True Love…. Chapter – 2 different mornings

Trin trin…….’

‘Zoop zoop…….’

‘Good morning,Good morning…….’

Ishana’s POV

I had put three alarms.

Coz, I m not a morning person. its so difficult for me to wake up,until my mom wake me up.

Mom ( Yojna maheshwari )( shouted ) – just wake up!! And lightly slapped me.

Ishani – i woke up and went to the bathroom

After Sometimes

I came out and saw the time, Ohh…..God!!! Its already 6:55 I have to be on the stop till 7:00

I quickly wore my shoes and head towards my school without eating my breakfast

POV ends

Aditya POV

JUST A WEEK!!! Wow! I can’t wait for my birthday. But what gift i should ask for??? I questioned myself.

I saw the time and its 6:56!!

I should be on bus stop by this time. Because i am not a that kind of person who is a late freak i always like to be on time.

Aditya was excited for his birthday. And also birthday gift but he didn’t know what destiny has planned for him.

Scene : Amaya’s room

She was on her Bed sleeping peacefully.

Amaya’s POV

I was sleeping peacefully, because today was a holiday for my school. I was dreaming that,I got a trophy for dance and I was receiving it.and suddenly

“Tan tan tan tum tum phoooo……”

My ring tone!!!I fell from my bed, because of that sudden sound.

I woke up answered the call,and it was a wrong number.

I got really angry and went to my bathroom to get ready.

Scene – Natasha’s house at breakfast table

Natasha’s POV

I came to my dining table where my mom and dad were waiting for me.

Good morning!! My Dad said. Well, what to tell about my Dad he is strict. But loves me a lot.

See!! what I made today, your favorite dishes.

Omelets,sandwiches and fruit yogurt Mom said


Thank you…..

I hugged my mom

After eating I went to my room. And updated my status

( natasha n amaya are in same school n same class 8th but in different sections while ishana is in other school. Studying in class 10th )

So this was my chappy hope you like it comment and like for this chapter

Loads of love❤

Stay tuned!

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