Together by destiny shivika OS

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Hi guys.
I will talk at u saw in ib tat shivay thinks anika can do aything for money.he started taunting her indirectly.tia husband(robin) is taking her somewhere to stop goes our os,

After long waiting for tia and trying to connect with her through calls there is no answer.evryone are totally worried.its almost muhurat time.evryone are waiting for shitia wedding.rumours are spreading through media may be tia runaway.oberoys reputation is at stalk.shivay couldn’t take it more.he straightly goes leaving ta altar.
He comes to anika.she is in room coz she can’t see shitia wedding happening.
S: u have to marry me!!
For a second Anika thought he is finally accepting his feelings.she is surprised,shocked and confused.
A: are …
S: u will get huge amount of money in return.
Anika listening this feels like dead.
A: u think I will marry u for money?
S: just cut the drama OK? I don’t think I know.
Anika gulping her swallow with wet eyes.
A: then u know me wrong.I will never do such a creep thing.
S: don’t u get tired with this drama? When u can spend night with daksh for 15 lakhs then its a small thing for u.

Anika takes back listening this.
A: mind your words Mr.oberoy.may be u think u can buy anything (crying) but not me.I will not destroy my life marrying could u think tat I spend…………( her voice is not coming out)
Shivay comes too her and looking at her melts.but then those visions where he saw anika in daksh room ,anika taking papers from daksh.ha again becomes a devil.he tightly holds her hand tat its starts paining.
A: aaaaa leave it its hurting
S: I don’t care.u wl come n marry family reputation is at stalk.
A: I won’t,never.
S: u will.u know me anika, if u have to agree if not I will destroy ur brothers future.
A: u will not do anything like tat.
S: I will,I can. Just decide ur life or ur brothers?

Anika cryiny falls on floor.
S: stop this melodrama.he pulls her up holding her get ready fast.
Anika gets ready being a dead body.shivay comes and signs her to hide face under the veil.she drags her n brings her to mandap makes her sit.evryone thinks that it is tia.saath pheras are completed.he makes her wear mangalsutra.tears are rolling down continuously on her face.he removes the veil to fill sindoor in her vermillion. Evryone are shocked seeing anika there.before anyone question marriage is completed.
Media starts questioning.
Shivay: u r here to give ta news of oberoy wedding.its done.u may leave now.

After media leaves.
Dadi: billu what’s al this
Pinky: anika did all this.she trapped my hera beta.
Anika crying looking down.
Shivay: enough! U all want to marry.its done.
And he drags anika to his room.
Rudra starts dadi smile.they r happy thinking shivay realised his lve.jhanvi n shakti also fine with shivay decision.tej cares nothing.pinky is fuming.

In room:
He leaves anika forcibly.
A: now what? U won by making me loose.but form this moment I only have hatred for u.u r a evil.
S: stop ur nonsense.u also wanted this only right? U had blaming tia to trap me.finally it happened. But don’t dream high.u mere a thing tat exists in this room.after few months,I will divorce u.don’t wry I will throw the money u needed on ur face.

Shivay starts leaving from there.
S: don’t dare to step out of this room and try to say truth of this marriage.if u so then ur brother will bear ta consequences.and he leaves from there.
Anika cries vigorously.after sometime she sits like a dead body.omru dadi enters.they express their happiness.but om notices anika in pain.
Om: anika what happened!
Anika: I want sometime alone.
They all leave.

Somewhere on deserted road.
Shivay: why anika! Why r u acting now? What’s ur truth? Tat u were saying in front of me or tat u were doing with daksh.
He bangs his fist on ta car.and whole night he stays there only.and anika crying in shivay room

Next mrng, prinku comes and gives her saree as dadi told so.she goes n freshen ups.
Shakti makes pinky convince that anika is shivay happiness.
Anika is called for her first rasoii.she comes out by then shivay comes and holds her tightly” I told u to stay in room”
Omru who come just then coughs seeing them
Omru: just control guys.

