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Both are raised in an orphanage ANGEL’S ….both call each other as shona and lucky(no one else have the right to call these names)Laksh have completed his business management course and is waiting for an opportunity to present all his ideas,where as swara have completed her designing works and is currently working in karma industries….
They both are pranksters and often fall in trouble too,bt will somehow find a solution..Both are bound with promise of friendship and can go any extend to save each other…
Doesnt care what others thinks about their friendship,they are like,if anyone shows them 1% respect,trust and care they will give 100%of honesty..and if anyone show 1%of attitude;no doubt they will show 101%of attitude..

SHEKHAR & SHARMISHTA GADODIA:A big business man bt still something is bothering him and that is,trying hard to find their long lost child,who was stolen soon after sharmishta delivered…Still don’t know whether they had a baby girl or baby boy….Due to that,sharmishta went to depressed state and cause damage over her uterus which lead her to become infertile… Bt still both love each other and adopted a son,Karan

KARAN GADODIA: Adopted son of shemish,even though he knows that he is an adopted child,he don’t show it to his parents…loves them both and waiting for his sibling to come,so that they will make a perfect family… He is doing 1st yr in business management, same college where both swalak have studied…

Being one of the bright student laksh used to take class to the students in his college

Karan consider him as a good friend,mentor

RAGINI MAHESWARY:the only daughter of sujatha and ram PRASAD….born with golden spoon,pampered by everyone, a completely spoiled brat,if she wishes to get something,then her brother will fullfill it…arrogant,proud of her status and wealth, doesnt like any middle-class and lower class people…

SAHIL MAHESWARY:son of annapoorna and durga prasad..2nd top business man…loves his sister a lot and can do anything for his sisters happiness..fulfill all her wishes even if it can cost a lot…doesn’t care about any others feelings….

DURGA PRASAD AND ANNAPOORNA,SUJATHA AND RAM PRASAD:Dp and Rp are brothers whereas Ap and Su are sisters…both marry a siblings so that their family will not part away. Loves sahil and RAGINI equally bt pampers ragini more…4 are down to earth unlike their children..ready to help the needy without considering their cast,race,status or religion

Both are business man,and after sahil takes responsibilities, they became partners in maheswary industries….

Both are very happy to see sahil being a successful business man,sahil always seek help from both regarding office matters..even though he is the CEO, he gives first priorities to Rp and Dp…

Rest of the characters will ne shown as the story develops…..

Now moving on to the story….


A Room is seen which is filled with many beds,its like a doormetry..beds are placed alternatively in such a way that, between 2 beds there is a small table kept for the inmates….

As we move more to the floor there is single coat,not exactly single coat bt 2 beds joined together…and 2 tables which is kept one above the other…
In upper table,it is arranged like a book shelf and lover to that there are many files,designs kept….on left side of the wall,there is a small showcase,which is filled with many certificate,trophy and medals…
There is a big photo frame of swara and laksh which is pinned on the wall,and in side it is written that,a small gift by ur fellow classmates…

Laksh and Swara are born on same date…(swara reached the orphanage with a small towel which was filled with blood,and anyone could guess it was a new born baby as her amplicord was not broken,and in case if laksh,the inmates noticed vaccination sign which probably taken after one month,by calculating all those,the people put their birth date same…)

TilTill these whole 25 years,some understand their friendship, some consider them as couples,lovers,siblings,twins and all…bt least they care…

So we could see all the inmates are sleeping peacefully until a pound alrm is played which makes the whole people to get up…

Children: I will throw this alrm

All students gets up and moves to washroom,some to toilets,whereas 2 of them unaware of this alrm still sleeping on the bed with a comfort covering them both….

Chotu came with a bucket of water and splash it to them…


Both swalak screams in their top of voice…where all children laugh hearing that….

Swalak glare all children….

Meeta:didi..bhayya,look at the time,u both have work today naa…

Swara:thanku bachaas….and lucky,prepare for ur speech

Laksh: haa shonu…and u too today ur boss is taking charge naa….

Swara:everyone said that he is so handsome

Laksh:ohh really,bt ur face is same as chopkali…

Saying he laughs

Swara:so funny(she shrugs her shoulder and moves to washroom)

Here swalak are the only grown up children or can say who is above 20,rest of them are below 14

Many of them came to adopt swalak,bt being more attached to each other,both refused to go and stay in that orphanage only…..

