Sry guys i was not able to write story bcz of my clg and wrk …i pl post my story slwly bcz i didnt getting time on suday also …..and some asked a question that who is ayush father ..raj is ayush father after ayush mother death arnav and shomi legally adopted him ….
Let start ..
Its a beautiful morning ..birds are chirping and flowers are dancing …we can see 3 members are doing workout laughing and making fun ….soon ayush joined them ..
Ayu: good morning ..
Swa: good mrng baccha.
Ranav: good morning ayu…
Swa:ayu come let’s workout ..its long time we havnt done .
Ayu: seriously di ..I’m feeling heavycamethey all continue their wrk out ..after some time sanskar joined them..
Swa: good morning mr sm had a great sleep.
San: very good morning Mrs sm ..yes I had great sleep .
Swa: if ur beauty sleep is over can we proceed to wrk ..
San: sure why not.
Swa: ok 300push up.
San: what!!!
Swa: yes ..bcz from last one you haven’t gone to jog also .now come fast ..
San: no i m not going to do ..
Swa: u have to .
San: no way .
Swa: ok don’t in my room for 1 week.
San: no shona plz.. Ok not 300 .. ..less plz
Swa:no …start fast other wise I lp increase the no..
San: no shona plz jaan
Swa:ok 400 push up
San: this is not fair yaar.
Swa: 500
San: ok stop ..I ll do ..sanskar started to do push up .all are enjoying Hus situation ..till now all came to garden and watching their argument.. Bt no one have dare ti stop swara bcz everyone knws she is very strict in health matters ..she is very health conscious..sankar have done 250 push up..he have no energy to do more ..swara can’t able to see him ..stopped him and hand over the juice
Swa:sanskar enough for today…take this and drink.
San:thank u jaan ..he took juice and drank ..all went in and got fresh and cane for brkfst …

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  1. it is awesome but plz make it little long

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  4. Awesome update, but please make it little longer.

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