Shivay leaves to his room.anika goes to kitchen.dadi apreciates evryone also just smile eating.
Omru ask her to cook daily.shivay just comes then.dadi makes him eat dish.shivay felts it but he throws ta bowl saying its disgusting n leaves from there.omru ,dadi n evryone look at anika with shock n concern.she just leaves from there.
Later she goes to dadi to ask permission to meet sahil.she leaves and joins sahil in boarding school.
In office tia comes n meets shivay.shivay first yells at her for not coming to marry him.but tia blames anika for all this.she says anika hit her head and make her unconscious.shivay is hell shocked ,his heart may not believe it but his mind came to conclusion tat anika is a gold digger.

Anika returns home n explains dadi abt sahil.dadi tries to convince her to bring sahil home but anika already joined him coz anika never wants sahil to be under same roof where shivay stays.
Shivay comes home bursting in his anger and holds Anika hand so tightly tat she gets wounded bcoz of bangles.dadi shouts at him.evryone r shocked.he drags her to room and starts yelling at her tat she made tia unconscious.anika tries to explain a lot but he pushes her n leaves.anika sits crying on floor.omru comes n does dressing to her hand.they ask her reason. But she just cries in reply.

Dadi tries to talk to shivay but doesn’t gves any reply.days are passing with shivay hurting her more with his words.dadi omru understand their marriage is not on basis of love.shivay says nothing anika can’t say anything.omru tried a lot to control shivay anger with their obro moments.they even try to make anika mingle in their moment.but shivay not leaves a single chance to insult her.
Anika sleeps on couch near pool times he cares for her by covering her with a blanket amd when she gets hurt by slipping.the pain he gave her is beyond limits tat his care is not felt by anika.
Anika became silent passing days ,she talks less ,she smiles less , the only reason for her smile is evry family member of house are happy coz she is perfect bahu. Bt the truth only she knows.
Shivay even not permits her to do her job bcoz its not oberoy status.he just throws credit card on her face to use whenever she needs money.

After 20 days of their marriage they r invited in an event.shivay takes her to show off in front of media.
But he dance with tia there insulting anika.even then when some creep misbehaves with her he punches him hard n hugs to console anika but just for a minute.he again pushes her saying tat creep behaviour makes no difference to her respect bcoz she already sold it.

Its been one month now,
Sowmya needs to pay amount in CLG but her account has some problem and she needs money immediately.anika first time uses shivay card to help her.
Shivay again taunts her on this without listening.later she goes to dadi to talk .shivay passing by listens to their convo.sowmya also present there.
Sowmya: thanks didi u helped me giving money.u always help me , u guide me, and when I am in fearing situation u always come to care for me like my sister.tat day also when daksh bhayya called u to come sleep with me u agreed n stayed with me whole night in his room.thanks a lot didi for evrything
Anika: I am ur sister na? No need to thanks.and its not my money its this family money.dadi always help me she even helped me for sahil education giving 15 lakhs.I don’t know when I will return ta amount.
Dadi: what r u saying anika? Its ur house ,ur money.u have right on it.don’t knw what’s going on between u n shivay.there was a time I used to think u r his perefect partner. But truth is he is not worthy of u.the way he is behaving with u ,it would have been better if daksh married u.tat day when i said abt loan he was so happy tat he only gave u papers to see u smile.he is far better than shivay.pls forgive me..
Anika: don’t say like that iits not ur mistake, its my fate.
Shivay who listens all this understands that was all daksh plan and takes aback.he drives somewhere emotion less.he remembers all insult on her.

He calls khanna to enquire abt tia.with a serious spying he gets to know tia is married.this was when he collapsed on road shouting in gulit.he is totally drained in rain.he goes to tia.tia seeing him in late night hugs him.shivay pushes her and gives her a tight slap.he gets her arrested.
He returns home and looks evryone in hall.anika is serving them juices.he goes to near her.anika takes step back thinking he might hurt her one more time.shivay kneel downs in front of her.
Shivay: I am not worthy of ur forgiveness but plz me forgive me anika ( holding hands)
Evryone asks him whats happening.
Shivay explains all he did how he married her how he insulted her,everything.
Dadi gives him a tight slap n asks anika to forgive by holding hands.
Anika: its not ur fault dadi.he is tat kind of person who always price tags a person.just make me free from this relation pls dadi.

