Episode 8

Next day swara wake up from her sleep and turned to her right side and saw sanskar missing. She is shocked and took her mobile to call him but she noticed a message from sanskar and opened it and saw the message,”Swara the maid is downstairs. I have important meeting which i can’t neglect but don’t worry i will come soon and if u get bored u can go where u want. Driver is outside. U don’t need to go down. Just call 9987654321 and order what u want. She will come up and serve u the breakfast. And if maheswari’s speak anything harshly just ignore it i will come and see to them.” swara smiled seeing the message but she didn’t like it as she wanted to work. She can’t simply sit in the room either by watching tv or hearing music. She sighed that even her friends weren’t in town all went for their vacation. She left a breath out and went to freshen up. As sanskar said swara didn’t come out of the room. The maid alone just went upstairs and gave her food. This irked ragini and sujatha.

“Chachi this is the time to show ur mil talent. All the best.” ragini provoked sujatha. Sujatha smirked and went upstairs to swasan’s room and knocked the door. Swara who is reading a book kept it aside and opened the door only to see sujatha glaring her.

“Aunty what happened??”

“Huh don’t act like innocent. Till u come into my son’s life he was with me but after u came he became a slave for u. What black magic u did on him??”

“Uff aunty pls stop joking. If i knew black magic then i would have used on u too to keep u in my side. Even i would have done black magic on all the members of this family. Y even i would have done black magic on pm and made him my slave. I won’t do it on sanskar and waste the power which i have.” swara mocked and sujatha got angry and she raised her hand to slap swara but swara held her hand and stopped her.

“Though u did wrong for me still i have some respect on u. Pls don’t make me feel wrong that y i respected u. It’s me who should be angry on u for spoiling my life but i am keeping quiet so don’t take my silence as my weakness. I am just silent to avoid the problems. U don’t like me right then maintain a distance from me i don’t have any problem. Unnecessarily don’t come and create any tensions for me.” saying this swara went inside and closed the door without giving any chance to sujatha to speak. Sujatha felt insulted. Ragini who saw this smirked and went near sujatha and kept a sad face and said,”Chachi i didn’t know swara will talk like this. I am sorry chachi bcoz of me you went to talk with her but she insulted u. I am sorry.”

“Ragini till now i just wanted her to go away from my son but after she insulted me i want to take a revenge from her. I will just snatch everything from her. I don’t want her to be happy in her life.”

“Chachi what r u going to do??”

“She is speaking with guts only bcoz sanskar is supporting her. I will snatch sanskar from her and will make my sanakar his mom’s son like before.”

“Super chachi. Do u have any plan??”

“Ya just wait and see what i am going to do.” sujatha said and went from there. Ragini felt happy seeing sujatha’s anger. She is confident that swara will fail this time and she will go away from her life and laksh. Thinking this she smirked and went from there.

Sanskar came in the afternoon. He went inside the mansion and the maid whom he appointed came and told him what happened in the morning after he went and how sujatha scolded swara and swara’s answer to sujatha. Sanskar kept quiet and went to thoughts. Then he made a decision and asked the servant to go. Then he called someone and talked something. After that he went to his room and saw swara watching tv. He took his clothes and went inside to change. Then he came out and asked swara “Swara u had breakfast??”

“Yes sanskar i had.”

“Okie then tell me how was ur morning??” sanskar asked and swara changed her face to boring one and said with a pout,”Very very boring sanskar.”

“What u will do when u r in ur home???”

“Either i will go to my friend’s home or they will come to our home.” swara said in excited tone.

“Oh then u could have gone to ur friend’s house na???”

“No sanskar i can’t go as they are out of station. Both of them went for their vacation.”

“Ahaan so u have two friends??”

“I have many friends sanskar but these both are my best best best friend.” swara said happily.

“Seeing ur happiness i can understand how close they are.”

“Ya sanskar these two are my friends from childhood. We three studied in the same school and even joined the same college now same class too.” swara said.

