Till you come back… (ISHQBAAZ) part 8

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Chapter: 8

I am so sorry for making you wait as I was really blank on what I should write down. And todays stuff which is below I just hope that it matches with the previous chapter. And above that my office work and all so I was running sort of time. Anyways, this is priya back again with another chapter hope you like it.

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Shivay had turned back to scold the person who hit him, but on seeing anika he lost the control on his senses. His anger just vanished and he just looked at anika with mixed emotions. Whereas anika stood there shocked. She was cursing her fate for making a situation like this. Shivay overcame the shock and was about to ask something when anika cut him off…
A: I am sorry I deliberately didn’t pour water on you. (tapping the waiter) what are you standing here go and bring tissue idiot. (looking at shivay’s shocked condition.) I… I…. will go and… and get… it.
She just went away as fast as she could as she knew that she can’t face him. Malika came to him and asked shocked.
M: shivay I felt like I saw anika. (getting no response she looked at him. She asked again) shivay I am talking to you. (she on finding no response from him she patted his shoulder. He looked at her and she continued.) answer something.
S: (composing himself.) haan what were u…. you… ask…. Asking.
M: shivay I felt like I saw anika.

S: you didn’t feel like that malika actually that was anika. (looking at her with teary eyes) she…. She… is al… alive. My faith won malika. She is actually alive.
He looked back at the place where anika went just to find her missing. He was about to go in the direction but Mr. Malhotra came and started conversing with him. He had no other option other than let anika go. Anika on the other hand just ran to the store room and sat on the floor holding her head in hand. She just cursed her fate for bringing her back to the situation which she had never wanted. She had was happy to see shivay fine like before but she also had tears that she cannot return to him now. There had been many changes in her life in this two years. She just said.
A: was the test that you had given me was not enough that you have again brought me back in front of him. (crumbling her hair in between her fingers.) how will I face him now and what will I tell him? (she just shut her eyes tight) why always me? God plz help me.
While all through the rest function shivay tried searching anika but she was not seen anywhere. He was just getting hell angry for letting her go like this. Finally, the guest left and anika finally came out expecting that shivay might have also left. She just came out and sighed in relief on finding no people around. She washed her face and then instructed the worker over there to clear the mess and just sat on the nearby place. Shivay who knew that anika was hiding had not left the place. He waited back and he saw her coming out and went to her, she had hidden her face in palms and was relaxing herself when shivay keeping a glass of water said.
S: have some water you look strained out.

Anika just looked up startled. He just smiled at her and then sat on the opposite chair. She felt suffocated that she just stood up to leave when he held her back and said calmly.
S: was 2 years not enough for you to run from me that you are still trying to run away. Well I just need answer to some of my questions then I will leave.
A: there is nothing in general in between us that is left for talking shivay. (trying to free her hand) so just leave my hand.
S: (smiling) well I am glad that you still remember my name. So, anika for your information I am not requesting you I am ordering you. so, just sit back as there is no way for you to escape.
A: (getting really angry on herself for getting weak again she just sat back and asked a bit irritated.) what is that you want to know? Just finish it off I have loads of work to do.
S: first and foremost, what are you doing here?
A: (confused) what do you mean?
S: I meant you had meant with an accident right so, you should have been beside god right.
A: (mocking a smile) well I didn’t die in that accident. So, I guess I am here right now because of that.
S: (calmly) fine then why didn’t you come back then?
A: (pulling his leg) you call me impossible girl right so just thought to do some impossible thing. I thought to explore this whole world so thought never to return back. And do something exciting.
S: anika I am not in a mood of joke right now.

