Trapped in lies- Twinj FF (Part 4)

Precap: Kunj sees twinkle jump in the water, only for her to get out. They both ended up being caught by the principal and ended up in a murder case. Upset twinkle ran away from the scene. Kunj follows and saw someone about to hit her, panicking, he saves her. Now let’s continue

Teni was passing back an forth, she was angry with Parth. Twinkle told her to calm down. ” how can I di? I wanted your life to be easy in collage. I wanted you to make friends and smile again, b-but, now everyone will be afraid”

Twinkle got up from her bed, she puts her hand on her sister shoulder ” teni…. are you crying again”

Teni turn away ” no, I’m not. ”

Twinkle didn’t by it one bit. She turn her sister around and hug her ” di, will be alright. When I was locked away, I remember you always talking to me outside of the door. Telling me about your day, this kept me going.” Twinkle sigh ” you don’t have to keep watching over me, I should be the one to do that, after all I’m your big sis”

Teni cries ” but it’s unfair”

Twinkle moved away ” I know, I will find out whose doing this an also about fathers murder. So don’t worry”

She was about to sit back down, when the door opens. In came the police an of course Parth. Teni glaring at him asked him why he was here. Parth says ” didn’t I tell you, once I find evidence, she won’t be safe.”

” Parth this is ridiculous, first barging In with out a warrant. And now involving the cops with your stupid ideas. ”

Parth snap his fingers and the cops walk in to arrest twinkle. He moved closer to teni ” stupid ideas….silly pagal. I wouldn’t be a lawyer if I didn’t have a warrant” he took out the paper showing it to teni. Her eyes widen. Parth smirk ” we found a shoe, where the girl came out. Turns out it was the same shoe your sister wear when she first arrived. ”

Twinkle eye widen ” that’s impossible, I was wearing flip flop that night ”

Parth looks at her, suddenly the police officer calls him ” sir, we found the other pair”

Twinkle bite her bottom lip, Parth smirk ” theirs a red stain on the other one as well.”

” I don’t know how that got there ” she says

Parth puts his hand up to silence her ” save your speech once we arrive at the station.”

Teni says ” you can’t do this, this is not right”

” I can do what ever I want” he says

Angry teni says ” why don’t you just become a cop, since you like to pick on the innocence ”

Parth stop walking ” theirs no need, my family consist of cops, I prefer fighting for justice. And your sister is no angel” he says


Kunj was thinking in his room. He wonder whose figure he saw. Yuv signal Sid asking what’s his deal. Sid shrug his shoulder. Yuv says ” what was that about yesterday. You and the ice princess alone in the pool area. I never knew you had a bad side Kunj”

Kunj snap out of whatever he was thinking. ” you got it wrong, I was taking a walk. I saw twinkle by chance”

” dude you should stay away from her. You could have been involve in what happen yesterday. Luckily you we’re saved.”

Kunj frown ” the principal was bias, when he called us in the next day, he assumed twinkle did it, baste on her reputation. He said he knew I wouldn’t do it because of my records. ”

” isn’t that a good thing” Sid says

Kunj frown ” it’s not, that night I saw her expression. She was so scared an alone. I just wanted to hold her forever”

Both Sid an Yuv look at each other knowingly ” are you falling for the ice princess Kunj” Sid says

Kunj quickly denies it ” n…no, I just feel apologetic ”

Yuv smirk ” you are one weird guy, the two sister put a spell on you , now you can’t leave them”

” stop joking around ”

Yuv laughs, just then they heard a commotion. They open the door to see the boys running out the building. Kunj asked one of the boys what was going on. ” twinkle is being taking by the police ”

His eyes widen. Quickly he ran down the steps , ignoring his friends. When he reached the entrance, he heard teni calling her sister, saying shes innocent. Kunj look at twinkle whose face was facing forward. His heart was beating. ” they can’t take you away, I know you didn’t do it” he says under his breath.

Twinkle turn slightly to see Kunj, they stare at one another for a while, before she advert her eye’s. He watch as they took her away. Once they left, teni quickly called a taxi, she says her sister wouldn’t do this. She will help her at all cost. Kunj walk to her. This would be the first time they spoke ” hello”

Teni turn around ” yes?”, she suddenly recognize Kunj ” your the guy from yesterday incident ”

Kunj nod ” I know your sister is innocent, she wouldn’t do it. I was there with her , after that night some one tried to hurt her”

Teni eyes widen ” maybe this might help us to bring di. Back”

Teni told him to come with her. Yuv said he was coming, he says he can’t leave his friend behind”

” I’m coming too”

” why?” They said

Sid with his camera, smile ” I’m bored”

They all gave him that your weird look, before they got in the taxi.

When they arrive, they heard the investigator shouting. Twinkle was sitting their with a poker face. When Parth saw them, he frown. Kunj asked why twinkle was arrested. Parth explained. Teni says ” no one has access to our room.”

Parth smirk ” except you”

” w-what!” Teni says

Everyone look at her. Even twinkle

” you could have trapped your own sister, And frameded her.” ” it’s not impossible. Besides a sister rivalry happens all the time” teni tense, while twinkle watch her.

Whats this, could teni really be behind this murder. If so why did she do it? We won’t know until next time….

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing interesting….suspense full epi….eagerly waiting for next part.

  2. Presha

    Hey kanie aqwespme.. Lots of suspense haa

    1. Angelk1

      Lol thanks presha

  3. Oh my! This was a lovely episode girl. I loved it.

  4. SidMin

    Gosh … the episode was awesome why did you end in suspense …
    Things are really getting complicated … Teni??? Why would she di do this and This Kunj whom is he in love with Twinkle or Teni????
    Post soon
    Love you ❤❤❤

    1. Angelk1

      He likes twinkle lol, I had to leave it at suspense because I was going to work.

  5. SidMin23

    It was nice and with lots of suspense

  6. Chiku

    Amazing ❤️❤️❤️Lovely
    Post soon
    Post ur other ffs too

  7. Sohi


  8. susp..amaaz..epi

  9. Suspensee killss mee?????
    Episodeeeee was awesome…??
    Post next soonn?

  10. Love………….. It

  11. Purvi128

    Hey dear. It was too good. Why u left in suspense.. Post soon dear. Can’t wait.

    1. Angelk1

      Thanks I will. I had to live it in suspence because I had to go to work

  12. Ramya

    Awesome angel
    I’m excited fr next post
    Love u keep smiling

  13. Baby

    Ohhhh god dear suspense is killing thriller….loving it……teni haan its possible well cant wait….. 🙂
    Lods of love lol post soon…. ♥:)
    Well I suppose is lol ur fav word hehe….. 🙂

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