Uday and Avantika sees Sara holding flowers

Sriti Jha

Uday : Sara

Sara : Hello Uday , these are for you.

Avanthika ; Mmh…Hi Sara, I am Avanthika

Sara : Oh Hi Avanthika , Nice to meet you. Actually your red dress with me

Avanthika : It’s okay. Bhai has gifted you and now it’s yours.

Sara : Thanks. After long days finally I am able to reach my college . And this day I felt like I am a  fresher who is going to college and this happend because of you Uday. That’s why I came to thank you . Please accept these flowers from your friend .

Uday takes the flowers and he gives a cute smile

Sara feels butterflies were flying besides him . She imagines herself and Uday in a fantasy world at which they were dancing together.

Mishal Raheja

Pehala nasha plays…

Avanthika ; Sara, Hey Sara

Sara : Haan

Avanthika : Seems you were dreaming some one

Uday : Obviously

Sara [thought ] : Oh My God! He is a pshychartist. He will find it quickly what I was feeling. What have you done Sara?

Uday : Obviously she will be dreaming her day at the colourful campus. It’s so good to live in college days. It won’t come back. Hey naa ?

Sara : Yeah …Mmh…I think I should leave…

Uday : Wait we will drop you.

Avanthika : Haan waise bhi today we both are going for an outing.

Sara : Why ? Today anything special ?

Avanthika : Actually today is Bruno’s birthday. We use to celebrate it well and we are going to buy his favourite chocolates

 Pooja Gor

Sara :What ? Bruno eats chocolates ??

Uday : Bruno is unbelievable yaar. He likes the normal pet food and at the same time he tries every varities of chocolate which we both use to have.

Sara ; So cool , by the way where is he ?

Uday ; He is in dadi’s room

Sara : Uday I haven’t met your dadi .

Uday ; Sara, Dadi is like a kid. She is an alzheimers patient. So she don’t remember all things, but few incidents is still in her memory. She is at the bed for the past 2 years. We have appointed a home nurse . At our absence she takes care of dadi.

Sara ; Oh I see. I am sorry.

Avanthika : It’s okay. Chalo milwate hein dadi se

They went to Dadi’s room

Uday : Dadi

He hugged her

dinesh raheja

Sara : Dadaji toh nahi hein, Phir dadi

Avanthika : That’s what bhai told Sara. She believes Dadaji will come back one day.

Dadi : Yeh kaun hein Avanthika ?

Avanthika : She is bhai’s friend , Sara

Dadi : Haaye Raam !! Uday you bought girl friend here. If your dadaji gets to know this you don’t know what will he do

Uday : What will he do ? By the way let me remind you dadi , you and dadaji’s were a love marriage

Dadi : Chup!! Kuch bhi, woh kya sochegi ?

Uday : Is it ? See that wall pic ? My dadi is blushing there

Dadi : Uday beta tum bhi naa

She hugged her and cries

Uday : Kya hua dadi ?

Dadi : Tumhare dadaji aayenge naa ?

Avanthika : Aayenge dadi , abb aap thodi der so jaayiye

Uday : Haan dadi. Aap so jaayiye, Aapko rest chahiye

Dadi nods her head and slowly she falls asleep.

Sara feels sad for dadi.

Uday : Yeh toh roz hota hein.

Sara : Doctor you won’t feel pain ?

Uday smiles

Uday : Let’s go guys

He walks

Avanthika : Bhai is always like this. Just a moment before I burst out my pain to my bhai and he consolled me a lot. But bhai’s inner pain is like the unending waves of ocean. But bhai never lose hope and that’s what makes him so special Sara. With this hope he is healing pain of so many hearts and so many people are getting back to their normal lives.

Sara : You are so lucky to have a brother like Doctor Uday.


Archana : Di,now you have to be very careful.

Swethlana : Archu I thought all problems have been solved. But it’s like unending puzzle. I am much tensed for Suhani.

Archana : Now  Harsh will again try to snatch Suhani from you.

Swethlana : Please don’t say so. I can’t believe this . Why he became like that ? What he wants actually ? If he wants Suhani then he should have directly met Yash’s family . But like a criminal why he kidnapped her ?

Archana ; Di please don’t take stress. You have just recovered from the biggest pain. And please don’t over think

Swethlana ; Yeah you are right.

Mean while Archu gets a phone call from Manjusha

Manjusha : Archu please save me

Archana : Bhabhi what happened to you ?

Manjusha : I am in city hospital. I came here for a check up and get to know that I am pregnant. Vinod doesn’t wants this baby. So he has told me to accept abortion. He is in the parking area and waiting for my arrival . I can’t tell truth to Vinod because his decision is final and if I won’t agree to this then ….

Phone cuts in middle as Manjusha screams .

Archana : Hello Bhabhi…bhabhi

Swethlana : What happened Archu ?


  1. Jasminerahul

    Sata giving flowers to uday was sweet.liked the bonding which formed between sara n avantika. Sara uday imaginary dance was romantic. Bruno reminds of the late dog Bruno of my uncle n my late dogs. All the 3 used to love sweets.but dogs shouldn’t eat sweets.they will lose fur.surprised to see uday’s dadi.she is waiting for dadaji. I felt my cousin ‘s house i have seen her grandparents living in their younger world like this.manjusha telling archana about vinod trying to abort the child was shocking.but is it true or is it trap made by the evil couple for archana?perfect pics.

    Which is your next short story?already waiting.

    1. Revu

      Thanks a lot , please wait. Will be posting SS at TU

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