Till you come back… (ISHQBAAZ) part 3

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Chapter: 3

Hello everyone… thank you for motivating me and reading my story. Well, all I can say is thank you and that’s it. I guess if I will continue with my nonsense then for sure you will only get bored so yes let’s start. So, this is priya back again with another part of the story.

Last episode: https://www.tellyupdates.com/till-come-back-ishqbaaz-chapter-2/

Dadi(D): chup khotiya… (smiling) you too are my child.
Jhanvi(J): how are you, now? It has been a while since we met.
Shakti(Sa): but beta how did you get to know that ma was ill.
M: (smiling) arre relax everyone… I got to know that dadi is not fine from my friend and so I caught the next available flight and came here. Well dadi how are you?
D: I am good puttar.
I: so, di how is your office there.
M: (smiling) mine is excellent. After all I am having nice employees. Leave mine tell me how is your dance classes going on.
I: good.
While down shivay was just trying to figure out the reactions that were possible to come. He was just cursing his fate to bring him back to the situation which he never wanted. The same moment omru arrived there with medicines and were arguing over something. Shivay who was facing his car had not seen them coming. Rudra while telling something bumped into shivay who was facing his back to him. The packet which was in his hand fell and he kneeled down to take it.
Shivay turned to see who it was and was shocked to see om. Before he could react anything om 1st looking at rudy then nodding in negative looked at shivay to say sorry on rudy’s behalf. He was having mixed emotions on seeing him that he just stood rooted to his spot. Rudra got up and looked at om and told.
R: come on o… we have to give this medicines to dadi today… (saying this he started moving but he found om missing and again came back to him and said.) o, where are you lost. Come na…
O: (finally getting out from shock.) shi… shivay.
R: (seeing the strange behaviour of om he looked back. Seeing shivay his happiness knew no bounds that he hugged him and said with tears) bhaiya… (looking at him) I am so happy that you finally came back.

O: (hugging him) I missed you so much. I am glad that you are here.
S: (adjusting himself. He asked looking at them) how are you both?
O: where were you shivay? we tried searching you everywhere.
R: haan bhaiya and what are you doing here?
S: (smiling) well I guess I have come for the same purpose for which you have come.
R: (confused) what do you mean?
O: wait a second how did you know that dadi is in hospital?
S: (patting their shoulders) my sweet brothers will you shower all your questions or are you planning to give medicines to dadi.
Omru: sorry… come.
They went in and omru were again surprised to find malika there. She hugged them and greeted them. So, om clearing his throat said.
O: well dadi me and rudra have brought something special for you.
D: and what is that puttar.
R: amm not so soon dadi. It needs a proper introduction.
I: rudy… why are you confusing us. And om what is that you have brought. Tell na… don’t create suspense.
R: (smiling) patience bhabhi… so everyone over here presenting my superman shivay bhaiya.
Shivay entered the room leaving everyone dumbstruck. Pinky was just crying. Malika and ishana were happy and dadi was just looking at him. He came close to her and she holding his hand asked.
D: billu…. Why did you take so long to came back haan?
S: (wiping her tears) relax dadi don’t take strain plz.
She hugged him and he reciprocated. He hugged the elders except pinky and then finally came to priyanka who was just crying. She hugged him and cried. Shivay too got tears but he relaxing priyanka said.

