Total nonsense (TWINJ OS)~By ariya

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Hey Guys! Kaise ho… hope all are fyn m sorry for not commenting on stories but wat to do shortage of time and studies are also here. ………………………………………………………..
Disclaimer: No proof reading so please forgive mistakes and this is not written by me. It is of another serial and i js change names and copied here …

PLACE: In the middle of nowhere
Uv has kidnapped Tw post knowing the truth about her marriage to Kunj. Tw who was unconcious till now wakes up takes in her surroundings. It was a faintly lit room with the source of light being a solitary window. She goes towards it and looks through. At first she doesn’t see any land, everything is blue. Then it hits her that it’s just sky, so she looks down.
To her extreme shock she finds herself looking through the window of a high tower. Uv was lurking at the base of it.
Tw:(bellowing) UV!!! Tujhe koi aur jagah nahi mili thi kya?
Uv : (surprised)tum jaag gayi?
Tw:(irritated) to kya main bas soti hi rahoon?
Uv:(thoughtfully) I don’t mind really, main bhool gaya ki tumhe maine kidnap kyun kiya tha!!
Tw:(rolling her eyes) Maine tumhe chodkar Kunj se shaadi karli thi, yaad aya?
Uv: ha right!! Thanks ha..
Tw : mention not, ab batayega bhi ki ye tower mein mujhe kyun leke aya tu?
Uv :(blushing) well, I like fairy tales so, mujhe Rapunzel bahut pasand hai. To jab bhi main upar ana chahoon main tumje awaz doonga like “Tw! Tw ! Apne baal neeche daalo, mujhe upar ana hai.”

Tw : arey O bina subtitle ke japneese picture, mere baalon ka size dekha hai na tune? Is khidki ke bahar bhi nahi jaayenge
Uv :(wide eyes) maine iss bare main socha nahi..
His rest of sentence is cut off as both of them hear a noise from the nearby bush. Uv hides himself from the intuder in one of the trees. Soon the noise becomes clear and there comes our hero in his Crisp white button down shirt, black pants and a black blazer. Wait! He is riding a CYCLE!(UNEXPECTED)
Tw :(happily) ye hui na baat, mera hero aa hi gaya
Kunj gets down from the cycle and throws it like one of his cell phones. Does his signature step 1 eyebrow up look
Kunj : What the wuck! Yahan par sirf jhaad hai, tower kahan hai?
Tw :(annoyed) Oi 1000 aankhwale antaryami Shri khadoos Sarna maharaj ji, peeche mudiye
Kunj :(whistling) wow! Tower kafi lamba hai. Hi Tw ! Kaisi ho?
Tw : (sarcastically)Arey main to itni unchai par akele andhere main itane maze kar rahi hun na kya bataun ab apko!! APKO KYA LAGTA HAI MAIN KAISI HOON!!??
Kunj :(wincing) Come on babe, ab itna chilla kyun rahi ho, tumhara hero aa gaya hai tume bachane ke liye (and he does the Shah Rukh Khan pose)
Tw :Ab aap sirf tadi hi marte rahoge ya mujhe neeche utaroge bhi?
Kunj : What’s with the language?
Tw : Hindi is the language.. ab aap kuch karoge ya main help karo karke fb pe post karoon?
Kunj :(with full attitude) Main Kunj Sarna hu, main kuch bhi kar sakta hoon…
Tw : bas ab bahut hua ,main super cop ko bula rahi hun

PLACE: Somewhere in big city
Piya: baby batao na main iss saree main kaisi lag rahi hu?
Rahul : bahut khoobsurat jaan..
The phone beeps shrilly begging for Rahul ’s attention. He looks at the new fb notification
Piya : what is it baby?
Rahul : Tw ne naya post dala hai, she has been kidnapped aur use ek tower main kaid karke rakha hai
Piya: Here show it to me? (After looking at the pic) OMG!! Tw isme kitni moti lag rahi hai, tum jao aur use bachake lao. She needs my help in dieting.
Rahul : Oh jaan tum sabke bare mein kitna sochti ho.
The super cop stands up and tears away his clothes like Salman Khan. Underneath he is wearing a dark grey t-shirt and tight shorts of the same colour. His waist holds a heavy belt with R written on the plate in bold black letters. A shiny black cape rests on his shoulder which is billowing behind him in the wind. He picks up the shades from the table and wears them. Quickly stealing a kiss from his wife our hero sets forth to run and save Tw but..
The amazing super cop stumbles and falls down hurting his toe terribly in the process. Still he gathers all his left over strength, gets up and limps to rescue THE HEROINE.


