My True Love (Episode 8)

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How are you all?
Guys sorry for late but I was busy as I’m going Pakistan… Guys I’m gonna end this FF as fast as I can because I’m not sure that I’ll be able to write in Pakistan or not so I’ll end this FF on 12 or 15 episode…


Episode 8
The episode start with RagVeer…. they were kissing passionately until Laksh came and push RV away from Ragini… RagVeer got shocked and Ragini slap Laksh hard… SwaSanLak get shocked as well as RV… before anyone could say anything Ragini left from there followed by RV… SwaSanLak also came behind Ragini… RV came and saw Ragini sitting on bench… RV sat beside​her and said
RV: Ragini
Ragini: why Ranvi why can’t they left me alone
SwaSanLak came and heard what Ragini said… Laksh came forward and said
Laksh​: because I Love You Ragini
RagVeer ​look up at Laksh and get up… Ragini said
Ragini: u love me
Laksh: yes Ragini I love u alot more than u can imagine
Ragini: can u forgot what I did with u
Laksh: Ragini off course I did forget that’s why I’m here for u
Ragini: will u let me work and let me be like I’m right now
Laksh: Ragini why’ll u work I’m here na I’ll give u everything u want
Ragini: what if I want to work
Swara: u know Ragini in our house women doesn’t work
Ragini: but I do and I’ll do
Laksh: but if you’ll work then who’ll take care of me what about your wife’s duty
Ragini turn to RV and said

Ragini: Ranvi do u think the same
before RV could say Laksh said
Laksh: Ragini why r u asking him
Ragini: Laksh did Ranvi interrupt no right then​u please don’t saying this Ragini turn to RV and said
Ragini: tell me Ranvi
RV: Gini (RV call Ragini by love) it’s not only u but I think every woman should be independent and they have right to do what they want unless it’s not bad for them
Ragini: do u have any problem if I work after marriage
RV: no why would I have any
Ragini: what if I could handle work and my wife’s duty together
RV: why r u saying like this
Ragini: u say what’ll u do if I couldn’t
RV: Gini I’m there na I’ll handle it and if u can do things for me as wife then even I can when you’ll be tired and won’t want to cook I’ll cook for both of us and if u don’t want to work someday u can take leave I’ll handle all the things
Ragini smile and said
Ragini: but why will u
RV: what do u mean why when u can to for me I can do for u ok tell me if someday I don’t want to work won’t u handle it for me or what if I doesn’t want to go out for some work won’t u go for me
Ragini smile while happy tears roll down her cheeks… RV saw it and immediately wipe them away saying
RV: don’t I told not to cry
SwaSanLak who were standing in shock till now came in sense and Swara said
Swara: Ragini what’s all this
Ragini: Swara honestly I don’t know why I ever loved Laksh but now I don’t and I love Ranvi alot
Swara: Ragini look it’s just attraction u love Laksh not Ranvi
RV: don’t
everyone looked at RV and he said
RV: don’t call me Ranvi only Gini can call me
Laksh: Gini
Ragini: u too don’t only Ranvi can call me Gini
Swara: ok Ragini look leave all this and come with us if not for anyone for maa Papa and dadi
Ragini: I
RV: Gini it’s ok we can go and meet them right because after wedding will go Canada so we should meet them and get married in their presence na will get their blessings
Ragini: ok if u r saying we’ll go
Ragini turn to Swara and said
Ragini: ok we’ll come with u guys
Sanskar: we
Ragini: me and Ranvi
Laksh: he doesn’t need to come

