Ok guys as I promised I am here with first episode so let’s start

Let’s start from the promo

A flight landed in India

Man- welcome sir I am seeing you after 2 years I hope everything is alright

Kabir- don’t call me sir Anwar(Anwar is kabir’s friend and pa) I am same kabir and your friend nothing changed in these two years thank you for taking ma and pa these 2  years in my absence btw why these arrangements

Anwar- actually sir(Kabir glared him) ok Kabir you are coming after 2 years na ok let’s talk later ma and pa will be waiting for you

Kabir- ya I want to meet them let s go


Girl- Sanchi your father is calling you

Sanchi- coming just a minute (she murmured something to God) then both went to home

Sanchi’s father Sunil Mishra is panchayat head and most respectfully person in village

A beautiful decorated big house is shown

(Sanchi was confused why they are decorating at 7:00 a.m) she searched someone there comes her mother Jaya

Jaya- where are u Sanchi I am searching for you whole house papa is calling you

Sanchi- mom wo actually I went to temple

Jaya – select some dresses and jewellery for tomorrow occasion

Sanchi- what mom for what

Jaya- beta don’t say you forget don’t you remember what happen last week in panchayat

@flash back

Someone marriage is stopped so all the people are assembled in panchayat

Panchayat head Sunil Mishra

All gave him respect

Random man- started to narrate the reason for panchayat. Today we are here to discuss the matter of Kesavan daughter marriage problem

Kesavan- who are you to stop my daughter marriage it’s my wish to decide whether my daughter want to marry or not he pointed out a girl

Sunil is shocked to see Sanchi

Sunil- everyone is equal to me he question Sanchi why she stopped the marriage

Sanchi- papa you know I won’t do anything without reason

Kesavan- don’t do drama here he is panchayat head if he treats everyone equal then he should give justice am I right

Sunil- I should hear everyone one side tell me Sanchi why you stopped the marriage

Sanchi- I stopped because Suhani is only 17 years old she is very young for marriage and she wanted to study I can’t tolerate this being a law graduate

Sunil- kesav my daughter did right thing  why are doing this to your own daughter

Kesavan- now you are supporting your daughter this is injustice

Sunil- I am supporting her I am just explaining the situation she is very young for marriage so the decision is taken marriage will not happen until Suhani complete her studies

Random man- panchayat disperse

All people are about to go Sanchi hugged her papa in happiness

Other side Kesavan Burns in anger

Kesavan- everyone stop Sunil Mishra what you did for your daughter you made her study well now she is 22 and you are keeping her in home she is just wasting her time in interfere in others personal life who will marry her no one is ready to accept her

( Sunil become angry)

Sunil- I am Sunil Mishra father of Sanchi challenging you my daughter marriage will be held within one month. Sanchi are you with me

Sanchi- yes papa I agree whatever you say

Kesavan- if not

Sunil- I will resign my position

Kesavan- let’s see

@end of flahback

Sanchi- o god I have totally forget it now I understand these arrangements ok where is papa

Jaya- are you happy with  this marriage

Sanchi- yes ma I am happy with this marriage

Jaya- but beta

Sanchi- no ma don’t say anything whatever papa do it’s all for one reason I won’t let papa down

Jaya- tomorrow groom’s family is coming

Sanchi nooded and went to meet her papa


Kabir and Anwar reached Kapoor mansion

Kusum was overjoyed to see her beloved son after two years she hugged him

Kabir- I missed you mom he reciprocated the hug

Kusum welcomed Kabir with Aarthi

Kusum- are you alright beta I hope you forget your past  my only wish is you should be happy

Now only he noticed his house is decorated

Kabir- mon I don’t want to think about it but I couldn’t ( some memories flashes in his mind) btw why this arrangement

Kusum- Kabir beta

Kailash entered inside his house

Kailash-kabir how are you (Kabir ran to his father and both share a hug)

Kailash- Kusum let him eat we can talk about other things later

Kusum- I totally forget about it change your clothes and come soon I have prepared tour favourite dinner

Kabir- but ma tell me what you are hiding from me

Kusum- beta go fresh up and come we will talk later Anwar take him

Kabir went and came in night dress( Anwar is staying in kabir’s house)

After dinner

Kabir- mom and pa tell me what are you hiding from me

Both told that they have decided kabir s marriage and tomorrow they are going to see the bride

Kabir was shocked to hear that

Kabir- mon I was not interested in it

Kusum started to cry I wan you to be happy and move on in life that s it I want see my son’s happiness that matters me the most if you are not interested then it’s ok we will cancel the marriage

Kailash consoled Kusum

Kabir-But ma

Kusum- but the girl I saw was very beautiful  I thought I found a perfect match for my son and he will accept to my words

Kabir thought two years he is separate from his family they didn’t interfere In his decision now it’s his turn to give respect to his parents decision

Kailash– ok beta if you are not willing we cancel the marriage

Kabir- no wait I agree for the marriage which ever girl you choose I will marry her

Kusum- really

Kabir- yes mom. I am tired I will take rest

He went to his room and saw his open window and went near to close it

Suddenly something got his sight He was admiring the beauty of moon

And some memories flashes in his mind

He closed the window and went to sleep


Sanchi was in terrace and admiring the beauty of moon her friend came

Friend- don’t you feel sleepy

Sanchi- see the moon how beautiful is it

(Sanchi’s friend Apurva)

Apurva- I know you don’t want to marry

Sanchi- what made you think like that

Apurva- Sanchi you are my friend I know you are marrying for your father sake

Sanchi- don’t think to much let’s go and remember I am happy with this marriage ( she went and slept hoping tomorrow will be a better one)


Precap- may be bride and groom meeting

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