Episode 6

Swara and sanskar went to sahil’s house. Maya welcomed them like welcoming a new bahu of their house in bengali ritual. Swara is overwhelmed seeing maya’s affection. Both entered inside and reyhaan who saw sanskar came and said,”Dadi why u invited him??”

“Reyhaan how many times i have to say not to speak like this???” irene asked with anger. Reyhaan got angry and went to his room. Sanskar sighed and tried to pacify him but irene stopped him and said,”Sanskar leave him. He will be right in sometime.” then sanskar went to sahil and rahul and started to talk to them. Swara,maya and irene also included with them in talks. At that time sahil said,”Sanskar how is the reception arrangements going???”

“Almost finished. Everyone got the invitation including maheswaris.”Sanskar said and everyone is confused with their talks.

“Whom reception u both are talking??”rahul askes

“Dad it’s sanskar’s and swara’s reception.” sahil said and everyone is shocked.

“What u guys are saying now only??” maya got angry.

“Ma actually we decided yesterday only and it’s going to be the official party. And also there are some dramas that is going to take place.” sanskar said and smirked seeing sahil. Sahil too smirked. Maya and rahul saw this and understand something is going in these two heads.

“Sahil and sanskar i knew something is running in ur heads. What’s that??” rahul asked.

“Dad and mom actually tomorrow sanskar will show his face to the whole world and will introduce him as MD of Karma industry and other thing is maheswari’s are also coming.” sahil said.

“What r u saying?? Maheswari’s are coming?? Then we aren’t coming” maya said.

“Mom no we should go there.” sahil said.

“Sahil u,irene and children go there. I and ur dad not coming.” maya said strictly.

“Ma no chance. Won’t u bless me on my reception??”

“Sanskar dont blackmail me and i won’t come thats it.”

“Ma no chance u r coming and papa pls convince ma.”

“Maya lets go. See we all are in same field and one day or the other we will face them. Till now we haven’t met. Even if we meet them before they saw us we will come there. So how many days r u going to run like this??? Lets attend and see what will happen.” rahul said and after much insistence maya agreed. Swara is confused as what is happening. She kept quiet not to interfere their matter. Then after dinner both went to maheswari mansion.

Swara and sanskar reach their room. They changed into their night wears one by one. Then both are feeling somewhat uneasy. So sanskar told,”Swara u sleep here and i will sleep in guest room.Before anyone wakes i will come here.”

“No no sanskar. See the bed is big and three people can sleep. We both are not fat too. So i think this bed is enough for both of us.” swara said and sanskar is shocked for a minute.

“Sanskar i believe u and if u don’t believe me then i will sleep in the coach. I have no problem.” swara said and sanskar immediately nodded his head in no and said,”No no swara i believe u too. We will sleep in the bed.” sanskar said and both lay down like sanskar in left and swara in right. Then both slept.

Next morning sanskar got up first and saw swara sleeping hugging the pillow. He went to bathroom and got freshen up and came out with jogging suits. At that time swara got up and saw sanskar ready in jogging suit.

“Good morning sanskar.”

“Good morning swara.” sanskar said and swara got to get ready but sanskar stopped her and said,”Swara just wear what u r comfortable. No need to wear anything for these people.”

“No sanskar. I am going to wear chudi only. I don’t like sarees.” swara said and sanskar smiled and went out for jogging. Then swara got ready and came outside and saw ragini coming down from the opposite side.

“Swara what r u wearing?? If u don’t have saree u should have said to me na?? I would have given to u na??”

“Ha ha ragini i don’t need yours. Its u who always snatches whats others. So i don’t need anything. U only have something which belongs to me.” saying this swara came down. Again sujatha taunted her but swara didn’t care anything and went to in-house temple and prayed. Ragini too went and prayed. At that time annapurna who came there saw swara and said,”Swara this is ur first day after ur marriage. So u have to cook something as it’s a ritual.”

“Okie badi ma. I will cook.” swara said.

“Jiji no need. She is not bahu of this house and i don’t accept her as my bahu. So no need to do anything.” sujatha said before ap could say anything sanskar came there and said,”Yes mom i agree with u.”

“Sanskar what r u talking??” ap asked.

“Ma swara won’t do anything bcoz when i am not the son of this house how my wife will be dil of this house??”

“Then y r u here sanskar?? Just for money. U entered inside saying this house belongs to u also. U wanted ur share of ur property na. Thats y u r here.”laksh said who came from jogging.