Ragini: if I’ll come that’s only with Ranvi and if he didn’t came then I’ll not come
RV: Jaan relax I’m coming with u na don’t bother about him
Laksh: u
Ragini: Laksh don’t u dare I didn’t said anything inside doesn’t mean u can do what u want stay away from us and don’t ever tried to come between me and Ranvi
Ragini looked at Swara​ and said
Ragini: when u guys r leaving
Swara: after a week
Ragini: ok then we’ll come with u guys right Ranvi
Ranvi: as u say Jaan
Ragini smile while Laksh looked at them with broken heart… Ragini said
Ragini: where u guys r staying
Swara: R hotels
Ragini: really​
Sanskar: yeah why
Ragini: that’s Ranvi’s​ hotel
Swara: ooh
Ranvi: u guys can come and stay with us don’t need to stay in hotel
Swara: thanks but no thanks
Ragini looked at RV shocked and Ranvi said
Ranvi: no I insist after all u guys r Ragini’s relatives
Ragini: leave it Ranvi
Laksh: no we’ll come with u
SwaSan looked at Laksh and he sign them to come… RV said
RV: ok come
Everyone came in parking lot and RV call someone… After a minute a big limo came and stand in front of them… RV smile and said
RV: come guys
RV open the door and Ragini sat in… RV also sit followed by SwaSanLak… RV said
RV: kaka let’s go
SwaSanLak looked at RV shocked but Ragini smile… The driver start the car and through out the ride RagVeer talked with driver like he was some frd or relative… SwaSanLak were shocked… They stop near R hotels so that SwaSanLak can take their luggage… SwaSanLak left to take their luggage leaving RagVeer alone… Ragini said
Ragini: why did u ask them to stay with us
RV: what do u mean why they r your relatives
Ragini: look kaka what he did
Driver: it’s ok beta RV is right
RV: hahaha see Kaka is on my side
Both RagVeer argue cutely for a while and then SwaSanLak came… RV ask Kaka to take them home and he start driving… Soon they reach home and came inside…. Ragini showed SwaSanLak their room and ask them to get fresh… Ragini said
Ragini: come for dinner after half hour
SwaSanLak nod and Ragini left… She came in her room and get changed… She came in Kitchen and saw RV making dinner… He was fresh already and half the dinner was ready… Ragini came near RV and said
Ragini: Ranvi what r u doing
RV: dinner Jaan u were getting fresh and I was fresh already so I made dinner
Ragini: but I was coming na u must be tired
RV: I’m fine Jaan
Ragini: ok let me set the table then
RV: ok
SwaSanLak who came for dinner was quite shocked seeing RagVeer’s bond… RagVeer came out of kitchen and RV said
RV: come guys sit dinner is ready
Everyone sat and have dinner… After dinner everyone left to sleep… Ragini came in her room to sleep but couldn’t so she came out and came in RV’s room… RV who was also not able to sleep without Ragini open the door to go in Ragini’s room but dash with Ragini… Both RagVeer smile seeing each other and RV pull Ragini inside… He close the door and hug Ragini tightly… Ragini hug back and both stood there feeling each other… RV kiss her forehead and both lie down hugging ​each other… The scene was watched by a pair of eyes who was burning in jealousy (obviously Laksh)… He left from there while RagVeer slept peacefully in each other embrace….
How’s it?

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  3. Nice.. Laksh deserves only this

    1. Mavo

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  4. Bela

    Ahem……… Amazing!!!???
    I have always fantasized about Shakti and Tejasswi together and you have made my wish come true. Thank you a lot??

    1. Mavo

      Thanks ?

  5. A.xx

    Amazing and love ragveer’s bond but hate how Swara is so insistent on getting raglak back xx

    1. Mavo

      Thanks ?

  6. U ragini fans have no shame????? Do u guys hav shame to join ragini with other charactrs ..dnt feel shame when stealing other lovely couple’s character..chiii low graded ppl..always cop up ragini with any other random person except raginiz husband laksh..
    If u guyz want then take shakti not ranveer if u want then take varun not sanskar if u want take parth not manik..
    Every thng hav limit but ragini fans dnt have..u guyz wll say itz our right to imagine ragini with any other random prsns..soo u guyz carry on but dnt steal ishaniz ranveer swaraz sanskar nandiniz manik..if u guyz want take shakthi varun or parth we dnt hav any prblm..BUT DNT EVER TRY TO STEAL OTHER COUPLES LEAD..DNT STEAL OTHER CHARACTERZ HUSBAND..
    and what is this rag—-veer , rag—san , rag–nik etc..dnt u feel shame???
    if u guyz want den make ragthi,ragun,rarth or whatever u want but dnt steal othr..shameless ppls..
    Stp writing this nonsense..ishani is only for rv and rv is only for ishani dey r made for each other.not this sooo called nagini.chii
    If u hav courage to face ishveer fans den post this dirty ff on mast page..den u wll only get bashing..i dnt knw why swasan fans kept silent when ragini fans dng these dirty things..are they spinless or afraid to face ragini fans???
    SHAMELESS u guys like whn ppl exchange d couples of most lovng couples like abigya, ishra , arshi,rivanya with any other na den why swaragini fans kept silent..

    1. Mavo

      U have problem don’t read because no one asked u so better just stay out of it

    2. Mica

      Hi Ishveer,,,, i saw your comment yesterday actually when it occurred at recent comment bar, but only able to reply now..
      i almost giggled to read it but then uuugghhh, how could you called us Swasan fans as spineless or afraid to Rag fans. Did you know, we protested over and over about this STEALING thingy, but finally we gave up as we got conclusion after so long argument :
      1. Some of them said that Ragini so beautiful and suit for every actors, that why she can change the pair or the man they want, 🙂 🙂 EPIC lesson from Rag fans, if you beautiful you can able to change your bedmates.

