Next morning

everyone are sad kunj remembering twinkle. chinki for shailu not being twinkle. and rohan seeing chinki. avman seeing these 3. full day went silently,eveing everyone went back to sarna it’s already night and anne also in sarna mansion.

tring tring………………….(door bell) servent open the door

usha (from kitchen):-parvathi who’s that?

p:-kunj chiro avman

U:-kunj (coming to hall) how’s all?

R:- nice mom you?

U :-good. come let’s have dinner.

C:- mom bebe anne mom where are they?

U:- in bebe’s room.

all goes to bebe’s room. but bebe and anne  are busy talking something. they not even noticed about them.

C:- rohan see mom after coming here she totally forgot us………..

B:- when you all came?

A:- bebe when you and anne mom are busy in your talks…. too bad bebe we just went for 1week and you all forgot us…….

B:- holding aman’s ear. what were you saying ..and we are parents what ever we talk will be about you……….

A:- bebe plz leave ahhhaaaaaaaaa

U:- go and fresh up let’s have dinner

all goes to their room and come to to dinning hall..

B:- now tell what you all did in fest?

All see each other’s face then see kunj face…..

Avni:- maa, you know who’s the guest of fest?

B:- i know, kunj only naa

U:- kunj, but he didn’t tell us…..

Aman:-mom, he want it to be suprise and dont want anyone to object the decision….   and actually they asked him to judge the show…. as Twin…..cut by bebe..

B:- see, my kunj he dont give chance for anyone to point at him

all were talking but kunj  was silent all the while bebe ushna noticed. But left thinking to ask later. Kunj completed his dinner and went from there. Later everyone completed dinner and usha anne chinki bebe avni went to bebe’s room. While rohan and aman went in search of kunj to cheer his mood.


U:- chinki what happened to kunj?

C:-she narrates them everything of seeing shailu and all. Mom I’m 100% sure she’s our twinkle only. I know her pretty well.

A:- chinki where are 7 people who resembles same in this world. In the same way she too.

C:- ok fine. But I have an idea.

U :- what?

C:- kunj love twinkle very much, that he couldn’t move on. So if she comes in his life, he can easily move on as she resembles her.

B:- do anything but I want my kunj to be happy.

C:- I know bebe in this 1 yr we tried. But now kunj can be happy only by twinkle. So it can be possible by shailu.

A:- so how to bring her in kunj’s life.

C:- for that too I have an idea. She explains them in mute


Amro searched kunj in whole mansion lastly they found him sitting near pool looking at the sky.

R:- hey bro, enjoying alone? Leaving us

K:- ro  nothing not feeling good.

A:- thinking about bhabhi

K:- yaa. After see her. All memories of twinkle flashed in front of my eyes. I’m confused. When I think about her I feel peace but suddenly feel sad as she left me and angry as she didn’t trust me.

R:- kunj just think about happy days u spent with her. Forget pain and move on live your life. Find a perfect partner lead happy life.

K:- my life is twinkle. She’s only on there what to do with life. Now I’m living only because of  ma and bebe. After dad’s death I saw ma how she is. Then I decided to live only for them. Or loving someone again, I can’t do it. And basically to love we need heart, I don’t have it. I already gave her, and won’t take that back.

A:- but kunj once think about ma bebe they too want to see you happy with your children.

K:- if they want I don’t object. For them I marry. But I can’t love her as I do twinkle. And plz stop this discussion. If you wan’t talk something or I’m going to my room

A/R(think):- god what did we do we came to change his mood but we spoiled it…… they both look at each other. And change topic to cheer his mood. Like think they keep talking random things finally changed his mood.

C:- (chinki comes there) you 3 her e I’m searching you all won’t you want to sleep, its 2 already.

R:- sorry come guys lets go tomorrow we need to go to office.

All go to there rooms and sleep hoping for better day tomorrow

so this is for today. i ask you guys to guess you all about chinki’s plan. and plz share your reviews..

And  many point, i request plz anyone help me in cover pic plzzzz.

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