Swethlana gulps a bottle of whisky and leans at armchair.

“Sam, Do come to me .” Swethlana quickly opens her eyes and takes a deep breath.

How is it possible ? Yash toh …. She opened her diary and took the photo of YashMohit Malhotra - Celebrity Style in Jamai Raja Episode 431, 2016 from  Episode 431. | Charmboard

Swethlana passes her fingers through the photo. Past memories flashes her mind

“I can’t live without you, Yash don’t leave me ….Yash

“Sam I am sorry , but this is fate . And this is the time for me to  leave.  I …I …Sam ….I …”

Tanuja : Swethlana  , swethlana

Tanuja keeps her hand on swethlana’s head ….

Actors Name Age, Wiki, Height, Birth Place, Career Details - Jamai Raja,  Episode 427, 2016 | Charmboard

Swethlana : Ji Maa

Tanuja : What’s that in your hand ?

Swethlana : Nothing Maa, Just an old pic

Tanuja : Beti If you feels you can share with me then definitely I am always ready to hear you. The anger, arrogance and fire of revenge which you are holding in yourself is actually making you as a worst person. Have you ever thought about that ?

Swethlana : Maa Iam fullfiling Paapa’s vow only.

Tanuja ; Mare huye log waapas nahi aate bacchi .

Swethlana : Maa!!

Tanuja : Lend yourself free from this so called revenge saga and start living life normally. That will make you to believe in

Swethlana : What are you saying Maa ?

Tanuja : Beti I think now you should get married.

Swethlana : What !!!


Reyhna Malhotra - Celebrity Style in Jamai Raja, Episode 298, 2015 from  Episode 298. | Charmboard

Tanuja : See I am not forcing you, but see what’s your age now. At this age mostly women gets married and they upholds their life. Already at the revenge story Sowmya has broken her heart and now she is so much depressed.

Swethlana : So you are planning an alliance of that Oberoi with Sowmya

Tanuja : Not at all . I haven’t forget that oberois are my husband’s enemies and I won’t let Sowmya to meet Rudra . But she should get some freedom and I think for sometime she should stay at Pune in my Bhaiya’s home. It will give a change and relief to herself. Slowly she will foucs on her bringing up her career and that’s what right for her age .

Swethlana ; I agree with you Maa, we shall send her tomorrow itself.

Tanuja ; Glad that now you are listening me bacchi. And think about what I said. Take your own time ,mmmhh. And one more thing if possible just say a word Sorry to your sister. Today is her birthday and she have to sleep well this night. Nothing should disturb her.

Swethlana turns her face and keeps the photo back in diary. Tanuja watches her and goes inside .Supriya Pilgaonkar - Celebrity Style in Hichki Official Trailer, 2017 from  Official Trailer. | Charmboard

Swethlana’s past [Year 2008] At MK Gandhi College 

Your beauty is charming and lovely. You are the best, you are the most beautiful girl in the world. @iam_reyhna 🖤💛. . . . #likesforlike #followforfollowback #love #reyhnapandit #beauty

Swethlana performs on  Crazy kiya re and she gets big applause from every one. After the performance a guy comes at the stage and kisses at her forehead. All are surprised .

Swethlana  : Yash what are you doing ?

Yash : You want more ? Then i will kiss at your

Swethlana keeps her index finger on his lips

Swethlana : This is a stage and students are watching us. So please

Yash lifts Swethlana in his arms .

Yash quickly tooks the mike and ” This is Sam, I mean Swethlana , She is born for me, she is the charming girl and except me no one should love her. ”

All students laughs and Yash walks holding Swethlana like that way only.

Yash : Sam I can’t wait any more , tomorrow is Valentine’s day and you are coming, That’s it.

Swethlana : But what about warden ?

Yash : Uss bhootni ko tum sambhal lo but I will be waiting for you, okay

Jamai Raja: Sid finds about Yash's evil marriage plan

Next day at evening Yashlana meets at the back side of college compound

Yash looks her with intense eyesReyhna Malhotra Hot Lovely Hd Photos - Actress World

Yash : Now do one thing , pick this gun and shoot me

Swethlana : What ?

Yash : I said shoot me

Swethlana gets scared . Her face went pale.She holds the gun and pulls the trigger

Yash , Swethlana get back to her senses and throws the diary to dust bin,.

Swethlana : I should not allow any one to rule my mind. I am not any Lover type girl. I am swethlana kapoor and that’s the reality. She wipe her tears washes her face.


Shivaay ; Ranveer already our family members are in threat. And now Anika is pregnant also . What about the security arrangements ?

Ranveer : Bhaiya my informer is there at Kapoor House. She will definitely help us .

Rudra : But why she hasn’t arrived yet ?

‘” Inspector Bhavya reporting Sir “kyunki... i have no life — ishqbaaz 28.08.17 lb

Omkara : Hello Inspector Bhavya nice to see you.

Bhavya : Thanks sir

Ranveer : You are on time.

Shivaay ; Well what’s your findings now ?

Bhavya : Swethlana’s next target is Rudra Singh Oberoi only. His life is under threat.

Ranveer : How can you assure that ?

Bhavya ; Rudra Singh Oberoi loves a girl whose name is Sowmya . She is Swethlana’s sister.

Rudra : What ?? Are you mad , How can you say like this about Sowmya ?

Bhavya : Better you control yourself and act as wise. It’s true.

Ishqbaaz : The Reduxed Avatar Of The Old Characters - Here's How They WERE  And How They ARE! - Page 6 Of 6 - Fuzion Productions

Shivaay : I can’t believe this Sowmya is swethlana’s sister.

Bhavya shows the family pic of Kapoors and a photo copy of document. Ishqbaaz Spoiler : Shivaay Escapes The Police; He Changes His Avatar To  Hide - Filmibeat

This is the Xerox copy of Will. Swethlana Kapoor has rendered her whole property and Kapoor house at the name of her sister Sowmya Kapoor .

Omkara : Sowmya woh bhi kapoors

Rudra recalls sowmya giving the evidence papers to him.

Rudra : O, bhaiya now I am going to tell a truth. Sowmya is the Love Angel who bought evidence.

Shivaay ; What ??

Omkara : Then why you hide this thing from us ?

Rudra ; O woh somwya ne mana kiya thaa

Ranveer : She is playing with you Rudra.

Rudra : Don’t say like that Ranveer, My sumo is not like that.



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