True Love…. Chapter – 3 invitation for a party


I got ready and was sitting in my room, my mom came there with my breakfast so it was bread n butter.which is normal coz,I eat it daily yet I ate.

Scene: ishana’s School

It was recess

Ishana was sitting in canteen with her friends tanishka and shanvi,

When aditya comes there.

Ishana’s POV

Aditya is the only boy whom I can trust. We were friends since last 4 years, and I know him since I was in 5th.

I think I am lucky, I have such a nice group of friends.

POV ends

A small smile appeared on her face when she was thinking this.

Aditya – ishana!! I am talking to you!!

Ishana came out of her dreamworld

Ishana – yes….

Aditya – where have you lost?? Are you OK!?

Ishana – I am perfectly fine…..just say what you were saying.

Aditya – are you coming for tomorrow’s get together ??

Ishana – I m not sure….I have to ask this to my mom and she is so strict so if mom will allow then only I can come.

Shanvi – if you will be not there we all will cancel our get together.

Ishana – okk I’ll try….

Scene: evening Amaya, Natasha and Ishana were sitting at Ishana’s room.

Ishana – so what do you both have done today, after all today was a holiday of your school.

Amaya – yaa it was……

But I really got bored today, in fact the starting of my day was horrible.

( She tells them what happened )

Ishana n Natasha broke into a laughter

Amaya – and again I ate bread n butter!!…….after that I got bored bored n bored

Ishana – tell about your’s ( looking at Natsha )

Natasha – well, it was kinda good today, I ate my favorite breakfast.

As well as my favorite lunch and the pic I uploaded got more than 249 likes soooo…..

Ishana – hmmmm…….

Ishana – as usual my day started with a mess….again I got late and…….

Natasha and amaya both together – again you have not eaten your breakfast………

Ishana – exactly……

Amaya n natasha😒😒😒

Ishana( excidietly )- but I have a good news guess what!!!

Amaya n Natasha 😶😶

Ishana – mom granted permision for my tomorrow’s get together!!!

Amaya n Natasha – ( hoot ) whoooo………..

Amaya – but how did this magic happen??

Natasha – yaa……as much as I know,aunty is so strict.

Ishana – I don’t know how did this happened. I just went and asked her. and she allowed.

Amaya – well, that’s great……

Ishana – you both are also coming na……

Amaya – noo your school friends will be there and we don’t want to come between.

Natasha – and we both will be so odd sooo…..we are not coming…..

Ishana – oh c’mon you should come you both are my best friends. u should be there and I am not requesting you ordering you!!

Natasha – so if you are ordering us then we are…..

Amaya – ready!!!

Three of them jumped in excitement and shared a trio hug.

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