      2. Some of them said that as husband, Laksh didn’t show much love for Ragini, so it’s OK for her to steal other man characters for her 🙂 🙂 EPIC lesson from Rag fans, if your husband ignore you, you can get affair with others.
      uughhh, i dunno why as fans, they portrait their favorite kinda like that.

      3. Some of them are PURE Raglakian, they respect Ragini to the core by only love Raglak, so, not all rag fans are shameless.

      so, DON’T say that Swasan fans spineless by let it happen as we can’t stop Rag fans to portrait Ragini to be greedy on men.

      About this story, YOU CAN’T BLAME THE AUTHOR, Mavo is the author, without considered about pairs, she only love writing, she will write everything as she want, but if only FANS have objection, she will stop it.
      There was same case as here, Mavo paired Rag with Sans, but we are Swasan fans protested, then she stopped it. So, she will consider whatever readers want.
      Meanwhile Rag fans so happy to see Rag with different men… that’s why Mavo continue it.
      Uughhh, you can’t imagine about this fans, Mavo wrote 3 stories about Raglak, Rag———–san and this Rag——————–veer almost the SAME time, 1 girl with 3 different men, and THEY ACCEPTED it happily , they accept that their favorite change the bedmate kinda change tissue…. gooosshhh EPIC !!!!!
      so, You can’t blame AUTHOR as the important thing is Fans ACCEPTANCE ….

      Btw, please use registered account, it sound more fair, and if you want to protest, kindly you said politely or bring your Ishveer Fans, don’t involve Swasan fans in this matter.
      and ups.. not only ranveer, sanskar or manik, there was omkara too… uughh maybe on next they will pairing Rag with Dr Veer Maholtra 😀 😀

      Sorry Mavo to blabbering here, i just can’t let anyone insult my Swasan..
      No offense for others, i only saying TRUTH

    3. Kakali

      Ishverrrrrrre fan welcome to SR page. Sorry for this bad welcome.
      Urghh I duno what Ragini fans are but you directly pointed out at SwaSan fans as spineless! That’s not fair dear! And you also said we are scared of Ragini fans! Huh my ice-cream melted reading this!

      You see; this is Kalyug, and people aren’t enough of anything! I’m greedy about food n my lovely SwaSan n some people are greedy about diff partners, diff men.!

      Yoo yooo, everything has limits but some people love to cross that limit breaking every relation n ehem ehem.

      Some(not all) Ragini fans doesn’t fell that they are stealing, infect they kinda putting sticker on Swara’ Sanskar, Nandini’s Manik,Isani’s Ranveer, Gauri’s/Ishana’s Omkara as all those men belong to Ragini because she looks beautiful with EVERY MEN.! Don’t you think they are right at their place.! They(not all?) need ev1 except Laksh for Ragini. According to them Ragini didn’t get enough love from Laksh in return so they kept finding another men for Ragini! Dun worry more are on the way. I’m having strong belief on them.

      I won’t drag my all SwaSan lovers but Me is exhausted making them understand that plzz don’t snatch other couple’s pair! But unlucky me or as u said ……. they are! Nobody understood us! Huffff!

      Ragini fans(not all) love editing. Not only in pics but also about pair and diff men! It’s kinda CUT RC FROM ISHANI AND PASTE WITH RAGINI… Perfect —-My chappal!

      We SwaSan fans tried a lot, you know Mavo is a writer and she isn’t a particular pair fan. She has nothing to do with who is pair n all n all! But some days before she started a new ff on BRO-SIS I mean Rag______________San. And after our protest, I duno where is that ff! That matter went to Twitter also and many people asked me about Mavo and also about her personality as u see she is paring a girl with 3-3 men! That why we warned her and now that FF is no more!hmmm! Let it be now!!

      That’s correct “MAVO ONCE YOU POST IT IN MATH PAGE NA!” Let’s see what will happen! I want to see the reaction of fans..!! Oki, let it be as readers are okk with EVERY MEN, WHOEVER IS WITH RAGINI, NO matter wht!!

      Let us live our heavenly SwaSan n cherish them to the eternity! We can’t change the fact SwaSan is REAL COUPLE & RAG_________SAN IS PURE BRO-SIS! hmmm <3 <3!

  7. Fabulous dear

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