Trauma #RiAnsh Short Story by Tanya K

Riddhima after getting most painful betrayal from her beloved husband the great Mafia King Vansh Raisinghania was broken. After witnessing her husband whom she loved the most announced an outsider, a stranger girl his wife broke her in million of pieces.

Her POV:

Why Bappa why!! Why this always happens with me? Do I don’t deserves any one’s love? Yes, I don’t deserves someone’s love because I’m an orphan a blo*dy orphan. Jiske khud ke Maa baap ne pyaar nhi diyaa usse koi aur pyaar Kyun hi dega. First my parents left me when I needed them the most than kabir cheated me, used me as his so called pawn than Vansh came in my life like a light of hope that also got snatched from me!!

Her POV ends:

She was walking on a empty road without any aim like a lifeless body and all of sudden everything was dark in her surroundings and she felt unconscious.


Vansh was sitting in a small bar side in the Mansion gulping down the shot of wine 🍷one by one non stop. Remembering the non existing betrayal by his beloved wife his world crashed, his heart was scattered in millions of pieces.

Vansh: Why sweetheart? Why you did this? Why you betrayed me? I loved you like anything and what you did, you broked me in pieces. The great Vansh Raisinghania whose name was enough to fear the whole world is know sitting here drinking broken beyond limits just because of you Riddhima.

Ahana came towards him and touched his face sudectively while he glared her with blood red eyes which were more red because of drinking alcohol. He pulled her towards him through her hairs aggressively and smashed his lips on her kissing her angrily biting them making blood ooze from her lips.

While Kissing her he lost his senses and started getting unconscious.

Vansh (murmuring): Riddhima I love you but I hate you too.

Ahana looked at him and smirked and went from there leaving him there only.
(Lo cheater nhi banaya Vanshu ko Vese  main pehle bhi nhi banane wali thi 😑)

At an OLD and BURNT Factory 🏭:

Riddhima was tied to a chair tightly unconscious while blood was oozing from her head. A man in black hoodie came there and slapped her harshly making her wince in pain.

She slowly opened her eyes and the man holded her cheeks in his fist tightly and kissed her forcefully while she wiggled to get out of his hold.

Riddhima: Leave me who are you???

She shouted with the whole strength she had in herself.

Man: Ohh Riddhu darling why are you so desperate to see my face? First let’s enjoy together.

He said and rubbed his hand on her thighs while she moved her legs vigorously to get out of his filthy hand.

Man: Stop moving baby doll 😒.

He said and kissed her neck harshly while she cried praying to her Bappa.

Man: Okk you wanted to see my face right let’s do muh dikhai of mine.

Saying so he pulled his hoodie and she gasped seeing him.

Riddhima: Kabir?

She said with utmost hatred in her eyes.

Kabir: Happy realization Mrs. Oops Ex Mrs. Raisinghania…

He said and laughed evily coming dangerously closer to her ge Whispered.

Kabir: Riddhima because of you my plan got ruined because of you I was not able to get what I wanted but never mind. Vansh’s weakness is you so I will keep my hands on his weakness only….

He said and smirked evily claiming her lips once again while she was trying to understand what was happening with her. She closed her eyes in helplessness and saw her love standing giving him the strength to fight back.

She pushed him through her shoulder and kicked him on his main part with her knee while he shouted in pain keeping his hand there and she tried open her ropes….

To be continued….

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