True Love Always Find Its Way(SwaSan) Part 3

Story by— SwaSan0909
This story is written by SwaSan0909 and just posted by me # mars

True Love Always Find Its Way
Part 3
Recap : Sanskar reach Bhopal …

Door open and Sanskar become froze there only because

Sanskar to himself : Omg what I think and what happen I think ki some sweet , cute ,innocent ,slim and trim girl open d gate but here a girl is fatty …… Why she is seeing me like she will eat me alive….. Mummy where is stuck …..

Sanskar : Excuse me

But no reply because she is so busy in admire Sanskar ki she is not able to listen his voice …..

Girl : Omg what a handsome boy he is so cute and sweet just like a chocolate ice cream I want to eat him his height , his body , his hairs and his eyes Awwww he is sooo cute My Choco Chips?????? ……

Sanskar call her so many times but no use???? Sanskar start looking here and there he see a glass he pick it up and throw it on d floor by d glass sound she came out from d dreamland …..

She smile shyly : Aap Kon

Sanskar : My self Sanskar Maheshwari I came here for

But he cut in between by her

She : shyly I know why u came here

Sanskar : u know

She : Yes u came here to plant a electricity plant am I right

Sanskar : Yes …… So can I come inside ….

She : Yes plz come inside

But she don’t move a bit Sanskar see this and not able to what to do …..

Sanskar : Plz move a side

She : O sorry …… She move and sanskar entre

In a room an old lady us sitting on d bed and asked from d another girl

Old lady :Who has came Swara….

Swara : Dadi I don’t know I was about to open d door but kusum said that she will open so I don’t know ….

So friends d voice which Sanskar listen is of Swara but kusum came and Swara went in dadi room…. And poor Sanskar don’t know anything?????

Sanskar is now standing in d Hall but noone came to welcome him …. He see his left that kusum is still standing and smiling shyly …..

Sanskar : Can u plz give me a glass of water ???

Kusum : Okkk and she went in d kitchen to bring water

Sanskar start moving towards a room and enter that is dadi room ….. Dadi see Sanskar and asked

Dadi : Yes who r u and what r u doing here ?????

Sanskar : Namaste myself Sanskar Maheshwari ….

Dadi : O so u r Sanskar Maheshwari who is going to plant electricity plant …

Sanskar : Yes dadi …. Can I call u dadi .

Dadi : Yes my son came sit here

Sanskar sit on bed with dadi …..

Dadi : Okk Sanskar tell me who r in your family ???

Sanskar start tell about everyone

Dadi : Nice joint family very good ….. Sanskar smile

Sanskar : Dadi now tell me who r i n your family ….

Dadi : in my family my son Shekhar , my daughter in law Shomi , my grandson Akash and my granddaughter

Suddenly kusum entre inside d room with glass water

Kusum : Sanskar Ji water

Sanskar take d water and drink

Dadi : Sanskar meet my granddaughter Swara ….

But Sanskar is not able see her because kusum is standing between them Sanskar get irritated and said

Sanskar : (with extra loving tone ) kusum Ji can u move a side I am not able to meet swara Ji …..

Kusum get happy after listening her name from Sanskar mouth and she immediately move aside and sanskar ( what I tell u ) he forget to breath …..

Swara is wearing a yellow colour lehenga green colour blouse and net green colour choli ( rest u can imagine ????) her long hairs r long which r coming till her waist , simple earings , yellow and green colour bangles , pointed nose, chubby cheeks , big eyes and pink lips , than Sanskar eyes travel towards her white waist which is peeping from her choli ????? and a beautiful waist chain …. Sanskar train stop when he hear a melodious voice …..

Swara : Namaste

Sanskar is just smiling idiotly …..

Dadi : Sanskar beta she is my granddaughter Swara …. U know she is d first girl in this village who study this graduation . She has completed and now a days teaching in village students ….

Sanskar : Good Swara ….. I hope u don’t mind if u call u swara ….

Swara : No problem

Sanskar get up from d bed and move towards swara and forward his hand towards swara for handshake ……
Swara also forward hand and both shake hand but sanskar start caressing her hand and wink naughty towards swara ??????….. Swara get angry and pull her hand back and see towards Sanskar angryly?????

Precap : Same as previous

Many if u think that Sanskar and Sanky r same person but no Sanskar is a business man and Sanky is a singer …. I hope now your confusion is clear …..

All credit goes to— SwaSan0909

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