Dadi: I know he did wrong but its marriage .don’t break the marriage, saying this she collapses.
After doc checkup,anika decides not to give her stress n goes to her room
Shivay: anika plss ….
Anika shows he hand to him to stop
Anika: don’t say one more word .just don’t.
And she goes to couch and sleeps crying.
Shivay has no courage to meet her eyes. He just makes himself busy in his work. He even stopped talking to anyone.Anika started doing her event days passed shivay got into serious depression.and one day he drives his car with anger ,guilt on his deeds.after getting hit by truck he lands up in hospital.

Evryone visit him in HSP.all are worried for him.police inform tat shivay drived in wrong way.and this when anika goes to him with full anger,
Anika: what ta hell do u think of urself? Don’t u care abt dadi and ur brothers? Why u drived like tat?
Shivay cries vigourously and explains how daksh planted everything.
Shivay: Anika I am unable to live in this guilt. I gave u immense pain pls forgive me.give one more chance
Anika cryingly says” its not easy for me but I will try not for u but for ur family sake but don’t this stupidity again.
Shivay smiles with tears.

Shivay is discharged to home.anika starts taking care of him, slowly their bonding is again started.
Omru encourages him to rekindle the love anika has for him.
Shivay cares evry possible effect to make her happy.he even sometimes irritate her to make her old jhalli anika.
Anika started smiling again ,she started to be happy ,she started falling for shivay again.
On her bday,he gives a surprise to her and brings sahil home forever.Anika totally impresed and thinks to talk to him abt her feelings.Anika goes to his room.
Anika: shivay I need to talk to u
Shivay: I know what u want to talk anika.u don’t need to say ,take this ur bday gift.
( its divorce papers .seeing that anika gets shocked) u r free now.u don’t have to bear me.

Anika tightly slaps him.
Anika: u always treated me like a doll.I am stupid to fall in love with u again.if u wanted to free me why all this drama? Why u stated showing care n love again? Why?
She holds his collar n cries vigourously.
Anika: I am so stupid tat I loved an oberoy who can never respect my feelings .u want me to leave na .OK I will leave .
And she starts to leave .
Shivay holds n pulls her closer .
Shivay: I am sry anika.I thought u will never accept me.u will be happy if I free u.I thought this relation is burden to u.I…..
And he hugs her tightly.

Anika pushes him still crying.
Shivay comes closer to her and says “I love u anika “ “i love u a lot” .
He caresses her face ,wipes her tears.
Shivay: I always gave u pain.will u accept me for ur lifetime to punish me?
Anika nods smiling.
He comes closer and touches her lips with his lips.he starts tasting her juicy lips passionately.
Their tongues are witnessing evry corner of their partner mouths.they break apart when they badly need oxygen.
Shivay looks at her passionately .anika gets shy and tries to go.shivay pulls her n lifts her in his arms takes her to bed n lays her down.he starts kissing her neck.he kisses her cheek her eyes and is abt to kiss her lips again.she pushes him and gets up. Shivay unties her blouse and kisses her milky white back.anika heart racing like a horse n she holds the bedsheet tightly.he sowly removes her saree and witnesses her evry part with his lips.anika kisses him on his chest and on his cheeks. They consummate their marriage.
Thus the two souls got together by destiny became one.

Hope u all like it.the whole idea and storyline is of chocopie(PRI).but she has exam I just typed her ideas by adding dialogues n my spices.if u like this os plz do comment below.
With love

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  1. I really just want to be happen in real episode.Its an awsome..

  2. Mukta

    So awesome I told u na…. aapki tarif k liye tw shabd hi nhi hai mere pas!!!!! You r just mind blowing????

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank you mukta

  3. Nandupie first all of lamba and lovely wala Thanku…??????????☺☺☺☺☺
    And trust me you do better and to good justice with idea and script than me…

    Every emotions you write so well and I just enjoyed it…☺☺☺☺☺????????

    I love you a lot y Nandupie…☺☺☺

    PS we need to do collab work more often I am feeling like this…???☺☺☺

    Are han You write that last wala romantic scenes so hot and I was blushing like anything visualizing that scene…????