“Laksh i don’t need even a penny from this property. I am here bcoz its my rights. Rights is different from money. And u won’t understand. Leave all that. And one more thing no one in this house needs to cook to me and swara bcoz my maid will come from tomorrow and she will cook for us separately and we will have our food Separately.”

“Sanskar then what swara will do?? She is ur wife and she has to cook.” ragini said not accepting the fact that swara will live freely without doing any work.

“Ragini i didn’t marry to make her cook for me. Wife means she has to cook,wash our clothes and take care of children and to fulfill our wish. Then she is not wife she will be a servant. I need a wife not a servant.”

“Sanskar every house wife behave in this manner only. Even we are like this and we are happy doing these.”sujatha said.

“Mom u can be like that but my wife doesn’t need to be. And one more thing from day after tomorrow swara will be going to college. So she has to study. She won’t have time to do all this work. So i appointed two maids for us. They will be coming from tomorrow.” sanskar said and everyone including swara is shocked.

“What r u saying??? Swara is going to study?? R u mad maheswari woman hasn’t gone out of home after marriage and to college its next to impossible.” ap said.

“I don’t care ma. Swara has worked hard for 2 years 6 months. Now only 6 months are there. So she will continue her studies and i don’t need any of ur permission. She is going to college thats it.” saying this she hold swara’s hand and dragged her with him to their room.

Sanskar and swara entered inside the room. At that time swara told Sanskar,”Sanskar thank u soo much for taking stand for me and also supporting me and making me to continue my studies. I am very thankful to u.”

“Swara this is very small when compared to what u done for me. U have stopped me from going to a revengeful path and also u forgave me even after i did that much bad to u. This is my turn so no need to thank at all.”

“Sanskar for u may be u r doing as a return gift for me but for me it’s very big thing.” swara said.

“Okie leave all that swara. Today is our reception so i will drop u in the mall and irene will accompany you. Buy a dress for today’s party.”

“Sanskar i already have dresses.”

“Swara i know u are hesitating. No need to hesitate. Still we get divorce we are husband and wife and all ur expenses will be managed by me. So don’t feel bad and pls for me accept it.” sanskar said with pleading look. Swara smiled and accepted it. Then sanskar went to take bath and got ready. Both went to restaurant and finished their breakfast and dropped swara in shopping mall and he went to office.

After shopping Irene took swara to some hotel. Swara is confused as y they are here. She asked Irene but irene didnt tell anything and took her to a room.

“Irene tell me y r we here???”

“Swara i am just following sanskar’s order. He only asked me to drop u here.” irene said and both entered inside and irene continued,”Swara u be here and i am going home and sanskar will come soon.”

“What u r going??? What will i do here alone???”

“Aww don’t worry sanskar will come soon.” irene told and went from there. Swara is confused. After sometime sanskar came there and saw swara seeing tv. Seeing sanskar swara is sighed and asked him,”Sanskar what r we doing here???”

“Swara our reception will held here only and we can’t come from maheswari mansion. So that Only i booked a room.”

“Huh can’t u say this before i was scared.”

“Y swara?? Irene didnt tell u??”

“No she went with suspense.”

“Huh this irene will not change at all. She always plays like this.” sanskar said with irritation. Then both talked for sometime and ate their lunch there and both took a short nap.

In the evening beautician,hair dresser and stylist came and made swara ready. Swara dont know what to do. She just cooperated with them. After sometime shobha ans shomi came there and is shocked to see their daughter. She is enormously beautiful. Shobha came and kept a black dot behind her ear and kissed her forehead. Then sanskar came there and swara is awestruck to see him. He is soo dashing and handsome. Even sanskar is amazed to see swara. She is soo gorgeous. Then sanskar held her hand and both went down. Sahil took dida and shomi to the party hall. The guests have arrived in the party hall. Even maheswari’s are there. They saw shomi and dida and is confused as what they are doing but left it thinking they will ask to them afterwards.

Here Sanskar and swara came hand in hand. Seeing them coming the photographer started to take pics. At that time a journalist asked some question. Sanskar stopped them and said,”I will answer all ur questions after the reception party. I have arranged special meetings to answer ur questions. Will see u there.” saying this he went from there with swara.

The lights got switched off and the host of the party announces that the bride and groom are coming. Everyone turned and saw a couple coming. At that time a spotlight fell on swasan. Seeing them maheswari’s are shocked. Then everyone clapped and lights came. Now maheswari is shocked to the core.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hope its good and u liked it. Guys one more thing do u feel like i am dragging the ff?? If so pls inform me.



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