Till you come back… (ISHQBAAZ) part 7

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Chapter: 7

So, this part I think will relieve you all a bit. As I have changed my mind and did according to yours all wish. Well what that is you will get to know after reading this chapter. I hope you like it and if not you can tell it freely I will change what is necessary. So, this is priya back again with another episode. Enjoy.

One day shivay was giving some information about a document to his secretory when malika came in all happy. Shivay seeing her excitement smiled and said.
S: what happened malika you look very happy today? Did someone propose you?
M: (on hearing the name proposal she gave an angry glare to shivay on which he smiled) no I just got a gang who kills a person for free.
S: (knowing that she was making fun of him he pulled her leg more) oh, really. And may I know that whom are you planning to kill.
M: (smiling) amm I guess (a bit of arrogance and looking straight at him) the person who is wearing a black suit right now.
S: fine then go on. Where are those guys?

M: (getting irritated) argh shivay can’t you just leave a moment of teasing me. Anyways I thought to give you some good news but I guess now it’s not needed.
S: (she was about to leave) no… no, malika you continue. I promise I won’t tease you.
M: (she smiled and said) shivay the deal which we had fixed with Malhotra’s is finalized and they are approving it for our company.
S: (smiling) wow that’s a good news. So, when are they wanting to fix the deal.
M: amm after 2 days. (her expression changed into serious one and she said) but shivay…
S: (concerned) yes malika…. Why are you sounding tensed?

M: they are planning to do the meeting in india.
S: haan so what’s the big deal… (she looked at him confused) I mean you go there and attend the meeting I will handle the office over here.
M: I know that but shivay they want to meet us both so I guess you will have to accompany me.
S: (nodding in negative) I am sorry I am not comfortable. Try convincing them to meet you alone.

M: what do you think I might have not tried to convince them. (folding hands to her chest) Shivay I tried my best but they are adamant.
S: (thinking for some time.) fine I am ready as I don’t want you to curse me then after saying that I didn’t give a chance to you to kick start your dream.
M: (hugging him in excitement) thankyou…. Thankyou…. Thank you so much. (leaving him) you really don’t know how much you have made me happy today. So, get ready we will have to leave today or tomorrow.

S: (smiling at her madness) hello madam… that’s all fine but can you tell me where we really have to go.
M: (getting irritated) oh, fo shivay I told na we will have to go to india.
S: (slapping her head) idiot there are 29 states and 7 union territories in india. Which state are we going?
M: (slapping her forehead) what an idiot I am? (shivay nodded in agreement) amm we are having meeting in goa. They will give us the address of the place for meeting once we reach there.
S: fine then what are you waiting for go and arrange the tickets.
Shivay just smiled and she left. Then at night shivay and malika started for goa. They couldn’t take sahil as sahil was busy with examination. After reaching there they booked into a hotel and then took rest. While in the resort anika was busy running helter skelter. Dev held her back and lending her water said.
De: madam breathe why are you running around like this? Look yaar kavya is looking at you dumbstruck.

Anika just looked at kavya who was sitting in the play corner and looking at her bewildered. She just smiled for which kavya too smiled back. Then she looked back at dev and said in tension.
A: this big… big and high profile people are like this only. If they want to arrange a party and even on having 1 full week in hand, they will just tell their arrangements for the party before 1-2 days. Arre are we some machines they must also behave like humans. Idiots.
De: but anika the party is tomorrow. Relax and do your work.

A: (with a made-up laugh) very good advice dev but don’t you remember these people…
De: (confused) which people?
A: arre these workers yaar they never do things properly. Either they will not do their work properly else or else they will eat up my head.
In the mean-time someone from behind dropped something and anika just closed her eyes and relaxed herself. She then turned back and saw the whole decoration stuff fallen on the ground. She looked back at dev and then said.
A: see this is what I told you. happy now my expensive decoration property is broken just because of you. (looking back at the worker) hey you where your mind when you are at work haan.
De: anika relax. (she looked at him) okay relax I will pay for the loss that happened due to me. Don’t work in haste chill and work.

She nodded in agreement and then continued. The next day shivay and malika went to attend the meeting and finalized their deal. They were then invited for a party for the success of the deal. Finally, like instructed shivay and anika came to the place where they were asked to. And the place was none other than HEAVEN’S LAND resort. Shivay on stepping in felt a slight gush of breeze soothing his face and he somewhat felt that he was getting relief after 2 years. They were warmly welcomed by the Malhotra’s. Shivay felt strange as he felt that the organizing of the designs were similar like anika’s. Malika was busy with her so called made up friend and she left shivay with the rest people.

Shivay admired the place as it was really peaceful. The sound of the sea that was behind the arrangement of the seating and all. He was lost in thoughts when he felt someone pulling his shoe lace. He just looked down to find kavya playing and at times clapping for the work of removing the knot of the lace. He just smiled and kneeled down in front of her. kavya just smiled at him and he got lost in her blue eyes. She threw her hands in front of him and he smiled and took her in arms. Kavya just made happy sounds on her being taken and then got busy playing with shivay’s tie.