Swara and laksh gets ready and moves downstairs only to find their warden or matron doing aarti….

Swalak:jai sree krishn kaki

Urvashi:jeeti raho beta…

Swara:seems like u r very happy

Laksh:I knw,someone must have informed u about donations naa

Urvashi smiles

Urvashi:haa beta…a big business man is coming here…if he likes the atmosphere and all,he have promised that,he will sponsor while children for 2 years

Swalak jumbs in happiness

Swara:wow…its wonderful news..hey naa lucky

Laksh: ofcourse…one day I will also become a big business man and will look after this orphanage

Urvashi: tum zaroor banengi…aur haa,I have heard that,the man is little bit angry…he even don’t know what he will do if he become angry…

Swara:then its better if I didn’t stay here during his visit

Laksh smiles…

Both of them leaves in swara’s scooty….

Swara is driving in high speed

Laksh:shonu..plz…slow down..

Swara:just shut up yaar…u knw for an interview,timing is important.. Already we are late due to traffic,if I didn’t speed up then u will reach gadodia office by late..and even I will reach late to office after all today that handsome man is coming naa….

Laksh: shonu…look

Before they could say further,a car coming from opposite direction hit them….

Swara and laksh falls down,both are not injured just some scratches only….

The man comes out only to see his car paint damaged

Man:what the hell

Swara gets up and moves towards him

Swara:it was ur mistake and now blaming me…

Man:can see,it written that speed limit must be below 30 and I guess ur speed was over 100

Man smirks

Laksh comes and hold her

Laksh:sorry sir

Swara:lucky..leave me…I will kill him…saaale…

Man opens his mouth in shock hearing such works from her mouth

Laksh:shonu…come…mistake was ours plz be calm..and look we will be late

Swara looks at laksh

Swara:ohh I forgot..come fast

She picks the scooty

Swara:(shouting)don’t dare show ur ugly face to me…saale

Saying she leaves whereas man hits his car in anger….

Man:no one have ever insulted or abuse me like this…how dare she…just forgot it man…(looks at the time)already late….broken paataka

He leaves from there cursing swara

Swalak have reached gadodia company

Laksh:tum jaao shonu…already u r late

Swara:Im taking leave yaar…after meeting that ugly face man,I cannot meet my handsome naa….(she said dramatically)


Swara:go maaan…

Laksh goes inside

Swara is still at parking lot….

Karan comes there to give some file to shekhar when he dashed with swara and was about to fall down when in a nick of time swara holds him…..

Karan:thanku didi

Swara scribbles his hair

Swara:take care karan….

Karan smiles and leaves

Swara gets busy in playing with her pendent

Karan turns back

Karan:why I always feel connected with dii….the way she always dribble my hair just like baba and the way she plays with her chain just like maa used to do with her chain…

He shruggs his thought apart and moves inside….

After 3 hours….

Laksh comes out with a happy face

Laksh runs and hugs swara who was waiting for him

Swara:job milgaye


Saying he lift swara and twirls her

Swara smiles

Laksh:I can join from tomorrow onwards….and u know what shekhar sir said,I have such a talent that anyone can give me opportunity


She kisses his cheeks

Laksh:and I knw shonu…I feel like I know shekhar sir before…I was about to fall when he hold me,and his touch gave me some unknown feelings

Swara laughs

Swara:did u become gay

Hearing her laksh burst into laughing….

Laksh:come let’s leave….

On the way

Laksh:shonu..drop me here…I need to go to college

Swara:take care lucky….

He scribbles her hair

Swara pouts

Swara:u made my hair bad

Laksh:don’t forget u too have same habit….

Swara:what can I do…I got it from birth itself and not only me…u too

Laksh: anyways leave…straight to home naa…

Swara:need to meet kavya

Laksh: bye

After sometime

Swara reaches back to orphanage only to see same car which she dashed in the morning parked on the courtyard

Swara moves inside…

She stands outside warden room only to see someone talking to urvashi

Man:I’m impressed with all ur facilities and as I promised I will sponsor ur children…

Urvashi:thanku will be a big help for us

Swara hears this and jumbs in happiness…


Man and urvashi turns to find swara smiling

Urvashi too smiles….

