Swethlana : Manju & Vinod , Here you both are safe.

Manjusha : Mam we need to stay at outhouse

Vinod : Yeah Manju , Police team is behind me and there is no option. Definitely now they have find out that I have eloped from there . So they will come here to search the whole home

Swethlana ; And you both will stay inside the secret underground room of the outhouse. No one can find it.

Manjusha : I am getting much scared Vinod. When we will return to our home ?

Swethlana : Once your husband accomplishes the task certainly I can make arrangement for that. I need to meet a lawyer who can handle this.

Manjusha ; Now we needs double payememt Mam

Vinod : Manju!!!

Manjusha : What else Vinod !! Already you have put so much struggle to this

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Swethlana : Accepted. But tell your hubby to struggle more and this time don’t do any stupidity . Got it Vinod

Vinod : Mam relax. I am working on it.

Swethlana : That’s good

Sowmya overhears their conversation.

Vinod : Mam woh that girl

Swethlana : Sowmya you

Sowmya ; Mmh I came here to give the keys of outhouse, Didi.

Manjusha stares Sowmya Watch Pavitra Rishta TV Serial 3rd December 2009 Full Episode 133 Online on  ZEE5

Swethlana ; Mom had her food and medicines naa

Sowmya : Ji didi

Swethlana : Fine , now go and get ready. We neeed to go temple Reyhna Malhotra Initially Rejected 'Jamai Raja'; Here's Why | India Forums

Sowmya : Ji

Vinod : Temple !! Mam you goes temple also

Swethlana : That’s none of your business. Do what I say

Vinod and Manjusha nods their heads.


Archana : Maanav have this soup, you will feel better

Maanav : What happened Archu ? You looks so much gloomy today

Archana : Nothing.

Maanav ; If you can’t share then it’s alright. But I can’t see tears in your eyes.

Archana : Maanav , nothing serious. My eyes may be it’s because of dust only

Maanav : You always speaks truth Archu and that’s what I like in you. So don’t make the dust of reasons . You can look me without looking at my eyes. I know before mye eyes your heart speaks

Archana looks Maanav and gives a simple smile Archana Manav Deshmukh - Home | Facebook

Archana : Maanav how you reads my heart so well ?

Maanav : It’s so pure and whenever you looks my eyes I can see your eyes are conveying your heart’s wordings.

Archana : Then you will be aware of so many things, Maanav. I mean you are a thief who has impriosned my heart and I am not able to release myself from it.

Maanav : Oh Really ! Maanav looks Archana and holds her handManav and Archana in Pavitra Rishta | Hindi - Times of India Videos Archu turns her eyes from Maanav

I know your heart is desparate to tell so many things. But somehow you are hesitant to tell them openly.

Archana : Maanav shall we go to temple today ?

Maanav : But I am not able to walk properly.

Archana : I will seek permission from authorities. They will arrange a cab and wheel chair. Please….

Maanav ; By the way I am also getting boredom by lying in bed only. Any ways an outing is necessary.


Maanav : Archu why are you taking me to the corner ?

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Archana points out her fingers on three women.

Archana ; They are my sisters and Badi maa.

Maanav : What ?

Archana : Today is my little sister’s birthday – Sowmya’s birthday .

Swethlana : Panditji, Do puja for my sister Sowmya Kapoor.

Ishqbaaz: Twist in tale Svetlana returned for painting, not any mysterious  secret

Sowmya : Didi , I feels head ache. Shall we go home.

Swethlana ; Just 10 minutes Sowmya. We can go later.

Pandit : Please bring flowers for the puja

Swethlana : Sowmya stay with maa. I will bring flowers Pandit ji

Archana looks Somwya hiding herslf at the corner.

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Archana ; Choti has become more beautiful now. Happy birthday choti

Maanav : Why are you standing here and looking her ? And as far as I know you have only that brother Vinod and his wife, isn’t it ?

Pavitra Rishta - English version - Shravani gets shocked on seeing manav  and archana together in the temple.shravani fails to understand that manav  and archana met coincidentally in the temple.shravani tells archana

Archana ; Maanav you told that I always speaks truth. Then I am going to share a hidden truth of my life. I am sharing it because you stood with me at the most painful moment and poured strength in me. Let’s go.