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank u chocopie

    2. Nansshivika

      But y r u commenting in the name of chocopie?

    3. Pri_24

      Rivanah can I know why are you posing your self as me and comment like me?? Its real a cheap thing..??????

    4. Pri_24

      Rivanah I thought of you as a friend on TU and you did such a cheap thing plz from now on don’t read and comment on any of my work I don’t need appreciation from cheap people like you…???????

  4. Jayashree

    Good one dear…

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank u jaya

  5. Lovely dear the way you represented it was great…you should also write ff..????

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank you dear.and I write ff too.u commented there also.ff by nans

  6. Tany

    Superb… ..

  7. Nan’s its by mistake and I didn’t don’t intentionally.

    1. Nansshivika

      Seriously u typed exactly like PRI and u say this? Just cut ta crap.go to hell

    2. Sanaya_malik

      That was mistakenly type?? Wow….. Yr wat an idiotic excuse yr…. Its so cheap yr…. Dont u even realize wat r u typing….?? I dont knw y u r doing this… But its cheap…

    3. Priyali

      are u kidding me? U didnt do it intentionally? cheap tricks will never work rivanah .. srsly.. i dont believe thiss

    4. Priyali

      awesome se bahut upar nans and pri… totally loved each and every word..

      PS.. what can i call u guys as nicknames? i really feel like u guys r my elder sisters.. u can also give me a nickname as well.. i wont mind,,

      1. Nainaa

        You can call Nans as Nandhu pie and pri and ChocoPIe…. these are the names given by friends gang…???

      2. Nansshivika

        Thank you priyali.u can call me the way u like.??

      3. Pri_24

        Priyali you can call as you wish and I would like to call you Pia if you don’t mind…☺☺☺☺

  8. Nithu

    Akka…em cheppali…nuvuu edi rasina…keka…chuper machi…eppudu..ilu..ante bore kada…anduke…e sare..main aap ki os se bahoot pyaar karti hoon….
    Aap ki likhi huyi…har ek shabdh..bahoot lucky…pucho kyu…kyunki..yeh shabdh..aap likha..hein…na…akku…evvari ff or os chadivite dimma tirigi block avtodo..ade nandini akka ff…ah…

    1. Nansshivika

      Mohi ne comments sampesav po??????????????????????????????love u a lot dear

  9. Samaira20

    It was awsum nanu….I just want the same thing to happen but in less hatred and…..just loved it…..

  10. Nida

    You awestruck me it’s superbb

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank you nida

  11. Priyanka_22

    It was outstanding Nans & Priiii
    Loved it
    Narration was mind blowing
    Even I felt anika’s pain
    Me kya kahu an
    You made my day

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank you priya

  12. It was awesome…emotions are nicely described…I really liked it…

  13. Sanaya_malik

    I lovd it nans… U r best as i always says…
    And plz ignore these commenters…. They r trying to. Distract u…. Episode was full of emotions… Lovd it??

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank u sana baby

  14. I just don’t have words to express how I feel adout this. It was amazing. Loved it a lot.

  15. Fama

    it was really awesome…really I enjoy the way you describe emotions
    Wonderful is hoping the same onscreen

  16. Pri_24

    First all of heartily Thanku for writing and typing this for me on my saying?????? I am really lucky to have you yaar… ??????????love you alot …???????and Sorry for not commenting on time and being influenced by idiot’s cheap trick…??????

    And coming to OS you write it so well far far far better than me trust me I can’t this so well…☺☺ Their emotions are just amazing and mind blowing though I know what gonna happen next I cried while I am reading it and I felt bad for both ShivIka and you concluding idea is far better than mine so ibloved it more…???????

    Nandupie only thing I like to repeat from that cheap comment stunt is we can do collab work again…☺☺☺ Love you yaar…????? You are my support system along with Sanu baby and Tsunami.???

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank u chocopie.u r happy with this n so do readers, tats a lot to you too??????
      And ya we will definetly do collab work our support system is there na @[email protected] always????

  17. Jazz1

    Superb. ????

