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My eyes were filled with tears while I took a spoonful of chocolate ice cream. I was watching the last part of Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham which will explain the tears. It was my favorite movie and I lost count on how many times I have watched and cried.

I’m a goner when it comes to Shahrukh Khan.

When the credits started rolling, I switched off the telly and walked to my room. It was completely pink and straight comes out of fairytale-like I’m a princess except I’m not one for it. The one who designed it was my mom and I had no word in it. Once I have painted the whole walls black and when she caught me she had a horrified look on her face as if she caught her daughter drunk.

Girls are supposed to be graceful and beautiful. They should go for colors like Pink, yellow and light colors. Black is for boys and it is so dark.” I mimicked her tune and cuddled with my teddy bear hoping to see a beautiful dream but little did I know that next morning is going to be a nightmare.


“Anika Reynolds, you better be awake now.” I squinted my eyes to adjust to the bright sunlight peeking through the window. I yawned and stretched completely forgetting the voice which woke me up in the first place.

The door creaked a little and my eyes widened when I took the appearance of my mom. The steam was coming out of her ears and her face was red with anger.

Oops, mommy dearest is here.

“You little – ” She came forward but dad held her wrist stopping her from attacking me. I know mom wouldn’t hurt me but her weapon was her words. But in this years, I have learnt to hear it in one ear and let it go in another. Simple.

“Let her take a shower and we will talk in the living room. We also need to freshen up after the long journey.” Dad said but the disappointment in his eyes is obvious. Mom glared but eventually nodded and followed my dad out of the door.

I walked to the bathroom, took a shower and dressed in black jeans, white crop top with a red cardigan. I decided to put my hair down because I was too lazy to tie it in a ponytail. I checked my phone to see if there were any messages from my best friends. I replied them and climbed down the stairs to find my mom and dad already there.

“Since you are at home now instead of school, I guess what I heard is true,” Mom said looking at me.

Dad sighed and shook his head. “We weren’t expecting you to get suspended, Anika. It is going to be a bad mark in your record.”

I would have been worried about my record because it can affect my future but not when my future was already planned. Soon after the graduation, I’m sure I will be assisting dad or sticking with mom when both their profession didn’t satisfy me. I’m the only heir and I have to take up the company eventually.

“I was not expelled, was I?” I asked getting annoyed with their behavior. They didn’t even ask the reason for my suspension.

“I believe we taught you better manners, young lady.” Mom commented and I clenched my fist. “If this is the way you are going to act, then you are becoming a disgrace to the family.”

Tears pricked my eyes but I wasn’t going to yell at my mother. I was not going to remind her that it was her family who disowned her but I have always looked up to her. She was a strong woman and even after the arguments she had with her family, she stayed in India for five years hoping that they would accept her family. When it was timed up, she chose her daughter and husband over her family.

She reminded me of Sridevi Kapoor in English Vinglish, an amazing movie and that was her. She didn’t know English any better but after a few years of staying home and being a housewife, I guess she got bored and started learning. She learnt English and started speaking fluently in it. She assisted dad for a few months and when she realized it was not her cup of tea, she went for designing. I’m truly proud of her but she didn’t play the role of a mother in my life.

I missed her.

I unclenched my fist and took a deep breath. I’m sure if I stay any longer then I will say the words which I will regret later. I stood up, took the car keys, sling bag and headed for the door.

“See the way she is acting, James.” I heard her complain to dad. I rolled my eyes but before I could get in the car, dad appeared and signaled me to stop.

“Be there for dinner. It is at eight,” He said and added, “Take care, drive carefully.”

I sighed when was the last time we dined like a family?


I walked in the park, I needed to calm myself before I go home. I saw a boy walking towards me with a canvas. He has long hair but he didn’t look like an American.

“Hey, is this spot taken?” He asked and I shook my head.

“No, you can have it,” I said but stopped when I heard him mutter something in Hindi.

“Hey, are you an Indian?” I asked this time and he turned around.

“Yeah, I guess you are an Indian too.” He smiled and I nodded.

I looked at him to see his other paintings peeking from his bag. “Do you mind if I see it?” I asked as I always loved art.

“Sure, it is my pleasure.” He said and handed me his works. They were incredible and I was so lost in his every stroke. It was perfect and very beautiful.

“This is amazing, you are a great artist,” I said and he gave me a small smile. “I guess I will leave you then, bye. It was nice meeting you.” I waved and walked to the exit.

I stopped at the store because my stomach was grumbling, I didn’t even have breakfast. I opened the door and headed to junk food aisle. I took some chips, chocolates, drinks and made my way to the counter. There was some commotion going there between a woman with a child and a boy who seems a year or two younger than me.

“This is the last time I’m kindly requesting you to hand over the protein shake to me. My son took it first and he drinks it every day,” The woman politely said and the little boy next to her was already crying silently.

“No way, I eyed it first and this protein shake is like laddoo to Chota Bheem,” The boy said and my ears perked up at the cartoon character. Why am I meeting all Indians today?

“What?” The lady was confused and it looked like she is going to lose her patience soon.

“See, I need protein shake in my system to work out. I want them more than this little boy here. I can’t live without it. Please?” The boy asked and he looked he was an edge away from crying.

I rolled my eyes and paid for the items I bought. I was about to leave when someone ran past me. I was about to fall but I balanced myself and looked back to the store.

The woman was yelling, the little boy was crying, the customers were staring, the owner was walking in my direction and the protein shake in the table has disappeared.

“Get him, he stole it.” The old man shouted and I put my balance amount on the counter.

“This is the money for the protein shake. Have a good day and please restock it.” I said and walked out of the store.

All Indians are my brothers and sisters.

So he is a brother and I need to help him. But so dramatic for a protein shake.

I roamed through the city for sometime before going home. Finally, I can proudly tell there existed a day which I didn’t create any trouble in the calendar.

I opened the door and was about to run to my home. But I stopped when the smell hit my nose. Aloo Puri, my favorite Indian food. I sniffed and reached the kitchen.

The shocking news of the year.

My mom is making Aloo puri in a Saree which I believed was in the back row of her closet till now. She has braided her hair and looked beautiful. She looked like the mother she was. Am I hallucinating?

“Oh, you are already home. Go to your room and change quickly. The guests will be here soon.” She said calmly and I wondered where she hides her anger. She was not a person to forget easily.

“Guests?” I asked, I thought it was only the three of us like old times. Guess I was wrong.

“Yeah, our old neighbors and their family.”

Please tell me she is joking. There is no way Shivaye is coming back. He can’t come and ruin it all.


Thanks a ton for this amazing and lovely cover ♥ @ImLilMissComplicated

Thanks a ton for this amazing and lovely cover ♥ @ImLilMissComplicated

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