S: priyanku I had asked you to always remain strong. But see you have again broken your promise.
Pr: bhaiya I missed you so much. Where were you? why didn’t you come back?
S: shhh… relax baba now I have come na… so relax.
It took some time for shivay to calm her down. Then he came to ishana. Om was about to introduce her when shivay said surprising everyone even ishana.
S: ishana thank you so much for taking care of om and supporting him in my absence.
I: (coming back from shock) amm bhaiya how do you know me? I mean we have never met before.
S: well how can I not know? I know everything about you dear.
O: wait a second malika what are you doing here?
M: amm I came to give a cooking audition.
R: (confused) cooking audition… didi did you come to give audition in hospital.
M: (mocking him) haan why not rudy… time has really changed now a day’s people have started giving auditions in hospital.
O: rudra shut up. Malika how did you come to know that dadi is in hospital. You are in London right.
M: (nodding) but yesterday I was informed by my friend that dadi was not well so I thought to come and meet her.
R: arre didi how can you friend inform that as we never told anyone that dadi is not well.
S: actually. malika and I work in the same company and when I got to know it we came here.
Tej(T): but shivay how did you know that ma is…
S: (smiling) I left OM doesn’t mean that I will leave you all forever. I had kept regular eye on all of you.
Omru: how?
S: I have appointed a man who is present all throughout the day and he informs me everything that happens in this house.
Pinky(P): so are you going to stay here or….
S: (facing her and sternly) you don’t need to worry about that. I will be leaving once dadi gets fine. So, don’t take stress I am a guest for few days.
Everyone got silent on hearing his talk. Malika supported pinky asking her to ignore his rudeness. Pinky smiled and then all continued with their talk with shivay. In the evening shivay excused himself as he had to pick up sahil. Omru on seeing him leaving asked following him behind.
O: shivay where are you going?
R: bhaiya don’t worry I am taking good care of your business which you left 2 years back. So, you don’t need to work here.
S: (looking at him) I know dumbbell that you are looking after my business well. And to break the ice off I have to get sahil back.
Omru: sahil… he has also come.

