to some incident… So I ll complete ff one by one..

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