On the other hand, anika was running behind the cooks asking them to prepare food soon so she was inside the kitchen. Dev was talking with people and he was asking if they were comfortable or not. Here kavya was making shivay amused by her antiques. She would either pull his coat or mess his tie or sometimes do something with the hand kerchief kept in pocket and what not. Shivay for the first time in 2 years smiled like this and this didn’t go unnoticed by malika. She came to him and asked raising an eyebrow.
M: so, you seem to be really happy shivay. look at you… you are smiling. (looking at kavya) well who is she…. (making an angry face) haw shivay you never informed me that you are having a kid in goa. Very bad.
S: (looking at her and then sternly) are you done with your talk or you want say something more.

Seeing the talking and sound change in shivay’s voice kavya just squealed and this made malika and shivay both look at her. she then frowned looking at malika and threw the handkerchief which was in her hand on malika for making shivay angry. Malika just looked at her shocked while shivay just laughed looking at malika’s state. Malika pulling kavya’s cheek said.

M: haw soo…. Possessive for this uncle haan… I am sorry I made fun of your uncle.
Kavya didn’t like to get cuddled like this. She just made angry face and frowned that made malika take her hand off her face. Shivay just patted her and tickled her and kavya was back again with her work of messing up with shivay’s cloth. Malika looking at her asked.

M: who is she shivay? and what are you doing with her?
S: (making aa confused face) even I don’t know who she is? She was crawling around and then I think she didn’t like my shoe lace tied up so she was letting it off.
M: isn’t she cute…. I mean she is just… (she ran sort of words to express)
S: (smiling) even I am amazed I mean it’s not that I have never seen kids before but I fell some sort of connection with her. some special bonding.
M: yes even I am surprised I mean look at her (kavya was trying to take of the pin which was in the pocket. Both shivay and malika smiled.) she became so possessive on my teasing you. well where are her parents.
S: (looking around) that’s correct. I mean…

Just then they heard someone calling kavya and searching here and there. On hearing the voice kavya just started jumping in shivay’s arms and looking here and there as she knew who was calling her. she was making noises and this made shivay more confused. Kavya then spotted dev and was laughing seeing him. She was just keeping looking at him and then make some voice as if she is telling something to her. malika understood that he was searching this girl only so called him out and kavya clapped that finally her mama found her. shivay was really lost in seeing the things done by kavya. Dev coming to them said.

De: aah there you are you little punter. And you made me search this whole area.
Kavya just happily squealed and then went in his arms. Dev took her happily and now she became busy finding some treasure in the buttons of his shirt. Shivay felt some pain while giving her but didn’t understand what it was. malika smiled at the way kavya was doing her thing and dev asked looking them. He had never seen shivay so he didn’t understand who that was.
De: I am sorry sir. This girl na never sits in one place. I guess she didn’t disturb you.

S: no… no… it’s okay. She is a very sweet kid.
M: well what’s her name?
De: kavya… (hearing her name kavya looked up and then behind where shivay and malika were standing. She then looking at dev made some irritated sound. This made the three laugh and dev said) this aunty was asking your name so I was telling her your name drama queen. You continue your work mam.
S: (kavya just frowned and then resumed with her work.) well how old is she? And she is having very capturing eyes.
De: (smiling) amm she is 2 years old and yes, she is really adorable but she is very… very cranky. She don’t like to get disturbed when she is doing something. I guess you are the foreign delegates right.
M: hmm yes but no need to be formal. We are here for our success party nothing else.
De: (smiling) well I know that. Anyways congratulation for your success. Enjoy the party. (looking at kavya) hey punter tell bye to them.
Kavya looked at him and blinked for a moment. Then she looked back and smiled at shivay and gave a frown to malika. Malika made a sorry face and then finally kavya smiled at her. dev smiled and then took her away. Shivay was just looking at the place where they were going. Malika snapped in front of him making him look at her. she asked.
M: (teasing) so shivay singh oberoy is getting lost. Not bad not bad.
S: well it’s nothing like that. I mean she is a cute kid and my goodness her eyes are so captivating.
M: hmm like yours. But now it is lacking that attraction shivay.
S: (nodding in negative) malika you know that anika meant everything to me and you also know my state of mind. If sahil was not my responsibility, then for sure I would have never been here right now.
M: shivay plz… (she rubbed his hands and said) never talk like that again. You only tell that your reason for living is not dead then how can you say this sort of thing.
S: how long malika? It is now 2 years and I haven’t still traced her out. You know what every time I sleep I get nightmares of that blast. And when I am wide awake the reality of my mother strikes in front of me. I mean she has not even grieved for the mistake she has committed.
M: shivay I know it’s really hard for you but plz handle yourself. I feel that something really good is stored for you that’s why god is making you go in this difficult phase right now.
Shivay just looked at her with pain stricken eyes. She just smiled at him and patting his shoulders went from there to attend the call. Shivay too got call of sahil and he said.
S: hey champ, how are you?
Sh: I am fine. Seems like you are not enjoying the party.
S: (confused) why do feel so?
Sh: that anger tashan and all that tadi is still in your voice. What happened didn’t someone lend you a company?