Archana : Maanav I have opened up everything to you. Though I have become Archana Mehra I still can’t hold myself from seeing badi maa and my sisters. When sowmya was born at our family she was the most cuter baby and we all called her as Angel. But every thing changed. Just like my bade paapa swethlana didi became much egoistic and greedy. My badi maa was in full of anger that post my paapa and bade paapa’s death when Vinod’s paapa met him things went worse


Mrs. Tanuja Kapoor [ Mother of Swethlana and Sowmya, Badi maa of Archu] : Why you came here Commissioner ?

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Comissioner : What about this kid Archana Kapoor ?

Tanuja : Naa, Just call her Archana only. We don’t have any relationship. She is the daughter of my husband’s enemy and I can’t let any enemies to this home.

Comissioner : Mam what your husband did it’s completely wrong. Mr. Rishikesh Kapoor has always choose the path of truth, it’s your husband who murdered him and also did so many ilegal things.

Tanuja ; Mr. Avinash Mehra, for your case you hanged my husband and now the chapter is over. I can’t bear any orphan kid here.

Archana : Badi maa

Tanuja : You don’t have any badi maa, got it ? Before I could beat you please go

Meanwhile a small kid who is just 6 years old runs and hugs Archu

Archu : Angel my angel Sowmya

Tanuja fumes in anger. She immediately takes sowmya back and slaps at her cheeks. Sowmya burst out in tears

Commissioner : Are you mad Mam? What kind of woman are you ?You are beating your own child ?

Tanuja : So what now you will arrest me also ? Come on put me also in the prison . I was making my child aware that she has only one sister and one mother. She is not supposed to hug an outsider. Especially who is my husband’s killer.

Swethlana : What my maa said is right Sir. Please leave

Commissioner : Beti at least you should behave with some sense. You are a 14 year old girl and you are elder among the sisters. Please console your maa and tell her to accept your sister.

Swethlana : Sir I am warning you take this girl with you . We don’t want to maintain any relationship with her. I have pakced her things and dresses. Swethlana throws suitcase and books of Archu . She torns the greeting cards made by Archu.

Archana ; Didi I always gifts cards to you and angel on your birthdays. Why are you doing this ?

Swethlana : We don’t need it. I hate you Archu , Because of your paapa my paapa was hanged. I hate you Archu

Tanuja ; Please commissioner. End this chapter here. Otherwise I will lose my temper and I will kill this girl.

Commissioner : You all are gone mad in revenge. I won’t let an honest kid to stay among you. It will ruin her future. And one more thing she is not an orphan. She is my daughter. Archana Mehra. From now onwards she is Archana Mehra only.


Maanav : It’s really heart breaking to hear your pain. When I lose my baaba my Aayi became everything to me. But I have seen how much she suffered for bringingup me and Sachin. Archu please wipe this tears. You have cried so much. If you believe in me then give me your hand. I will certainly make you and your little siter’s meeting soon. May be it will take sometime

Archana : Maanav I always trust you . I got much relief after sharing this with you.

Maanav ; Past is past. Your desire to meet your little sister is natural. Sad that still your elder sister is planning against oberois. We will try to stop her

Archana : Yes Maanav.I can’t bear any blames over me because of Swethlana

Maanav : Archu be cool I am always with you.

Archana smiles and keeps her hand on Maanav’s shoulder

Ankita Lokhande shares priceless moments from 'Pavitra Rishta' ahead of  Sushant Singh Rajput's death anniversary

Pee loon plays as back ground


Ranveer : Shivaay bhaiya , Om and Rudy we didn’t get anything except this chemical formula.

Rudra : My sixth sense says we will definitely get a clue from this.

Shivaay : That’s true.

Omkara : Khanna Send this to forensic lab . At any cost we should find what’s it.


Anika : You heard it right Gauri I am going to become a mother.

Gauri : Haaye now I will keep playing with Chote billu ji

Billu kee shaadi hogi billu kaa

Ishqbaaz spoiler alert: Anika- Gauri new mission to stop marriage per Dadi  wish

Anika ; Gauri

Gauri ; Aww you are blushing bhabhi

Meanwhile Anika’s phone rings


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