“It’s good to hear that. U r lucky as u got true friends.” sanskar said and swara can witness a sadness in his tone.

“Sanskar what happened?? U too have sahil bhai na??”

“Ya swara he is my best friend. But not childhood friend. U know i and sahil always compete with each other from childhood. In fact we are enemies as our families are rivals. But when i went out of this house for kavitha i got to know who r my true friends. My friends who were with me from childhood didn’t help me but sahil helped me. He took Kavitha and me to a temple and we both went to buy the things leaving kavitha in temple. But when we came i just saw kavitha lying in pool of blood. We admitted her in hospital but doctor told if we brought her just 10 minutes before they would have saved her. But my bad luck she left me and also sahil took me to his home and then we came to know the reason of rivals between two families and we were shocked. U know swara i am not angry on my so called friends for not helping me. But they told my whereabouts to bade papa. They betrayed me swara. This is what i can’t accept.” sanskar said and had tears in his eyes. Swara came near him and squeezed his hand and consoled him. Sanskar wiped his tears and smiled and said,”Swara something happened in the home but u didn’t tell me at all.” said this and smirked. Swara got tensed and is seeing here and there. Sanskar smiled and said,”Swara i knew everything. The maid has told me everything.”

“Uff sanskar u know na then y u asked?? And pls don’t ask anything to ur mom. Already she is angry on me if u ask her this then she will tell that i instigated u and another problem will come. So pls don’t ask anything.” swara said.

“Swara don’t worry i won’t say anything. But mom won’t come again to u and i have done the arrangements.” sanskar said and swara is confused.

“What arrangements sanskar??”

“U will know it soon swara.” sanskar said and ordered the maid to do lunch and he got busy in his work. Swara too started to watch tv. After sometime maid brought food for both swara and sanskar. After having it swara had a small nap while sanskar again got into his work.

It’s evening. Swara felt bored sitting inside the room. So sanskar and swara came down to garden. Sanskar said,”Swara u know this is my favorite place in this house.”

“Is it so!! Who won’t like this place sanskar. This place gives much peace to everyone.”

“Yes swara and come here.” saying this he took her to a place where there were so many flowers and the place looks so pleasant.

“Wow sanskar this place is soo cool and greenish. Loved this place.”

“Yes swara whenever i am sad i just come here and all my sorrow gets vanished in a second.” sanskar said and both sat in that place. Then both talked for sometime. At that time two ladies and a man came there. Seeing them sanskar stood up and brought them inside. Seeing them coming maheswaris are confused. Sanskar took them up and sat in the sofa and asked them to sit and turned to swara and said,”Swara this is prasad my pa and these two ladies are ur body guards from now on.” sanskar said and swara is shocked.

“What body guards??? What r u saying sanskar??”

“Swara see u r karma industry MD’s wife. And ur life is in threat due to my fame. So whenever u go out they will be with be even in college too. Pls don’t neglect it.” sanskar said and without any option swara accepted. Sanskar turned to the ladies and said,”U both should be with swara always. In home also u should be outside the room. This is our room. Be careful and also remember no one in this house should speak loudly to swara. If they did don’t hesitate to attack them.” sanskar said and swara is shocked. Sujatha and ragini who came up to eavesdrop this also shocked. Then sanskar asked them to join from tomorrow and went inside. Swara is overwhelmed with sanskar’s care.

At night sanskar is working in his laptop and swara is just roaming here and there. Swara came and sat in the bed facing sanskar and said,”Uff sanskar i am roaming here and there without sleep and u always working in this laptop. Huh how rude u r.”

“Ha ha swara what to do?? I have lots of meetings so just checking the presentations.”

“Huh” saying this swara went outside. Sanskar smiled seeing this and kept the laptop aside and came out. He saw swara sitting in the garden. Sanskar came to her and sat near her. Swara saw this and asked,”Sanskar wow u r here!! I think something wrong with u. U r fine na!!!”

“Ha ha swara don’t tease me. Tell what we can do now”

“Sanskar lets go out now!!”