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank u jazz

  18. Puvi

    It’s awesome nandu I loved it

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank u dear

  19. What a perfect story…i totally loved it…thank u so much…u made my day..❤❤❤

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank u dear

  20. ShubhangiRokxx

    omgggggggg no words it was a complete package of emotions it was awesome

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank u dear

  21. Sat_9492


  22. Shivika

    It was awesome u nailed it …. u made my eyes teary.. .

  23. Akshaya

    Yippee my nandhu and chocopie ‘s collaboration os . Amazing , wonderful and awesome guys. It’s rocking. Mmm now I’m able to understand how nandhu , the so called innocent became romantic. It’s all because of chocopie. ?? Omg I think I will also get the romantic disease because of nandhu , San, and chocopie . Love you girls????

    1. Nansshivika

      ???? true aksh.we will make u romantic don’t wry.thank u .love u too???

  24. Samm

    i hated shivaay in the first part, but he is totally cool, right? not more than anika, tough 😀

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank u samm

  25. Simplyyyyy super nansss.and the last part was super duperrrr.. Loved the full epi..ur now in fulll accelerted mode.hope u wil make is constant.. Al the best u dear???????????????????????????????????????

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank u Sasi .love u too???

  26. Hey am a silent reader..D story ws too good..
    Bt i saw d same story someone has been posted in india forum.. Juz wanted to know whether is dt u or someone copied ua story..?

    1. Nansshivika

      Omg .they r my lines I purely write it.who’s tat mansion.I have copy in my word too.she is so cheap.

    2. Nansshivika

      U wait for her next post dear she will post remaining is proof tat she is copying mine.such a cheap thing.its really hurts a lot.she is posing as its her work.its posted first on tu na? She posted half.????

    3. Nansshivika

      She removed her post.I owe u a lot yaar.thanks door informing me

  27. Nansshivika

    Each n evry line is same then they must have copied dear.many ffs in tu are posted their yaar.???buts its purely my writing.the idea is of pri. We both did collab work. Thank u dear.

  28. Dts k.. I really love ua writings n i strongly condemn plagarism.. Keep entertaining us with ua writings..

    1. Nansshivika

      Thanks a lot dear??

  29. Nainaa

    WoW WoW WoW WoW WoW WoW WoW WoW WoW WoW WoW WoW WoW!!!
    I don’t know why my hand is not controlling from typing wow for you guys….
    I had admitted it before but again i wanna say girls “tussi chaa gayi….” like really like you are doing great work after all you are Nandhupie and ChocoPIe….????
    Seriously guys I am loving your combo of ideas… I know both of you can create fire with your words…. after reading this one I was like a cat beside two lions…. you both know that romantic quotient in my ff is far low than that of you guys…..
    Shivika are damn cute… oops!! That word is not for you …. Shivika are damn hot…??
    I am still burning even after I was done with reading….
    I don’t know what to say to you my cuties… I am so blessed to be atleast a friend of you.?
    What all I need a bucket full of cool water to pour over my head just to feel cool after reading your hot Os…????????
    This OS is something which made me feel like a dumbo after all commenting so and so late….

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank you so much cutie pie?????

  30. Priyali

    So if it’s your permission I will call u nandhupie and pri di chocopie. Thanks for the suggestion nainaa di.????

  31. hey nans very sorry yaar ,my bad i didn’t notice ur os ,brilliant episode yaar i really love it…..its ur and priya ‘s thoughts right both of u did great job dr…..

  32. I love it, i really hope this actually happens. its such a good storyline

  33. Tulasi

    Awwwww….wat a surprise…pri n nans together…..❤❤❤❤❤ suprrb dear…..its awesummm….shivaaay felt tht guilt n its really apt..i really want to see dis in d real stry…..luv u both…shivika r awesssuuuuuuummmmmm……

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank u tussy
      Love you too??????

  34. Mrunal

    loved it nans…
    u know u r such good writer…and pri the concept was awesome…

    i want to see shivaay in this guilty state in real IB too…he us hurting annika so much now a days…..

    just loved this os my dear….

    and sorry for late comment…

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank u dear

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