S: well it’s not like that. And you know I was in a shocked state some moments before.
Sh: really and what was that thing that had made my jiju get shocked.
S: (describing about kavya) I mean she was very cute and she almost frightened malika.
Sh: really that sounds interesting. Well when are you returning. I am getting bored in this hostel.
S: very soon. anyways how was your exam.
Sh: (without any interest) it was good.
S: (sternly) sahil…
Sh: okay baba… I have performed well now don’t become like didi.

S: (smiling) okay… bye take care.
Sh: (smiling) you too…
Shivay smiled and hanged up the phone. Anika came out and instructed the waiters what to serve first and what all order they have to follow. Shivay felt some uneasiness and looked around to see what it was, but he was disappointed. Anika on the other hand was arranging everything and was too busy. Dev on seeing her still not ready came to her and asked.
De: what is this anika why are you still in this dress. Why aren’t you ready?
A: (smiling) well I was sitting ideally and playing piano all this while so I guess I didn’t get time to get ready.

De: anika the guest has already arrived and you madam if you are forgetting you are the event manager and look at you, you are still in this dirty dress.
A: (mocking him) dev for your information I was doing my work and what if I am the event manager that doesn’t mean that I must roam around wearing beautiful dress after all this party is not for me. So, whatever I wear it doesn’t matter.
Kavya who was listening to this heated argument was just tossing her head like a tennis ball bouncing from one court to another. She then made an angry squeal and this made anika and dev stop their talk at once and even the waiters nearby stop and look at her. kavya was frowning and was looking at anika and dev all angrily. Anika looking back at the workers said.

A: what are you waiting for? Go and do your work. (waiter went away. She then looked at kavya and said) what is it haan? why are you squealing.
Kavya just clapped her hand and then looking back at dev hit him for making her mumma angry. Dev just looked at her confused and asked.
De: arre why are you beating me. Look at your mumma she is not even ready and she calls herself the event organiser.

Kavya looked back at anika and then scanned her from top to bottom and then frowned and made some angry sounds looking at her. anika just smiled and said calmly.
A: haan… haan… tadi that is what you can give right now. But baby make your mama understand that he must also help me with work.
De: (answering back) excuse me…. What do you men now I must also come and organize the functions and events now.

A: you are complaining as if you are full time busy and I am forcing my work on you.
De: madam for your information I also run a business here. If I was not there na then you might have not been standing here organising such a big event.
A: haan so that’s what I am exactly saying you don’t have any work. All you have to do is just sit in AC chambers and then talk with people.
De: and that talking only gives you customers.

Kavya looked at them and then pulled anika’s shawl and this drew anika’s attention on her. she then made some sounds and played with anika making anika calm down a bit and then on dev’s insistence she went and changed and he took care of everything in her absence. After sometime she came there and placed kavya in the play area and then took some water and was walking around looking at the arrangements for the final time. Shivay who was talking felt anika’s presence and he at times looked around but he was not getting any clue.

Like always anika found some mistake and was scolding one of the waiter and they were simultaneously moving too. Shivay was standing ahead and was talking with the people. Both were unaware that they were in the same direction. And anika was just drinking water to relax herself. She would at times scold then drink water and the same again. She too felt somewhat strange as she used to feel earlier when shivay was around but she was ignoring it. Finally, she bumped into someone as she was not looking ahead while walking and the whole glass of water fell on the person whom she hit. Shivay who was talking to the client was not at all expecting this sudden push and above that the water fall. He just looked back in anger and the same moment anika too hitting her head and murmuring (gayi bhes pani mein very good anika…) looked up but she couldn’t finish what she was saying. Shivay lost all the colour of his face and his anger disappeared into thin air.

Fate again brought shivika face to face after 2 years. Anika stood rooted to her spot while shivay was just lost and he was really feeling numb as if he was dreaming. Both were
shocked beyond expectation and were just looking at each other.

To be continued…

So, done with this part and to clarify the doubt which bhavana asked well sahil was left in OM only when all the ladies had gone to temple. So basically, he was not with anika at the time of accident. And since he was at OM and above all shivay’s responsibility shivay took him along with him to London. And since anika had not shown up for two years sahil remained with shivay. I guess now you got the thing bhavana….

I just hope that you like this part and plz do comment. Again, saying if you want any change in track then do inform me I will look after it. So, this is priya signing off….

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