A: who told you that I am joking shivay? I am as serious as you are.
S: (giving an impossible look) you haven’t changed at all.
A: neither you. (looking at him from top to bottom) well you have lost the charm you once had in you, your eyes are dry and they are not reflecting any life in it.
S: (smiling) and how can you expect that playfulness to remain in my eyes when my reason for living is far away from me. The reason which the whole world considered as dead?… And look it is sitting in front of me alive and healthy as before.
A: shivay I think it’s too late now. You had a big event tonight I think you must get some sleep.
S: anika (sternly) why didn’t you return back?
A: shivay why are you getting so possessive. I mean I am not your wife anymore remember we had signed the divorce and then on what basis do you expect me to return back to you? or even your mansion.
S: anika that’s not the only truth….
A: (raising palm indicating him to stop.) shivay I don’t need any explanation. I can understand that you might have married tia by now. So, be in your limits and take her for granted not me. I think that would be better for you, and this meeting right now (smiling) let’s just forget everything right here. Just think that you and me never met. Then I guess everything will be back to normal.
S: look anika you are misunderstanding…
A: (cutting him off she got up and shivay too got up and said.) shivay plz I am not feeling good while discussing these topics. So, plz for my sake let’s just stop it.
S: (looking at her he knew that whatever he would tell won’t bring her back to him. She really needs to be explained from the base. So, he just said casually) well you look great. And the event was also nice. Thanks for arranging.
A: (looking at him) thankyou but that’s my job and I have to make everything perfect.
S: (in mind) rather than our life and relationship… (smiling) well you know what when I stepped in I somewhere felt that the organiser were you, as your taste has still not changed.
A: shivay I am not you, who like whatever he wants will change the decision and then get on the nerves of the people around until and unless it is gained.
S: well can I ask you one thing anika? If you don’t mind.
A: (smiling) I have never ever ignored what all you said nor am I going to do that now. So, carry on.
S: (looking straight at her) don’t you miss sahil. I mean you always used to say that he was the only relation you had. So, didn’t you miss him.
Anika’s face lost all the colours on hearing the name sahil. Memories of her time spent with sahil just flashed in front of her eyes. Shivay was noticing the change in expression on anika’s face. On seeing that she was not replying he placing hand on her shoulder said.
S: anika where are you lost? You didn’t answer me.

A: (stammering) amm… ho… how… is… h… he… no… now.
S: well I must ask this to you right. He was your family.
A: (getting angry) what do you mean haan? I left him in OM when I left you… (she realized what she was about to say she just stopped in the middle.)
S: (smiling and he completed her unfinished sentence) when you left everyone back there to believe that you were dead in that car accident (anika looked at him with concern and his eyes glittered with the fresh tears formed in his eyes.) and you left us all and came here and settled here.
A: (knowing that the discussion was going back to the past she said getting totally annoyed) well that was not the answer to the question I asked you.
S: (looking into the distance and sighing) well I don’t care to answer any of your question as you are not answering mine.
A: (holding him by shoulder) shivay I am not asking you any random stuff I am asking you a serious matter how is my brother?
S: (taking her hands off) if you had really cared about him then at least you might have not kept yourself hidden for these long years. And as far as I am seeing I can find zero change in you. So, I guess you are happy with your life here in hiding. So, enjoy.
A: (with pain) shivay plz… I am already broken now don’t prick my broken soul.
S: (stepping back) fine then I am not interfering. Let me also see now how will you stay calm after seeing me like this back after two years.

He just tuned back and started walking. Anika wanted to stop him but words were not coming out from his mouth. She just looked at him leaving and hr eyes were slowly becoming wet. Shivay just stopped in middle and without facing her he said with sternness.

S: well you can’t complain about being pricked as you not at all know what the real pain is. I have gone through one just because of you, and you know what I have died a thousand times just on getting the glance of the blast in my dreams. Well I must confess anika, you are having a great heart. Which I guess has lost all the goodness it had in it once. Anyways, congratulation for your new life.

Saying so he left. Anika just sat there on the lawn looking at the way shivay left. She then looked at the sky and a lone tear escaped her eyes. She felt like someone was stabbing her as shivay had just left her like that. Shivay was also undergoing through the same. He just walked keeping his hands in pocket. While back in the lawn dev who had come to call anika had seen what all had happened there. Kavya was sleeping in his arms. He came and kneeling in front of her asked.