“Ahaan sure. Wait i will bring car key.”

“No no not in car. Lets walk.”

“Walk?? Swara r u sure??”

“Yes sanskar. U know walking in the night is a pleasure. U should feel that.”

“Okie okie madam come lets go.” sanskar said and swara became happy and both went out.

They walked for few distance talking. At that time a ice cream vendor came that side. Swara saw it and said to sanskar,”Sanskar i need an ice cream.”

“Swara u wanted to eat at night??”

“Yes do u have any problem??”

“No no if u r Okie with it i don’t have problem.”

“What u don’t have problem?? Even u should eat”

“What me??? No chance.”

“No ways i am not going to hear u. Bhaiya bhaiya.” saying this she went to ice cream vendor and took him to sanskar. She got two ice cream from him and gave one to sanskar. Sanskar got it with expression like he don’t want. Then he started to eat. After licking twice he liked it and both got another one for each and started to walk after paying them. Both are having a ice cream in both hands. Swara is licking both the ice cream one by one while sanskar licked half and then bite the ice cream. Swara saw this and said,”Uff sanskar u don’t know how to eat kulfi!!! U should lick it not bite it. It’s not any biscuit to bite it. Tasteless fellow.” swara said and made faces.

“What me tasteless fellow??? I won’t leave u today.” sanskar said and chased swara while she is running licking the ice cream. After running for some distance swara can’t run and she stopped and sat in the road. Sanskar who came back saw her sitting in the road in indian style and licking the ice cream. She was looking soo cute. He came and sat before her.

“Sanskar i am out of breath so we will pause for sometime. Then u try to catch me okie.” swara said not seeing sanskar as she is busy in licking the ice cream. Sanskar pulled her both cheeks and said,”Swara u r looking soo cute and u know what after many days no no many years i laughed whole heartedly. Thank u.” sanskar said and swara got to know he is emotional and said,”Oh hello don’t change the topic. I know u r afraid that u will loose with me. That’s y u r talking emotionally and changing my mind.”

“How mean u r!! And just remember no one can win sanskar.”

“Oh then i will challenge u. Starting point is here and ending point is Maheswari mansion. Lets see who will win. R u ready???” swara challenged. Sanskar smirked and said,”I am ready. Lets see who wins.” sanskar said and swara finished her ice cream and wiped her hand and both sat in the road in running position. Then sanskar said 1 and before he says 2 swara started to run. Sanskar shouted,”This is cheating swara.”

“No no i am not cheating. Come on. Don’t give blame excuses.” swara shouted while running. Sanskar shakes his head and he too run back of her.

As swara started soon she reached first. She went and hold the gate. Laksh who came out as he didn’t get sleep saw swara standing. He is confused as why she is standing there. Before he could call her he saw sanskar coming. He got angry. Sanskar who came there hold swara’s shoulder on both sides and said,”U cheated swara!!”

“Oh hello Mr.Maheswari u lost it!!! I won. So don’t talk much and follow me.”

“Huh u cheated otherwise i would have won.”

“Oh hello swara doesn’t know to cheat. I didn’t cheat. Men has more strength than woman. So i ran when u said 2. Just missed one number and u r weak that’s y u can’t win. Be a sportive and accept it. And don’t worry i won’t tease u and also i won’t tell this to anyone. This will be a secret between us okie.” swara said and winked at sanskar. Sanskar is awestruck with her performance and opened his mouth in shock. Swara closed his mouth and said,”I know i know u r sad but don’t worry i will give u training okie. Next time u will win.” swara said and smiled and went inside dancing. Sanskar is shocked but smiled seeing her behavior. He too went back of her. Laksh who saw all this became jealous and hit his hand in the wall and went inside angrily.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hope u guys liked it and sorry for late Update. Comment ur views. And the night out idea is of keerthana. She wanted this scene in this ff. Hope u liked it dr. Anyone have such wishes?? U can tell me guys. Now coming to story,
What plan does sujatha have??
Will it break or join swasan??


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