Both twinj are spending time together. Kunj’s every event is organized by twinkle itself. Chinki and rohan have feelings for each other but fear to express it. But don’t want to lose their friendship. Our avni and aman also became good friends but still now they don’t have any feelings for each other. Kunj aman and rohan also get close each other


All are working for event. Busy in organizing and instructing work for the workers. twinkle was checking the work. She see some flowers not arranged properly. So she climb ladder and set the flower. But unfortunately she touch the current wire.

Kunj pov

I’m in my cabin, smiling as a fool remembering the time spend with twinkle. Her innocence, smile, cute gestures, everything about her, made me attract towards her. What’s this feeling towards her, when she’s near me my heart beat rises, I want to admire her all the time, I feel like protecting her, is this love, do I love her, god she definitely makes me mad. Keeping a side all my thoughts I began to complete my work.

But suddenly I received a call from chinki. This time its noon she has an important event to organize. May be she need any help.

Hello chinki, how are you? Do you need any help? What happened? Why are you not speaking?


Chinki are you fine? Why are you crying?

Bhai………. Twin……kle……

That movement, I felt like someone scratch my life from me, I felt so lifeless. For a movement my mind is all blank, I couldn’t think straight regaining myself I asked what happened ? she couldn’t tell me, but said me to come to city hospital.

Immediately along with aman I left to city hospital. The scene I saw their took my breath away. Chinki is badly crying, rohan lifelessly standing at a corner. I went near chinki and try to console her and signaled aman to look after rohan. After about annie aunty came there along with avni. Finally like ages doctor came out of the operation theater. We all rushed to him. But what he said took my complete life.

Chinki asked doctor about her. Initially he said operation was successful . but his face clearly said something is I asked him further. He told that though operation was successful she must gain conscious by 48hrs or she is declared as dead. All were shocked. Even I too, the’s the moment I realized I can’t live without her, but now I need her, I need to wake her up. But does she feel same for me. What if she reject me. But I determined whatever may be she need to wake up. Later with lot of convincing I and rohan left with twinkle.

I went to canteen and brought something to eat for both. Later at night I asked rohan actually what happened?

Rohan:- actually she’s arranging flowers and suddenly she fell down. Later I saw that there is an electric wire, which is of high voltage. I think she touched it while arranging.

I didn’t know what to say, whom to blame. Nor I don’t know I should thank this situation for making me realize my feelings, or she’s in critical position. After like 6hrs she got conscious. Here I feel I got my life back, immediately I want to hug her and tell my feeling to her but couldn’t. All greeted her and after 2 days she was discharged.

Twinkle’s pov

After like to days I finally discharged. But I don’t know why kunj was ignoring me. Did I do something wrong. Did I hurt him. It’s irritating me. But why it irritates me. He’s my friend. Anything I can’t bare his ignorance. I need to talk to him. Yeh tomorrow I had a work with him I’ll talk to him.

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