Episode 3

“Sanskar shoru u both should get married.” dida said and both are shocked. Sharmistha who came there to ask something also heard this and is shocked.

“Ma what r u saying???”

“Shomi i am saying them to get married. Bcoz we don’t have any way.”

“Ma r u knowing what u r speaking??? It’s not a simple thing ma. Marriage ma. It’s very precious.”

“I know marriage is very precious shomi. Don’t worry i won’t malign the purity of Marriage. First listen to me. U both get married in court. For six months u both live together. In this six months may be u may fall for each other.” at that time swara and sanskar tried to interrupt but dida stopped them and continued,”I know u will say no we won’t fall for other. First listen one thing u can’t predict the future. So we don’t know what will happen in future. May be u both may love each other or be like friends. We can’t say anything exactly. So within 6 months try to prove ragini’s wrong doings. And after 6 months if u both don’t love each other then there is an option called divorce. We will take it. After that u both are free birds.” dida said and both started to think. After sometime both accepted the idea of marriage. Everyone decided the marriage will happen after two days as swara’s wound will get fine within that time. Then sanskar went from there.

On that day night in maheswari dp is sitting in his room and thinking something. At that time ap came inside with milk for dp. She saw him in thoughts. She went near him and asked,”Dpji what u r thinking???”

“About swara only.”

“What is there to think about her??? I don’t like her from the first. She did the mistake but blaming ragini. Also how she talked without respect to shekar ji and parvati kaki. On top of it this sharmistha slapped our son laksh. I can’t even digest that.”

“Ap have u talked???” dp asked and ap looked him.

“See i am a businessman. At the same time head of the family. U don’t like bengalis so u don’t like swara. Even i was like that before. But now i am not. Have u seen swara eyes. She didn’t even have a single percent of guilty. When ragini said she will give divorce she asked ragini to give. But ragini??? Her eyes has many emotions. I didn’t expect laksh to marry ragini but he did it against my wish. Now i feel ragini is not good for this family. And also according to my guess swara is a bold person and doesn’t run from marriage. There is Something hidden in this matter. I will find it out.” dp said and slept. Ap don’t know what to do she too just went and slept. But these all are listened by someone. They silently went to their room.

In laksh room also the condition is same. He is also thinking the same thing which happened. At that time ragini came inside and seeing her he went and asked,”Ragini u don’t love me and i also don’t love u. Even u only said that u will give divorce then y u hesitated when swara asked???” hearing this ragini is shocked.

“Laksh what r u saying???”

“Why r u getting shock??? I didn’t ask anything wrong??”

“Vo no laksh even now i am ready to give divorce. Everyone knows u and swara only loved. But will swara accept u?? How u will convince our family???”

“Don’t worry about that ragini. I think i did wrong. I should have waited for swara instead of coming to a conclusion. But now i won’t do that mistake. I will talk with swara. Then i will convince everyone. Thank u for being my friend ragini. Thank u soo much.” laksh said happily and went to sleep. Ragini who listened all this became sad and angry on swara. She thought if swara tries to snatch laksh then she won’t mind killing her. With that determination she too went to sleep.

Next day laksh got up with some energy as he is going to talk to swara. He got ready and went to meet swara without even taking breakfast. Ragini is shocked to the core as she didn’t even think he will go this early. She wanted to stop this so she went to her room and took her mobile and called swara. In bm swara was sleeping. Hearing the mobile sound she got up and saw who is calling. Seeing the caller id her eyes became red. She didn’t take the call. Ragini is calling continuously and this made swara irritable. She took the call at last.

“What u want ragini??? Don’t u have basic manners?? If someone is not attending ur call then that person is not interested to talk. Y the hell u aren’t leaving me. After snatching my first love are u not happy??n what else is there to snatch from me???”

“Swara who snatched ur first love??? Its not me it’s u only. After knowing i love laksh u only snatched laksh from me. Remember that.”

“Okie i only snatch ur love. Enough happy. Let me sleep.”

“Swara swara wait. Listen laksh is coming there to talk to u. Don’t talk to him just shout or insult him. Then he won’t come back of u.” ragini ordered.

“What if i didn’t do that???” swara said and ragini is Shocked.

“Swara then i may do anything which will make tough for ma. Then papa and ma can’t unite at all.”

“Uff ragini i think u have amnesia. My ma doesn’t want a man like ur father and one more thing don’t ever order me. And about laksh i can do anything. U don’t tell me. Now just keep the call.” swara said and cut the call. Ragini is tensed. She don’t know what to do. She then got an idea to call dadi.

