A Travel of A to Z (Ishqbaaz) episode 2

Om take the brush n Soumya see him with a shock..Shivaay strts journey…

Om:”If U draw fully..I ll win in puzzle”(smile)..
Soumya see him n leave..
Shivaay:”Journey strts”..
N turns…
Strts running…
“Livin’ the Life” song’s flute tune on BG…
Strts riding a small bicycle(!)..

Loc:A Bazaar…
A girl wave her hands on air n come towards a shop in running…
“Sissy comes”…(Sound of childrens)…

The childrens strts coming towards her n hugs her…She(none other than Anika) sees down..The childrens r in surrounding..
1:” Sissy..Finally,U come”..
She:”Mm..Shall we play a game?”..(smile)
The childrens claps..

Loc:A Mountain…
A girl…(Ishaana) is sitting on The Rocks of the mountain..
N Drawing a child’s face..Rudra n Soumya on behind..
Ishaana draw fastly..
N asked “Is he said?”
Rudra:”Mm..” N see Soumya..
Soumya nods her fastly..
Ishaana see the sky…


Hope U like tiz frndzz..Tanqq for readingg..
Take Care..

  1. its good one….but too short,make it length…

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Anah..Ss..The next Epi one ll be long..

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