To become one – ‘The oberois ‘ (episode-2)


Inside of the house


Anita is shown siting at the couch.. Just then door bell rings and she goes to open it..

She invites a girl inside the house and makes her sit. The girl is none other than Roshini

Anita : I was just thinking why you are getting late..

Roshini : Actually i had a late night yesterday.. and you don’t worry i will make it up in drive..

Anita : No need to hurry.. He called me and said that the flight is delayed for an hour..

Just then Durga Devi (DD) enters..

Roshini on seeing her..

Roshini : Aunty i am going.. see you..

She makes an exit from the house

Roshini is shown driving het car fastly.. She stops the car near a cliff….


A man is shown comming out of airport with full attitude and he looks at watch… Its noneother than Deep..

Deeo : Rosh.. Where are you..

Just then a car fastly comes infront of him and stops.. The glass of window goes down..

Deep(shocked) : Rosh..

Roshini : Hello bff.. get in..

Deep also gets in car.. he was about to put his small suitcase on the backseat he sees a wihsky bottle..

Deep : Rosh.. you haven’t stopped this..

Roshini stops the car..

Roshini : No.. i can’t cause you know if stop this then i will die deep.. and i don’t like to change your mood.. so please..

Deep gives her an impossible look..

They gets into a resturant and checks in..

Deep : So what’s the plan..

Roshini : Lets party today and tomarrow early morning we will leave..

Deep : So lets get ready..

Precap: Aarohi sees Deep 

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