PLACE: Middle of nowhere again
Kunj : You know babe main Sarna khandaan ka bada beta hun
Tw: ha tum ye baat abhi 25 baar bol chuke.
Kunj : oh! Maine tumhe bataya ki maine pichle hafte vo kiya tha?
Tw :(shouting) tu mujhe bachayega ki nahi ab Khadoos Sarna?
Kunj : well babe, plan mein ek problem hai.
Tw :(raising an eyebrow) kya?
Kunj : main na urgency mein rassi lana bhool gaya.
Tw :(shell-shocked, camera shows and zooms on her face 5 times) WHAT!!??!!?
Kunj : he-he, Ek kaam karte hai, tum jump maro vahan se main tumhe catch karoonga.
Tw : main kya cricket ki ball lagti hun tumhe..
Uv is watching their interaction with blood red eyes. His ears are emitting steam. He just wants to finish off kunj then and there. Suddenly out of thin air a gun appears in his hands
Uv: oh wow! Bhagwan ne meri sun li.
??: Bhagwan ne nahi maine tumhari sun li.
Uv:(bewildered)who is there?

Author: HA HA HA! main hun iss kahani ki WRITER
Uv : my lucky day, mujhe aur charming banao na please, like that Tw mujhse pyaar karne lagegi.
Author: chal hat! Pagal dikhti hun tumhe main? Twinj mujhe pasand hai yar!
Uv : well shit! To main tumhe maar dalunga.
Author: vo gun kaam nahi karegi
Uv :(confused) kyun?
Author: beacause yeh meri kahani hai. Main jo bolungi vahi hoga isme. Tumhare liye ek important kaam hai.
Uv :(surprised)What?
Author: tum abhi China jaaoge aur vahan se you will steal great wall of China for me.
Uv : No I will not go, kya kar logi tum?
Author:(menacingly) main tumhe murga bana doongi. No wait, I will turn you into a bunny, pink coloured dressed in tu-tu and ballet flats.
Uv :(shivering in fear) NAHI!!! Main tumhara kaam karoonga
Author: That’s like a good boy, now go! Happy journey.
Out of nowhere a bright intense blue light hits Uv and he is transported to China in the blink of an eye.
Author: that was my teleportation ray.. (evil laugh) muahhhh muahhh

Uv:(appreciating) wow! Ye great wall toh sach mein great hai. Hmm but how to steal it. Chalo try karta hun.
Uv tries to lift the great wall with his bare hands. He puts all of his strength in doing so. Cold sweat breaks on his forhead but he doesn’t give up.
You know he forgot a little detail that great wall of China was little bit heavier than that of earth’s population(sigh!!!) Poor fellow!!
Uv : don’t tell me you forgot this little detail.
Author:(sheepishly) sorry!
Aggravated uv looks around and he spots a small ice-cream shop at the corner of the road. Smiling jubiliantly he goes to the shop to buy and eat ice-cream
Uv: please give me a Chocolate cone.
Shopkeeper: here you go sir, its 30 dollars
Uv looks into his pockets and finds only a needle, thread and some buttons
Shopkeeper: sorry sir you can’t have it.
Uv : please I really want to eat one (puppy eyes)
Shopkeeper:(glaring)no means no!
Uv:(menacingly) You know what I am taking this ice-cream and another two boxes.
And just like that he takes the ice cream in both hands and leaves from the shop without paying. SO EVIL!!