“Laadoo how r u??”

“Dadi i am fine. I called u to tell one important thing. Laksh will come there to talk to swara. Don’t try to stop him dadi. Swara and laksh are made for each other. So don’t create any problems dadima. Pls dadima.” ragini said and kept the call and smiled victoriously.

Here dadi is sitting outside and waiting for laksh. At the same time laksh came inside. He saw dadi and cursed himself. Dadi saw him like she didn’t know he is coming.

“Laksh beta u here this early. Where is ragini???” dadi acted well. Swara who came out from her room saw laksh from upstairs and dadi’s drama. She smiled and thought to add some spice. She went down.

“Oh dadima i was going this way so just thought to see u. So ragini didn’t come.”

“Oh okie okie come inside. We will go inside and talk.” dadi said and at the same time swara came out with paper and sat before her home and said loudly,”Ma pls bring me a cup if coffee.” hearing her voice both turned and saw swara. Dadi cursed her under her breath. Laksh saw swara and smiled. But swara didn’t see both of them. She is just seeing no no acting like reading paper but seeing both of them from the corner of her eyes.

“Laksh come we will go inside.” dadi again said.

“Dadi one minute i will come.” laksh said and went to swara.

“Swara.” laksh called her. Swara like seeing now only she looked up and saw laksh.

“Oh u haan tell me laksh.”

“Oh swara actually i want to talk something.”

“Ya speak.”

“No i want to talk something personal.”

“Hmm tell laksh.”

“Swara yesterday ragini told she will give divorce na. Then y don’t we get married???”

“Wow really??? R u saying the truth??” swara asked with fake excitement. Dadi is shocked. She went inside and called shekar.

“Ma,dida come here fastly.” swara shouted and both came fastly and asked her,”What happened shona y u called us???”

“Ma u know laksh is ready to give divorce to ragini and marry me. How sweet na. He have big heart ma thats y ready to marry me.”

“Shona what r u saying??”

“Ma yesterday ragini said she will give divorce na. Now laksh is also ready for that.”

“But how is that possible??? And laksh now don’t u doubt my shona???”

“Ma vo i am sorry for that. I should have waited for swara but i am sorry. Pls forgive me ma.”

“But we.” before shomi could say anything swara interrupted him and said,”Laksh i still love u. Apply for divorce. We will get married soon.” swara said and shomi,dida are shocked. Shekar and dadi who came there also listened this and became shocked.

“Swara how dare u say like this??? I didn’t know u will stoop this low. Chi shame on u. How can u try to snatch ur sister’s husband???” shekar asked angrily. The place became silent. Shomia and dida tried to tell something but swara signed them to keep quiet. After 5 minutes swara said,”Oh hello i didn’t snatch ur daughter husband. It’s ur daughter who married my would be husband. Ragini should have shame not me. I am just getting what is mine.” swara said and shekar and dadi became shocked.

“So what now he is ur sister’s husband. So don’t try to snatch him.”

“Uff. See i didn’t go and ask him to marry me. He himself is coming and asking me to marry then how i will deny?? No ways. So laksh get divorce soon and we will get married.” swara said and laksh nodded his head happily and went to mm. Swara,dida and shomi went inside leaving gadodias back.

After getting inside shomi asked swara,”Shona whats this???”

“Ma today Morning ragini called me and irritated me. So now she will loose her patience. It’s just a tit for tat ma. So u don’t worry. Just watch the drama.” swara said and dida came and hugged shoru and said,”Shoru again u made me proud. And this game is very fun. I am loving it.” hearing it swara smiled. Shomi gave a look that u both won’t change at all and went inside.

Dadi called ragini and told everything. Ragini is shocked and she became frustrated. At that time swara called ragini,”What do u want now???”

“See i did what u told then y r u angry on me my behan??”

“Just shut ur mouth. How can u do like this??? This time i won’t leave u alive if u snatch laksh from me.”

“Ragini it will happen only in ur dreams. Just remember this time i will beat u soo hardly that u can’t stand up. Ur truth will come soon. Very soon. And laksh himself will send u out. This will happen for sure. Just count down ur days.”swara said angrily and kept the call.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

How is this swara???
I know there is no sanskar scene much. But from next chapter sanskar will start his game. U will witness a new sanskar which i expected in the serial.
Comment ur views about this chappy.

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