True love never dies – raglak ff part 3

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Hello guys

This is varshni here !!!

I m really sorry for the late update !!!

Here into the story

Laksh : just joking yaar !!!

All felt relieved hearing his response .

Sanskar : then I guess u can leave ragini . Let her stand ( with a smirk )

Laksh : Bhai please (pleading through his eyes ) . Y shouldn’t u call her bhabi !!!! I ‘m calling swara as bhabi know !!!

Sanskar : I guess I should remind you that Ragini was my best buddy before ur marriage . She ‘ll be always my buddy first . Correct nah ragini???

Ragini asked laksh to leave her down and went to sanskar .

Ragini bet him and turned to the other side .

Sanskar : ragu ma , ragu bacha see me !!! I ‘m sorry ragu please !!! ( Holding his ears )

Ragini : see Sanskar this is the last warning I ‘m giving you . Laksh is my better half but u are my life sanky . U are like my brother sanky. Please don’t ask me next time or else I  would kill you got it !!!!(with her hands on her waist ).

Sanskar : okay !!! Now don’t show ur fake anger !!!

Ragini : she hit him  ,and he hugged her and ” see ragu u are always my cuteee pie !!! Got it??

Yeah sanky.

Hello , see my marriage got over only today but u see , you guys aren’t allowing me with my ragu .

Sanky opened his arms and laksh went and hugged them and the trio had a group hug.

Swara had tears of happiness in her eyes .

All the rituals were over and during all these things laksh was impatiently waiting for his love . Thinking about that moment was pure heavenly bliss for him.

Ragini went into their room tired . Her eyes were searching  for her better half . She was worried not finding him and her eyes welled up and the moment she saw him she wiped her tears and went to him and back hugged him .

“Yeah ragini tell me “.

Ragini : how u got that it’s me ???

” I know by ur fragrance ragini “.

“Hmmmm u know today is gonna take our relationship to next level ” ragini whispered on his ears which sent shivers down the spine. 

Ready babes ???

Meanwhile laksh got into his thoughts :

Laksh was returning when Sanky called him .

Sanky : look lucky will u promise me one thing ???

Lucky : yeah sure Bhai .

Sanky : u know that Ragini has panic attacks now also . So I hope u understand her.

Lucky : yeah Bhai I know that . I wanted to tell u that once she is okay with it then only I ‘ll take the relationship to next level . I promise you Bhai.

Sanskar had tears in his eyes . Lucky wiped it and hugged him .

Sanskar POV ,

“Why God why??? From when I was small I didn’t pray to u , but today I pray to u that please make ragini fine.  One side my brother is feeling sad and other side ragini , my life !!! My life  is suffering a lot !!! I don’t want to see her in tears . Please save them both. ”

POV ends.

Okay Bhai I ‘ll leave now.


After  laksh left , swara ‘s monologue  as she was eyeing sanky ” I know sanky u won’t share ur pain with me.  I know ur love ragu is in this condition and by seeing that u are worried. I promise you sanky I ‘ll try to bring our old ragu back . I know u forgot her and started loving me , but at times I feel jealous seeing you both. But now more than me she needs u sanky , I ll support ur decision .” And a lone tear escaped from her eye .

Sanskar went near her and hugged her and said ” it’s true that once I had crush on ragini but that doesn’t mean that it is love.  I love u swara . Now in this state she needs me swara that’s y .”

” Sshhhhh said swara and hugged him tightly “.


Ragini kissed laksh cheeks , while laksh stood shockingly . Then she kissed his nose and bit it , then she went down to his lips and kissed him. He didn’t reciprocate thinking about sanky’s words.  While that time he felt his lips watery . He saw ragini crying and cupped her face and kissed her.

” I ‘m ready laksh ” said she sobbing .

Then laksh pulled her roughly holding her waist and ragu felt butterflies in her stomach .

He brushed his lips with hers with his hands playing with her belly and her hands around his neck holding him for support and at a point of time it turned out to be passionate one where he was sucking her bottom lips.

They both parted from the other due to lack of oxygen and they both panting heavily .

He lost his control on her cologne and reached her ears and removed her earings and bit her ears causing her to hiss in pain .

“Is it paining ragu ???” Asked a panic laksh . She was lost in his breath and went her him and kissed his collar bone .

He then removed her nose ring and kissed her nose and then slid his hands side and reached her waist and removed her waist chain and kissed her belly . She held his shoulders for support.  . He then came up and nuzzled at the nape of her neck . She held his collar for her support. He was giving wet kisses there and removed the Dori of the blouse and pushed the sari pallu down . She feared and her hands were shivering , sensing this he hugged her and slid the blouse and bite her shoulders and was tasting her milky shoulders. He felt her tears and carried her in bridal style and took her bed and may her laydown.  She closed her eyes and clutched her bed sheet .

Laksh hugged her and patted her head and made her to sleep.

Once she slept he went near the window and cried out ,

” Why is that for me God ??? Here my own wife is scared of me?? What did I do??? I know I ‘m making her to face her old things !!! I ‘m really sorry ragu !!!


So how is it guys ???? Tell me !!!! If u don’t like it tell me I ‘ll surely stop writing it.

Okay guys bubyeee


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  1. Sreevijayan

    Awesome update my dear…

    1. Varshni

      Thank u so much dear !!! I ‘m really glad that you are liking this ff !!! I hope so

  2. A.xx

    amazing xx

  3. Aanchal

    Wooooow yaar superb nxt post soon

    1. Varshni

      Thank u so much dear !!!! Please keep reading and encouraging me !!!

  4. Interesting episode and loved Raglak scenes. What happened in her past?

    1. Varshni

      Thank u so much dear !!! U ‘ll get to know in the upcoming chappys !!!

  5. Astra


    1. Varshni

      Thank u so much dear and I ‘m eagerly waiting for your update in wattpad
      Endless love story

  6. Nice


  8. Shrilatha

    Loving ragsanlak bond varshu..I want to know ragu past…it seems really worse…awesome varshu

    1. Varshni

      Thank u so much dear !!! I ‘m really glad that u are liking this ff !!! Please keep reading

  9. IQRA222

    Varshu di the episode was simply superb
    Raglaksa bond is superb and swara too is very understanding
    What happened in the past eager to know the reason
    And dont dare to stop this ff ha
    Waiting for the next par

    1. Varshni

      Thank u so much dear !!! U ‘ll get to know in the upcoming chappys !!! Keep reading this ff and support me

    1. Varshni

      Thanks a lot !!!

  10. Asra

    awesome dear….ragsanlak bonding superbbb dear….loved it alot…eagerly waiting to know ragini past….tkcr dear….

  11. Awesome episode dear

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