TRANSVAAL DAISY (Chapter-1 : SHOE LACES) by Srishti1802

Hey guys! I’m back again, previously known as your ArpitaKrish. I left writing & TU long back due to some issues. Still I’m soooo much pressurized by my studies. But that couldn’t make me to keep distance with you all. Here, I’ll write stories occasionally taking time out of my busy schedule to entertain you & me. I’m not supporting any star cast or tv show. I’ll write independently for all TUians. You can assume your favourite playing that part. I need your support. Won’t welcome me!! 

I’ve forget names. I apologizes. Ishqbaaz fanclub, sdch fanclub, swaragini fan club & abhigya fans. I adore all of you guys. I can’t type all the name.  Miss you all.

So here, it goes. My first story as Srishti1802. Srishti is my real name. You can call me arpitakrish or arpita too. 

You can follow my stories on wattpad too. Id is in my bio.

I’d be writing after 1 long year plus English is not my native language so kindly bear with my grammatical errors and enjoy reading.

“Hi Harshit, I think we should hangout” I texted him on WhatsApp. He was online. I like how soon he response my messages
I noticed double tick. Below his name ‘typing…’ was shown.
“Why not Saraa? I was asking for so long.” He replied, excitedly.
“Okay” I typed and send him with cute bland yellow smiley.
I love the pack of cute yellow emoji. They are the best way to express your emotions.
“Finally after 1 year you agreed for a date. May I know the reason for this sudden mind change?” He pinged me again.
He was right at his point. He was asking for so long. I always denied. I was not ready for that. I’m too picky & sensitive about friend, date & relationship things. I’ve been always socially passive. I could not be friend with anyone that easily. Harshit was not the 1st one who had crush on me but he was the 1st one who never forced me for anything. It had been 2 year since we met & 1 year of his confession. He always said we’re friend first then anything else. I used to share everything with him. I mean every single detail of my life, my crushes story, about my other girl friends. He never offended. He listened me patiently. I feel so comfortable around him. Now I think he deserve a date and I can do this small thing for him.
My chain of thought broke.
“Finally my classes are over. Everyone is going somewhere. I’m home alone. So I thought it’d be better if we do our dinner together. And I’ll decide the place” I typed, while resting my head on headboard.
I was on my bed after my breakfast. My eyes stuck on clock hanging on wall. “Half past 10? Oh god, I need to do laundry”
“Listen boy, I’ll message you after an hour. Till then finish your other works” I clicked on send. I threw phone beside me.
“Why maid had to take leave on this day?” I was irritated.
Suddenly I found my phone ringing. It was of Mom.
“Hello, How are you doing?”
“Mom, when are you coming?”
“Sara, I already told you I’ll return by 8 in the evening. Are you alright?” She was concern.
“Yes mom, I’m fine” I replied assuring her. “Actually I want to go somewhere with one of my friends. It’s only about 2-3 hours”
“Okay & take care of yourself” She permitted after a little bit of hesitation. Anyhow I convinced her. It was not that hard.
“Love you mom”
“Love you too Sara” saying this she hung up.
I went inside bathroom.
“Which place I should go?” I thought while holding clothes. Some of them are falling because of my tiny hand.
I put all that in washing machine.
“I should ask Jenny. She is better in this.” I thought while standing. My both hands were on my waist.
All clothes were done. I came in my bedroom washing my hands. I took my phone & dialed Jenny. Thankfully she took the call in one ring.
“Hey Jenny” I shared the whole matter.
“What??” She exclaimed, loudly.
“Calm down Jenny” I retorted.
“Sorry” She said, gulping. Sometimes she behaves like a toddler, I thought smiling.
“It’s okay. So please tell me any nice place, you’ve been”
“Clock Tower Cafe. I’ll message you address”
“Thanks. Are you free? You know I need you today” I said in pleading tone.
“Okay, I’ll catch you soon” She hung up before I could talk further.
I quickly opened my WhatsApp.
“Clock Tower Cafe”
He was online. My lips curved into a smile.
“I’ll be there by 6’o clock”
“See you soon” I typed back. I leaned back on sofa stretching my arms.
“I hope I’m not going to make mess” I thought.
All day I spent making my lunch, doing dishes, reading some book. Jenny came at my place at 2:30. I wanted to look best today. Today I spent almost an hour in bathroom.
It was 6 by now. I was almost ready. Jenny was doing my hairs. I was wearing glittering black full sleeves t-shirt with blue denim & of course my favorite white snickers. I’ve put light makeup. I quickly took my clutch making sure I’ve my phone with me. Jenny was going to her home because of some important work so I locked the door. I turned back. He was there.
