Tose Naina Jabse Mile..Part 9 RiKara SS

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Tose Naina Jabse Mile…Since My Eyes met Yours …Part 9 Truth out

Gauri was dressed in a beautiful yellow attire.

Om was lost in her beauty.He took haldi paste in his hand and put it on her face sensually.She felt a strange sensation passing through her body.

Jo na keh sake tum
Jo na keh sake hum
Jo na keh sake tum
Jo na keh sake hum

Gauri pasted haldi on Om’s cheek romantically.

Jo na keh sake tum
Jo na keh sake hum

Suddenly she rubbed her cheek with his surprising Om.They had a sensual haldi moment.Both were lost in each other.

Jo na keh sake tum
Jo na keh sake hum

Gauri moved towards his ear and whispered:I love you Omkaraji.

Kehne lagi
Dono se wo
Khamoshiyaan… O Saathiya

Om was surprised at looked at Gauri.
She was blushing:I realized that I too love you Omkaraji.

Om was very happy:My biggest wish was to hear these magical words from you.I feel complete now.
She smiled.

Kehne lagi
Dono se wo
Khamoshiyaan… O Saathiya

They both came closer sensually and with burning passion rubbed each others cheek again and again ad got into a passionate embrace.

Saathiya… Saathiya
Saathiya… Saathiya
Saathiya… Saathiya
Saathiya… Saathiya(IB song)

The wedding day…
Gauri went out to meet Kaali Thakur secretly.Tej was observing her secretly.
Tej:I know where you are going Gauri.You thought yiu can fool us forever?Now this what I can do.

Jhanvi went to Gauri’s room to give her the wedding jewellery.
Jhanvi:Where is Gauri?
Anika came:Even I am searching for Gauri.She has to be take to the beauty parlour.But she is not see anywhere here.
All of them came.
Shakti:What?Gauri is missing?
Om:What are you all saying?Gauri can’t be missing.
Gauri’s mother:Noo…Did Kaali Thakur kidnap her?
All got scared.
Shivay:What nonsense!If Kaali thakur had entered our compound we must have known it.He cat kidnap Gauri silently.She must be here itself.Look again.
Anika:We searched Shivay..but…

Pinky:I agree with Shivay.Gauri must be here .
Shakti:But where?

Kalyani:I think like Billu said we should look properly.
Soumya:Actually Anika di and I searched for Gauri bhabhi in every corner.
Rudra:If Gauri bhabhi is not here where can she go?

Tej:I know where she has gone.I saw her stepping out of the house.
Om:Dad…you know where Gauri went?Thank God..Gauri is safe.
Gauri’s mom:Where is my daughter then?
Tej:Gauri has gone to meet Kaali Thakur.
All were shocked.
Gauri’s mom:That means Kaali kidnapped my daughter?
She started crying.
Om:No…this can’t happen.
All were scared and upset.
Tej:Don’t worry.Kaali Thakur won’t harm Gauri.Gauri is safe.Gauri went there on her own.No one kidnapped her.
Kalyani:What are you saying Tej?

Shivay:Why should Gauri go to see Kaali?
Gauri’s mom:Gauri won’t go there like that.She always wanted to escape from Kaali.

Tej:I pity you for not knowing your daughter’s true colour.She has hidden her real face from you also.

Gauri’s mom:What do you mean?
Tej told them what Abhishek told him about Gauri’s real intentions.
All were shocked.
Om:No..I won’t believe it.
Jhanvi:Tej..what is this?You only told me that the Private detective said nothing bad about Gauri and everything is normal about Gauri.
Tej:Yes.But there was more into it which I was unaware of it.
The others said:We can’t believe it.Gauri can’t be fake.
Shivay:Gauri saved my life.If she was heartless she would not have done that.
Anika and Pinky:Gauri was genuine when she saved Shivay.
Om:Sorry dad.I trust Gauri.
Tej:I know that no one will believe me.But now itself we can see her true colour.Come with me to Kaali Thakur’s cave.
Om:Ok.I will come with you.But not because I don’t trust Gauri,but to prove that Gauri is right and you are misguided by your private detective.

Tej thought:May God give strength to Om to see Gauri’s true face.

Gauri reached Kaali Thakur’s house.
Kaali:Welcome Gauri.We are near our destination.Congrats to you for accomplishing our plan successfully.
Now let us discuss our next plan.

Gauri:No need.I don’t want to hear your next plan as I am not interested in it.
Gauri:Means I can’t betray Omkara as I love him.I can’t betray the family which loves me a lot.I can’t break their trust in me.
Kaali was angry:So I was right about you.You betrayed me.
Gauri:No,I was not betraying you purposefully.Even without my knowledge I fell in love with Omkaraji.His pure love ad innocence made me fall in love with him.His family gave me so much of love that I realized that I am blessed to have them.
Kaali:Stop it.You think after betraying me you can live with them happily?No way.I will let them know that you are none other than a con girl who was cheating them.Then they will kick you out and hand over you to the police.The rest of the life you will suffer in the jail.You want that or live a luxurious life hearing my orders?
They did not know that The whole Oberoi family was standing outside overhearing their conversation.
They were shocked and shattered knowing that their Gauri whom they trusted the most was betraying them.Their eyes were covered with tears.Omkara was shattered.Gauri’s mom could’nt bear her daughter’s hidden face which she failed to know despite of being her mother.
Gauri:You don’t have to threaten me Kaali Thakur.I myself will tell Omkara and family about my real identity.Let them put me in the jail.But still I won’t betray them.Living in the jail is better than betraying such nice people.I will not cheat them anymore as I love them.

The tears of Oberois shone now knowing that Gauri’s love for them was not fake,but true.Even Tej became emotional hearing it.
Gauri :So good bye Kaali Thakur.Now onwards there is no connection between us.Our ways are different.I realized my mistake and I will walk only on the good path.
Suddenly Kaali held her closer squeezing her beck angrily rolling his red agry eyes on her:You think you ca easily leave me and go.I won’t let you go that easily.
Om got scared:I am worried about Gauri’s safety.Will Kaali harm Gauri?I think I need to go inside.
Shivay:You are right Om.You need to go inside and see what’s happening over there.

Tej:I will ring up the police.

Tej rang up the police and called them there.
Gauri scratched Kaali and pushed him.
Gauri:I knew that you will behave this way.Evil people like you cannot tolerate anyone turning good.So I am not shocked about your current reaction.But I don’t care.I am leaving.
Gauri turned to go.Suddenly Kaali took a gun screaming at Gauri.
Kaali pointed the gun at Gauri:Gauriii
Gauri got scared.
Kaali shot Gauri.
The scream of Gauri was heard.

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