Man who just have small smile in his face,fades away when he sees swara and same way,swara too is shocked to see the man

Man gets remembering morning incident and gets angry

Man:sorry ms urvashi..I can’t take the responsibility….

Saying he leaves giving a glare to swara

Both swara and urvashi are stunned

Urvashi smiles a little:don’t worry swara…if he went,some other will come na…and its not the first don’t take tension….what happened to him suddenly (she gets confused)

Swara gets to know that its because of her only…

Swara:kaki..ek minute….

Saying she runs outside

Man was about to enter his car

Swara:excuse me sir

Man turns…

Man:(with a smirk)when did this saale become sir

Swara:plz…don’t put this orphanage at stake just because of me…

Man looks on

Swara:I know u have said no,just because of me naa….

Man:if yes,what will u do ms broken pataaka??

Swara gets angry hearing it bt controlled thinking about orphanage

Swara:If I have did wrong, u should have punished me not them who is living each second with some hope

Man gets into thinking

Man:yea…u r right…whats the need to punish them for ur careless mistake…

He goes inside and says sorry to urvashi and signs the document

Urvashi looks towards swara as she very well know it can be only done by swara

Man leaves
Man:I hope here after don’t break any rules

Swara:hope so….

Man:it would be better if I said this to some stone

Swara pouts…

He smiles and leaves

Swara:wah…shonu…today is best day na…lucky got job,orphanage got  donation….

She smiles and moves inside……


Swalak are seen sitting on the terrace…

Laksh has kept his head on swara’s lap,and she is caring his hairs…

Swara:u know lucky,today that ugly man came for donation…

Laksh immediately gets up

Laksh:don’t say that,he have refused for signing the contract because of u

Swara:that is what exactly happened

Laksh: what??

Swara then explains the whole incident

Laksh: thank god,else our home must be in debt…

Swara:do u think that I will let it down…never….

Laksh:I knw naa…come let’s have food…

Both goes down to have food….

While eating swara gets a call


OP:Ms swara Bose


OP:Im ur new boss

Swara widen her eyes..

Swara:haa Sir…

BOSS:today u were on leave naa

Swara:sorry for that sir,actually I had a personal issue and I hope I won’t repeat it ever

BOSS:no problem ms Bose,I didn’t called u to know the reason…actually next week I will be shifting to my native place that is hoogly,so I can concentrate more over there…

Swara is thinking why he is saying these to her

BOSS:I knw u must be thinking why I’m saying so ryt??


BOSS:there is a tendor to be held at hoogly,so I need u to present the design

Swara:bt sir I can’t come to hoogly naa

BOSS:No problem,just reach office for a week without any delay so that I can get hold of ur designs

Swara:okay sir…that’s fine

BOSS:So be there


Both cuts the call

Swara:wow…tomorrow I’m going to meet Mr handsome….

BOSS hears this as she doesnt cut the call properly….

He smiles hearing her….

All goes to sleep where laksh is very happy for joining his new office and Swara excited to meet her Mr handsome…..

Same night at a party club

All are dancing sensuously on the song dhoom machale…

A girl who is wearing a mini short dress comes there

All gets spellbound to see her beauty…

The girl smirks and gets on the stage and starts to dance….

After sometime

Kavitha comes there

Kavitha:wow…ragini,u know how beautifully u have danced and u looked so gorgeous…

Ragini:come on kavi..don’t call me ragini, by hearing that I feel like being in 15th century..just call me Rags…it’s better

Kavitha:haa haa rags…come let’s have some drinks

Ragini:y not…..

Both starts having drinks and dance too on the song nashae se chadgayi..(befrikre)

After sometime both drives towards their home

Ragini was in fully taali and somehow she reached her house….

Ragini:(full on taali)mein ghar aagaye….kal mein dulhan dekha jarahehey…no no dulhan(she thinks)yes got it..its dulhan only I will tie him on my saree pallu,Meri jamai rajaa….

She starts to dance when suddenly sahil comes and holds her

Sahil:bachcha…come let’s move inside

Ragini:mujhe Meri dulhan chahiye




Both goes inside

Sahil covers her with comfort and moves to his room….

Precap: ragini falls for the charm of laksh…swara’s encounter with her handsome man

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