He came out of his car. He was wearing white polo T-shirt pairing with blue jeans and a brown leather jacket around him. His clothes were well-fitted. His hair was neat and face was spotless. He was looking wonderful.
“You here” I asked, shockingly.
“I have my own car so I decided to pick you from here” He replied.
“Your car?” I asked, smirking.
“Okay. My brother’s” He said showing his teeth.
“Hi BTW” I gave him a slight hug.
“You’re looking pretty” He said, setting me back on my feet.
“Thank you” I blushed slightly.
“Let’s go then” He led me toward his car. As we sat inside he started driving.
“Do you’ve licence?” I asked breaking the silence between us.
“Of course Sara, I’m 19” He replied with a cute smile on his face.
“So what, I’m also 18 but I don’t have” I said, grinning.
“Do you know driving?” I shoot him again.
“No & I’m going to get you fractured tonight” He chuckled.
I punched him playfully on his shoulder. Soon we reached at the venue. We made our way through the main gate.
Inside the cafe, he pulled my chair.
“Thank you” I said, while sitting.
He also pulled his chair close to the table right in front of me. I was nervous. How can someone be so much generous, I thought.
We placed our order.
Although I was his crush but I was more excited than him.
Let me love you was playing in background.
“My favorite” I said breaking the silence between us.
“I know” he said while continuously gazing on me.
“So what is your plan now, I mean what’s you going to pursue?”  I asked this stupid question while playing with my finger.
“Seriously? You planned this date to ask me about which we’ve already discussed. Such a NERD!” He said teasing me.
“For whom you’ve fallen for?” It was sudden, I couldn’t stop.
“Fortunately” he said smiling.
“Btw I’ve a question. You don’t feel anything for me?” He asked.
Suddenly our conversation broke on the arrival of our ordered dish.
Soon we finished eating. Song was still playing. We made our way outside the cafe after paying bill.
It was cold outside. There was a park adjourned to the cafe.
“Hey, let’s go there” I pulled his hand in that direction.
He was walking beside me. Neither  too crowdy, nor too lonely the park was. We made our way still holding hands of each other.
I was about to slip. He tightened his grip while my eyes were closed with fear.
“You okay?” He said with concern in his voice. I nodded showing my teeth.
“Your shoe lace is open” he said, grinning.
“What are you doing?” All I said while he was on his knees. With in a second he tied my shoe-lace. I felt like butterflies in my stomach. We both were silent while our eyes locked together.
“Harshit, I don’t know if I ever had crush on you or not but I always had soft corner for you. Whether it was for sympathy because I was thankful to you or something else, I don’t know. I just know that you always make me feel special. I was and I’m still thankful to you for being with me, supporting me through all ups & downs, for completing my assignments, helping me in chemistry.  I was the one who behaved selfish with you. I always talked hours for myself and never let you share your heart out. I’m genuinely sorry for being a b*t*h. Don’t ever let your love ruin our friendship. Let me tell you, you’d be always in my priority list. You’re so good for me but still I’d not be able to find person like you. You’re precious and thank you for tolerating me” I said breaking the eye lock. He was staring at me while our fingers were locked together. Cools breeze of air were passing through our faces.
“Hey stop saying thank you for everything. I’m feeling like a outsider in your life now. Our friendship is above all things. It was just my feeling I shared with you and who knows one day we’d get along” He said the last line winking at me. I had frozen for a moment.
I looked up and saw one of the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen, so deep.
I couldn’t help but smile widely while his eyes  locked on mine full of love and some sparkling edge I couldn’t define.

After 10 years they’re still together holding their hands at same place.
Life is unpredictable but still beautiful He said, tightening his grip while She smiled sheepishly. Everything was looking beautiful around them, the moon, the stars.

The End

I’m nervous As I’m writing after 1 long year. I left practice but still I wanted to write & this is something I could make up in such a short duration. I’ve never been on date so I didn’have any idea about date conversations but still tried to made it. I know it’s a little messed up but believe me I’ve poured all my efforts. I hope you enjoyed. Please read, share & vote
Loads of love❤

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