PLACE: Beneath the tower
Kunj : Oh god! Iss hawa se to mera hairstyle kharab ho raha hai
Tw : main yahan mar rahi hun aur tumhe hairstyle ki padi hai, ek din vo sir ko chipak ke nahi baithegi to tumhari height kam nahi hogi.
Kunj :(warning) height ke baare mein nahi
Tw : usme kya koi khazana hai?
Kunj :(exasperated) Samjha karo yaar! Mera touchy topic hai(winks at the camera)
Before they could continue Rahul the Super Cop limps out from one of the bushes.
Tw :(concerned) kya hua Rahul ?
Rahul : kisine raste mein pather raka tha (glares at the author)
Tw:(melodramatic) main tumhari first aid kar deti Rahul , par kya karoon main yahan upar phasi hui hun.
Rahul : Don’t fear when Super Cop is here.
Tw sighs dramatically at him and flutters her eye lids suggestively. This infuriates kunj
Kunj : Come on Tw babe, main hero hun yahan par, tum mujh par concentrate karo na.
Tw : ha wait kunj , main thoda Rahul ko to dekh lu.
Kunj: mujhe dekho main kitna handsome hu, smart hu, intelligent hu..
Tw: ha bas height thodi si kam hai..
All this time Rahul is looking around for a way to rescue her but fate wouldn’t have it. So, his cell chirps again
Rahul: Hello?
Rahul : KYA??
Rahul : ok main abhi aa raha hu
Tw : kya hua sab theek hai na?
Rahul : vo actually Tw, Uv ne China mein ek shop se Ice cream chura liya hai, so mujhe jana padega. Tumhe bachaneka program kal-parso kar lenge..
Before she can utter another sentence Super cop runs away.
Kunj:(smirking) Then there were two, So go on a date with me(flashing a billion dollar smile)
Tw:(taken back)o…ok..
but her eyes fall on something in the distance
Tw: what is this, OmRu are on a drinks
Kunj: Seriously?! Aur hamein bataya bhi nahi, chalo lets join them.
Tw: good idea.
Saying so Tw takes the stairs which were present in the tower from the start. They walk to OmRu hand in hand. Soon enough Uv too joins him licking his ice-cream
Rudra comments looking at the couple
Rudra: finally Twinj mil hi gaye??
Kunj: Twinj!??
Rudra: ha Twinkle + Kunj= Twinj
Tw:(smiling)ha mil gaye
Rudra: vaise Uv Great wall of China kahan hai?
Uv: bahut bhari tha yar, isliye use vahi par chod aya.
Om: ok guys pack up
Uv:(shocked) Wait!! This was just shooting???!!


I know i have bored u all with this stupid os
I will write my os in March after my exams only then i got 20+comments on this os ok guys bbye luv u

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  1. Presha

    Hey ariya its was funny but confusing too
    But I enjoyed as it was funny

  2. Sohi

    Hehehe hahaha
    It was tooo hilarious uv was sooo funny
    And between author talk it was good
    Keep writing such funny and hilarious stories
    Do continue

  3. SidMin

    God I was laughing like hell it was damm hilarious and awesome ….. the dialogues were just too good and UV and great wall of China ……????
    Loved it ❤
    All the best for your exams ???

  4. Aksa_Nikoria( NFT )

    Kya os thaaa
    It was hell hilarious
    My god I was laughing like a maniac
    I am just boggled mahnnn
    Just speechless
    One of the bestest os is this

    China wall kon lata hee????????
    And bechari twinki ????????
    Kunj ke hairstyle bigar rahi thi????????
    Piya saying twink is moti????????
    She wants give her diet plannings????????
    And that rahul????????
    Me mar jaungi hass has ke????????
    Keep it up dear

  5. What a funny os ??????? AMAZING ?????? I can’t control my laughter ???????? Love it ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Plz post like more,????? best of luck 4 ur exam ????? Love you ????

  6. Roshini125

    Over all package yaar rula diya….it’s very unique n loving….do continue….
    Is this ariya falak?

  7. SidMin23

    This was ?????? first time uv make me like by this os and twinj as awesome ?

  8. Foreverfanoftwinj

    Hey ariya ..
    Its Hillarious..
    And this article was an os in ishqbaaz…
    I read it.

  9. Hahahahaahahha
    It was so funny
    I njoyed a LOT
    Superb srill I’m laughing


  10. It was too funny
    I had already read it in ishqbaaz os

  11. Purnima.agrawal30

    Awesome amazing funny epi….bt thoda sa confusing tha…

  12. God it ws so funny…..

  13. Twinjfan.tamanna

    hahaha… hahaha… hahaha… one min let me laugh first… hahaha…hahaha… okay okay

    it was too good ariya,
    I loved it
    keep writing

    with love,
    Urs Tamanna

  14. Aanya_pandey

    That name of d ff was so true.. but can’t tell u how badly i’m laughing reading this.. that was really a very different kinda story


  16. Baby

    hhahahahahahahahahahahhaahahaahahha hehehehehheheheeeehehehhehahhahahahahah hahahahhahahahahahhehehehhahahahahahahahahahahhaahahaahahhahhhahahahahahahahahhehhehehehehehehehhehhehehhehehehhahahahhehehehehheheheeeehehehhehahhahahahahah hahahahhahahahahahhehehehahhahahahaaaaaaaaaaa………….☺☺
    ohk ohk enough of me laughing ariya☺☺
    srsly yr too funny i was like kunj on cycle uv was soooo damn funny n author n uv ☺☺hahahaaahhahahahahahahahahahahhaahahaahahhahhhahahahahahahahahhehhehehehehehehehhehhehehhehehehhahaha………………..
    well loved d total nonsense vry mch☺☺☺
    love u lods waiting for u ☺
    all d best ☺☺

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