De: so, he is shivay.
A: (looking at him and wiping the tear.) yes, he is the great shivay singh oberoy my husband.
De: anika why didn’t you tell the real thing? I mean you must have made him aware of kavya.
A: (nodding in negative) no dev. I can clearly see the frustration in his eyes. And I guess that might be because of his marriage with tia. So, if I tell him about kavya then I think it won’t be good.
De: anika why didn’t you tell him how much you have waited for him? He is just going on assuming things and you on the other hand were just listening to all what he was telling.
A: (smiling and then nodding with tears in eyes.) no dev. I was not surrendering to the allegation he gave me. But instead I know that he somewhere has a faith that I will return to him. And I was just trying to let his faith down. That’s it.
De: anika he really needs you back. I mean from the way of his talking it was getting cleared.
A: well who won’t want his reason for living to come back in his life. Shivay was also wanting the same but I can’t just return like that.
De: (sighing) well all I can say anika, is that you better don’t take any wrong decision. Just think twice before you take any decision or get into any conclusion as it won’t not only matter till you, kavya is also coming in this matter. So better don’t take decision in haste.
Anika smiled and asked him to go. She got up and then looking at the way shivay left said.

A: shivay I know that my words might have hurted you. but today’s meeting was totally unexpected for me. And as far as sahil is concerned I know that he is very safe with you, and that you might be taking good care of him. I have not returned because I never wanted you to think that someone right from your family has made us stand in this situation. And what is the need of returning as even if I come back we will have to end our relation because I know that your mom won’t accept me as her bahu. To be frank I can’t stand one more betrayal. So, I guess that’s why I was not ready to come back to you. The wounds that are buried deep within my heart are for the first time getting fresh again as I have again hurted you, that too in your presence. I am sorry shivay as this is all I can do. And now I have to be more conscious as I know that you will not leave a single stone unturned for getting me back and I on any cost won’t return back to you and I can’t let you know about kavya.

Saying so, she left. While back in hotel shivay got into his room and throwing his coat on the bed sat on it holding his face in hand. Malika who was waiting for him from long entered his room and on finding him in such a condition said.
M: so, I guess the situation got even more worse right.
S: (looking at her) yes, I guess. Well you didn’t sleep.
M: (sitting in front of him) and how can you even expect me to do that shivay when my friend has found out what he wanted all this 2 years?
S: don’t get so excited as there is still chances that anika might not come back. I mean she is having loads of misunderstandings in her mind. Which I really don’t know how will it get cleared?
M: oh, common shivay you have never given up when you only had a lame faith that she is alive and now when she is finally here you are trying to give up your self-confidence. No, shivay you have never lost a fight in your life and I am sure you will not lose this on too.
S: but malika she is not even ready to listen a single word even on my trying. She is just stuck to that stupid thing that I am married to tia and all that. I don’t know how am I going to make her understand the stuff.
M: well shivay the biggest problem is even if you will make up her mind how are you going to make everyone back in OM understand? I mean specially aunty.
S: (rubbing his temple. He let out a sigh) god know yaar. Look even after getting my property back I am sitting here alone and above all, all dejected.
M: (calming him down) relax shivay everything will go well.
S: I don’t think so. As even on trying to make her dejected and feel low she is letting herself down. I mean she trying to supress her emotions so that she doesn’t become weak in front of me.
M: (smiling) well the great SSO has to come back now. It’s really necessary at this moment. So, I am giving you permission shivay lapse into that zone very soon, as I don’t want to lose my friend again.
S: and I can’t afford to let her leave me again. So yes, I guess time for some action now. (he did his signature step.)
M: (smiling) that’s like a good hero. All the best.
S: (smiling and then sighing) I just guess she will listen to me. As I cannot hurt her more. (lost in thoughts) as she is also hurt like I am.
M: and you cannot afford to lose her shivay and that too at any cost. So, just focus.
He smiled and nodded in agreement.

So, done with this part. I just really hope that I didn’t bore you, and don’t worry as there are still more drama to come further and people transformation is also needed. Well if you like do comment either positive or negative. And if any suggestion then doo mention that also. And in case if you are getting confused just ask that too openly.

So, this is priya signing off.

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