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Let start:
Its evng all reached beach ..all elders sat and younger went near waves ..they enjoyed splashing water on each other..sanskar was standing on end talking on call ..soon he disconnected call water splash on His face .. Soon he heard laughing sound saw swara was laughing seeing him
San: shona ki bacchi wait ..he to splash water on her ..both started play on water both stop due tiredness ..shona saw him and smirks ..sanskar was confuse ..he was thinking abt her next plan swara pushed him in water ..after lot struggle he stood ..swara who saw him standing run from there sanskar is behind her chasing.. Sanskar increased his speed and holded her from waist and twirl her ..she laugh whole heatedly ..soon all couples came and sat with elders..
Swa: sanskar let’s go ride on the ski jet .
Kavi: ya even I want .
Utt: let’s go na bhai ..
San: ok fine ..all youngers went for ride .
Pairs are swasan kavhil kavman varyush .sonutt ..aryush
All sat on jet and started the ride ..swara is enjoying ..
Swa:woooooo ..
San:shona sit other wise u ll fall in sea.
Swa:if I fall take u with me .
San:ur impossible
Swa:I knw both laugh ..
Swa: sanskar I want to drive.
San:ok come .swara came front sanskar is handling jet soon swara settle she was riding sanskar back hugged her and started giving wet kisses on her neck.
Swa:ah sanskar stop it.
San:what .
Swa:sanskar everyone is her so plz
San:so what I’m romancing with my wife ..saying this he put his hand under her top start caressing her belly and started pressing her Brest .
Swa:sanskar.. Plz .. It dosnt effect Sanskar ..he continue his teasing ..soon after an hr all came full tired and sat ..
Utt: I’m very thirsty.
Swa:me too.
San:OK let’s order juice ..they order juice and all had juice . went back to resort ..all had dinner ..while going jeevika feel dizzy bt she ignored and started to walk bt she feel again dizziness and fall unconscious..sona who saw her shouted
Sona: jeevi ..hearing sound all turn and saw jeevika in floor viren run toward her lifted her took her to room ..swara came and checked her ..all are waiting out side .swara came .
Viren:swara hws jeevi what happened.
Swa: everything is all right ..and .
Viren: and what.
Swa:congratulations ..she is pregnant.everyone is happy ..viren hugged swara ..
Every one congrats both couple .
Kav:swara ur doctor.
Swa: han Bhabi.
Kav: o great where u practice.
Swa: sanjeevani hospital.
Kav: what ..even my dream is to working there and I got offer from there..
Swa: thats good.
Kav: we both enjoy lot there.
Swa: sure…all had lil chat and went to there rooms ..
Swasan room.
Both got fresh and sat on bed.swara is wearing satin nighty abover her knees which is giving her s*xy look
.sanskar lost in her ..he came and back hugged her. And hug her tightly nuzzling in her neck. 
He turn her kissed her it was. Passionate kiss ..soon he lift her and placed her on bed. .missing her hungrily ..soon he room her dress and his dress also now both are name ..both got busy is there love session.. Both reached climax and slept Hugging each other with satisfied smile …

Precape: more fun

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