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So let’s start the story.

It’s a bliss full morning sun rays fall on our lovely couple who is sleeping peacefully in each others embrace. Our hero slowly opened his eyes due to sun rays and saw his life is sleeping in his arm and cuddling more due to Sunrays..he smiled seeing her expression.. He made her lay properly and went near window and closed the curtain properly turn toward her princess who is smiling in her sleep as sun rays are not disturbing anymore he smiled and went to freshnup.. He came back after freshing and rubbing his wet hair his hand stop and smiled seeing swara.. In sleep swara is roaming hand on bed after not finding sanskar beside her she made bad face.. Sanskar smiling seeing his wife antique he gota naughty idea went near her and shaked his head as water drop falls on swara she woke up with jerk and shouted swa: sanskar what is this..soon she saw sanskar she lost in him.. Our hero is standing there only in pant a towel around his neck.. Swara was lost in sanskar.. He slowly moved near her and whisper.
San: staring is bad Mrs sm ..swara who heard came to sense and blushed..
Swa: so what I’m staring my husband and it’s not my fault..
San:how it’s not fault can u explain.
Swa:if my husband is this much handsome and hot the who miss the chance to stare..
San :accha ji then let me show hot I’m saying this he leaned near her.. Swara pusshed him and ran to washroom ..she stood there and turn and told
Swa:try ur luck next time Mr gottu saying she ran inside the washroom.. Here sanskar smiled his wife word and shook his head and went to get ready.. Soon swara to came got ready and both went down..
Everyone is present there and all wished each other went to dinning table .. They had there bf and went to living room and sat there.. It’s like they made side Raj ram and sanskar is sitting talking about business and another side arnav and ayush talking about hospital. Shomi sona sujju and dida talking there girls talk..uttu and ayush is playing where as our Shona is seeing all with anger.. She waited anyone to notice alas noone ..anger reach the peak..she shouted
By this all turned to her in shock.. Can’t near her
San:what happend shona…
Raj:doll are u OK.
Everyone started firing her questions which made her more angry..
Swa:STOP!!!! In high volume she shouted all are looking her blankly.. By seeing her face every one understood she is angry so Stood silently ..
Swa:since 1 hr I’m observing u all.. Does anyone care.
San:jaan actually …before he tell swara cutted .
Swa:what jaan.. Do anyome remember we have important work to do…
Somi:what work Shona..
Swa:do u guys remember we were discussing something yesterday.. Leave maa and arnav papa they are not in this atleast u all should think about it na..
Then they all remember shomrav marriage discussion.
Raj:ya u r right doll we totally forget about this…
Sona:so tell Shona what is next.
Swa:ok as now we r discussed about their marriage and they agreed let them meet their partner.
Raj :u r correct..
Everyone is tense how they both react after listening their partner name but they knw Shona will handle Bcz by the time they got to know how swara is important to both..
Swa:arnav papa .
.by hearing papa swara arnav have tears in his eyes he was longing to hear this..
Swa:i want to u to move on ur life.. U have chance to live ur life…
Swara turned to Shomi
Maa u always full filled ur duty as mother as well as father.. U always protected us from all evil eyes never let a scratch on us.. We only want ur happiness… If u feel my this decision is wrong u tell me.. We will not force u.. Then she turn toward arnav and t
holded his hand brought him near Shomi and made him e stand near her..both somrav looking her confusing..
Swa to arnav:since childhood I craved for father love but I never got even my friends use tease me that I don’t have father.. When I got to know about my real father I was beyond happy but he didn’t accepted me.. When I came here u and Raj papa gave us all fatherly love which we carved for since then I became selfish.. Selfish to get ur love to be called as ur daughter.. Can u give me fatherly love till my last breath.. Can u give me name.. Will u accept me as ur daughter.. Can u allow all to call me ur daughter.. Can i called be as swara arnav singhania… Will u allow me to call u papa.. That’s it somrav eyes are filled with tears.
Swa:we want to see u both together forever.. This is like bomb for both ..both saw swara shocking both are having lots of emotions.. ..were others are praying and wating for their answer..
Swa:we will not force u.. U both have time to decide..

Precape:-somrav decision…

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