S: (smiling) I am not that bad that I will leave my BIL alone in London. He was pestering me all these 2 years that he wants to meet his old friends so I left him in his colony before I came here.
Omru: fine then we will also join you.
They went to the colony and picked up sahil. Omru were surprised to see sahil walking by his own without any crutches. Sahil was so happy on seeing then that he just hugged him and started off with his stupid talks. shivay was happy to see sahil in this form that he didn’t interfere and let the 3 do whatever they wanted to do. Finally, at night everyone returned back to OM except tej and Shakti. Shivay excused himself and went to his room and shut himself in. omru knew that shivay wanted some time alone so didn’t disturb him. He opened the cupboard and looking at the clothes well arranged in it a smiled crept his lips. A flashback came to his mind.
Anika was trying to avoid shivay as he was making her nervous so she on finding him coming to room without thinking anything hid inside the cupboard. Shivay who was on call didn’t notice her and was just firing something on the person who was on the other end. It had been almost 30 minutes that anika had hidden herself. She was getting suffocated due to heat inside the cupboard. She murmured.
A: this bagad billa is already a suffocation for me. Arre he keeps on making me nervous by doing things which makes me feel michmichi. and as if it is not enough he is now making me suffocated by making me sit here. Oh, god just make him leave the room plz.
Shivay on the other hand was not in any mood to leave the room soon. He said.
S: where has the anika gone? She is not seen since morning. That kumbhkaran woke up so early and left the room. And now it is almost afternoon and she is not seen anywhere.
A: (who was listening this got really angry that she said to herself.) how dare he call me kumbhkaran? What do he think of himself? Arre what can I do I sleep like this only.
S: and that crazy girl she doesn’t even wake up if I call her softly. I have to really make use of half of my wits to wake her up. Anyways I have to leave for office.
Anika sighed in relief that he will leave. She was smiling to herself when the next shock came for both of them. Shivay had opened the cupboard to get the file and coat. He really got shocked seeing her in there and that too smiling like mad and anika just looked at him as if she was seeing him for the for the first time. He then overcoming from shock asked.
S: tum… what are you doing inside?
A: (thinking for some time she smiled and replied.) amm I was checking whether there is some water leakage or not.
S: (confused) haan… water leakage.
A: (defending herself) haan have you not heard water leakage… what you refer? (thinking) haan that one in which water comes from wall… (he looked at her surprised. She did some logic sign.)
S: (irritated) excuse me I know what water leakage is.
A: (patting his shoulder and then getting down) oh, you know very good. I thought you big people might know it.
S: (confused) stop it anika and just can you explain how did you think that there is water leakage in this room and that to in cupboard. And for your information the bathroom is right there. (pointing the door behind at the other end of room)
A: (stammering) amm… I… thou… thought that if bathroom is there then water will surely leak from here.
S: what? Are you plumber to stop the leakage. Leave it. Tell me how were you finding the leakage by shutting yourself in cupboard.
A: (confused) amm I was just looking deeply and didn’t know when this door shut. Oh, now I understand why it had become dark suddenly. Might be because of door closing. (doing the logic sign)
S: (looking at his mad wife like she was some person from other world.) wait a second when did you enter the room? As I had never seen you coming from the main door.
A: arre I just entered like that only.
S: (confused) haan are you some kind of jinn or someone like that, that you will magically enter the room… no not room but straight cupboard.
A: (knowing that she will get caught) amm I think something is burning. Don’t you feel so.
S: (irritated) what? (smelling) I don’t feel anything.
A: (banging her head with her hand) oh, bete ki… how can I forget?
S: excuse me what did you forget? And what the hell are you saying?
A: (smiling) arre I had kept bhindi for getting cooked. And see I forgot it. (shivay was like from where did this ladies finger come in between. She pushed him side) now it might have got burned. Let me go and check it.
S: (on her pushing) anika have you gone mad… what… (but he couldn’t finish as she had left. He looking at the cupboard) has she gone completely mad. God what I am thinking? (he took the file and coat and left)
Flashback ends. Shivay was now almost in tears he just looked at her dress and then shut the cupboard. Jhanvi who had come in said bringing him to reality.
J: shivay are you alright.
S: (closing the cupboard) yaa badi ma… what will happen to me?
J: okay then can you tell me when are you planning to come back beta.
S: I am not sure. So, I can’t tell anything right now.
J: shivay beta I think you must forget everything and start your life once again.
S: I am sorry badi ma but I can’t marry anyone else as no one can take anika’s place.
J: okay I know that. And no one is forcing you, but beta what about pinky. She has had enough of your ignorance.
S: amm I am really sorry badi ma but I am not going to forget what she has done. If she had believed what I had told her then this day might had not occurred.
J: anyways I came to tell that dinner is ready. Come let’s move.
Shivay nodded and they both left. In goa anika was going through some files and records when dev lended her a cup of coffee. She smiled and said.
A: thank you. you didn’t sleep.
De: (sitting down on the next sofa) neither you. I was just not getting sleep so thought to get some water and saw you sitting so thought to make coffee.
A: that’s so sweet. Well you don’t need to sit dev it is just small work.
De: okay. But I just want to know that till when are you planning to continue this.
A: (confused) what are you saying dev.
De: you very well know what I am talking anika.
A: (getting glimpse of the blast. She just put the pen back and said calmly) well dev can we talk something else.
De: (nodding in negative) no anika, now water has started flowing from above the pot. Today you will have to answer.
A: dev plz…
De: (cutting her in middle) anika 2 years have crossed and you have never tried to contact them. Till when are you planning to play this hide and seek. One or the other day you have to get caught.
A: I know that you are concerned about them but dev if they really wanted to get some knowledge about me then they should have searched for me. But they have not done anything sort like that. So, I am in no mood to let them know that I am alive.
De: I don’t believe that you are talking like this. If you don’t remember, then let me remind you that your car had fallen off from the cliff and it blasted. And you were totally injured when I found you in bushes at that time. So, how can you expect them to get a team to search you in the debris of your blasted car.
A: I really don’t want to remember that accident dev. But all I know is if there is something called destiny then I am sure you will get all answers for your questions?
De: and why do you think so?
A: (smiling) because I know shivay, he might be the only person among them who might and still believe that I am alive. So, I am sure one or the other day I will have to meet him again.
De: and what if the thing which you expect never happens then.
A: (smiling and going close to a girl of nearly 1 year who is sleeping in her cosy bed. Patting her head) I will have to make kavya grow up all by myself giving her support which I never got in my life.
De: (facing her) but anika what will you answer kavya if she asks for her dad.
A: dev aren’t you feeling that you are thinking of the thing which is going to come in future. And who are we to decide what will happen in future. And I have to see my daughter grow up with each and every passing second of this present moment.

That’s it and sorry as I really don’t know what would pop up in my head while writing the next part so plz bear with me for not giving precap. And plz do comment and I can only post once in a day which is either morning or evening as I have loads of office work too. I hope you all will be fine with that. So, this is priya signing off again.

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