Top 5 Spoiler Combo

Shastri Sisters:

Anu starts giving much time to Rajat and fails Minty’s moves. She makes his favorite breakfast and keeps his office uniform ready to show her dedication towards him, while Rajat gets glad to see everything getting normal.

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Dadi makes Soumya write a letter in which she writes her heart out… how Yuvraaj fell in love with her and wanted to send his proposal, which Pratima took for Suhani.

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Tere Sheher Mein:

Hari’s family offers support to Sneha and his son Rudra hates the Mathurs for making his dad fall in big trouble. Rudra decides to take revenge from Mathurs.

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Dream Girl:

Laxmi gets glad to be around Ayesha and observe her to become exactly like her. The staff ladies make fun of Laxmi which angers her. Laxmi makes a mistake again by her lies, and her silly pranks irritate Ayesha.

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As we wrote about the short six month leap in the show, RV will be seen with Ritika as his wife, while Ishani is still lamenting in jail. RV and Ritika both seem be happy couple and they attend an award ceremony.

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  1. Why didn’t rv help ishaani’s family?

    1. who would feel like helping anyone when that person jabber rubbish and all.. just like that rv probably got really hurt..
      really feeling sorry for him and her (in a way.)
      hope this hugeee leap ends and good thigs come afterwards

  2. Were is qubool hair ?

  3. how can the director expect his viewers to believe that RV is over ishaani and is happy wid rithika owing all his success to her….i mean really? he forgot ishaani and her love soo easily in 6 months? that’s bullshit!!
    and rithika is pregnant wid whose baby actually?

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