This Is True Love (Episode 5)

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This Is True Love – Kaira / TITL
Hey Guys, thanks for all comments, The right answer was ‘Choo Kar Gayi.’ Congrats to Kiran. Cheers to my fifth episode! Haven’t seen you guys in a really long time! Sorry for that, I was busy with the wedding and the parties 🙂
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Naira enters with Karthik
Hello, we’re back!
Natik: Back at the same time?
Karthik: Yeah, flight landing at same time
Natik: Ok, have some breakfast
The whole family, sits down to eat
Gayu is arranging the salad, Naira comes to help her
Gayu goes to give water to Mishti
Karthik comes and holds Naira from back
Karthik: Mera romance abhi tak Khatam, nahi hua hai
Naira: bus karo, agar kisi ko hamare, romance ke bare me Pata chal gaya to?
Karthik holds her tightly and says: Who cares, we love each other
Naira: Just go, sit down

Karthik: ok one kiss
Naira didn’t agree, he wasn’t going, and started holding her tight, so she kissed him on cheeks
Naira: Ok, ab get lost
Karthik: Oh ho, bhagwan
Karthik leaves, Naira smiles
All the food preparations are done
Karthik and Naira sit next to each other
From under the table, Kaira holds hands

Karthik whispers: Romance ka king, hoo main, don’t you agree
Naira whispers: Yes, very much, main bhi queen hoo
Karthik laughs and says: tum, aur romance ki queen, not possible
Naira says: Shut up
Everyone finishes eating breakfast
Karthik: ok, mera jaane, ka time Ara hai
Everyone says bye
Karthik winks at Naira and leaves
Naira goes to her room and messages Karthik

Scene shifts to Goenka house
Kriti: Luv, Kush kya kare ho?
Luv: bhaiya, left his phone so we’re playing games on it
Swarna: Luv, Kush, tuition time
Luv and Kush leaves
Kriti holds Karthik phone and there comes the notification, it said: Naira messaging
Kriti clicks on it, and sees all Kaira’s messages
Kriti: Naira and Karthik are dating, wtf!

Karthik comes home and sees kriti on his phone
Karthik: Kriti, what happened?
Kriti: Nothing, oh Naira texted you, I don’t know what she said, you read it, I’ll make coffee!
Karthik: Oh God, what if Kriti saw the messages, thank God, she didn’t

Scene shifts to Gayu and Naira’s room
Gayu enter and sees Naira
Gayu: apne boyfriend, Karthik se baat kar rahe ho?
Naira gets shocked and looks at Gayu

Naira: woh, Gayu di
Gayu: Naira mah tumari, didi hoo, pyari si didi, trust nahi karte?
Naira: of course di, ap to jaan ho sabko iss ghar meh
Gayu: so, why didn’t you tell me about, you and Karthik
Naira: Di, because, you like Karthik
Gayu gets shocked
Gayu: tumhe kaise pata?

Naira: di, aap ko iss ghar main sab log itna pyar karte hai apko, apko main sad nahi dekh sakti thi, Karhik ne mana kara tha, wo apne cute si best friend ko broken heart nahi dekh sakta tha
Gayu cries and laughs
Gayu: How did you know, I love him
Naira: ap uska kitna care karte ho, aap ki diary main likha tha maine parliya tha
Naira: mera pati se bhi acha, aap ka best friend hai woh
Gayu: best friend? Jiju nahi bolu?
Naira laughs and says: wait how did you know, I liked him
Gayu: Aaj breakfast ke time pe, kitchen romance, kon kara tha?

Naira blushes and laugh
Naira: ok, mujhe aapko ek baat batani hai
Gayu: yes feel free
Naira tells that she went with Karthik to his house
Gayu gets shocked!

Gayu: wow, kya jodi hai, magar Naira, ghar walo ko pata chala to, kuch jada nahi hogaya, mere matlab shower or ye sab?
Naira: pata nahi, mera kya hoga agar ghar walo ko pata chala, mujhe or Karthik, ko hamesha se dhoor kardenge
Naira: Kabhi toh mujhe lagta hai, ki ham cousins, nahi, behna hai
Gayu: main yah phir Mishti?
Naira: sach batao, toh tum of course
Gayu and Naira hug

6:30 PM
Naira and Karthik are in Naira’s house garden on the swing
Karthik: Naira ek kiss kare?
Naira: thike
they kiss
Naira: mujhe apne limits cross nahi karna hai
Karthik gets annoyed
Gayu joins them
Gayu: jiju aap ko lagta hai, ki main strong nahi hoo?
Karthik: nahi aisi baat nahi, tum moti ho, toh strong bhi to hogi
Naira laughs
Gayu: acha or tumari eyebrows bhi bhot ajeeb hai
Naira: chup raho Karthik, meri behn ke bare meh, agar kisi ne ek word bhi bola tho ma toh goli mar dungi
Karthik: Gayu, tum upset toh nahi ho?
Gayu: thi, ab nahi hoo

Naira: di, pata hai apko Karthik kyu nahi mila?
Gayu: kyu?
Naira: because you deserve a better person than Karthik
Karthik gets sad
Naira and Gayu laugh seeing Karthik sad
Naira: ab bhot raat ho gayi, go home
Karthik leaves

Naira and Gayu go to the room and sleep!

Sorry for the short episode, this episode is simple and normal
Precap: Karthik saves Naira and Gayu from goons, Karthik and Naira coffee date

Q. Should Gayu get more good person than Karthik? (for my ff)
Q. Should Kaira after marriage live with Goenka’s or alone at Karthik’s house, and also tell me the reason (yrkkh real show)

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  1. Vinni05

    Awsome can’t wait for next

  2. Hales

    Awsum!! I was missing ur ff sach mein! Wait was worth it …eagerly waiting for the next! Plz upload soo ?

    1. NikkiTa

      thanks so much di

    2. NikkiTa

      I wanted to ask you, does my ff look better in hindi or english?

  3. Hales

    Awsum!! I was missing ur ff sach mein! Wait was worth it …eagerly waiting for the next! Plz upload soon ?

  4. Hales

    Awsum!! I was missing ur ff sach mein! Wait was worth it..eagerly waiting for the next! Plz upload soon ?

  5. komal agarwal

    In last episode precap u wrote nakshatara and kaira romance but this ff is different…I hope u understand what I m telling write episode according to precap….I really appreciate ur writing….this ff is also good..keep writing…

    1. NikkiTa

      ya I know I forgot the nakshtara romance, but i forgot, but I still wrote Kaira romance

  6. Fenil

    Simply Great…
    Waiting for next

  7. Anyan

    Awesome yr waiting for nxt

  8. Very nice and I think they should stay alone according to the ff

    1. NikkiTa

      I also said to tell the reason

  9. Because they can romance every time without any disturbance

    1. NikkiTa

      what about family then, family is more important?

  10. Yeah family is more important

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