Till you come back… (ISHQBAAZ) Chapter 2

Chapter: 2

Thank you everyone for motivating me. So, this is yet another episode of this story. I hope you will like it. Anyways, let’s not talk too much. So, this is priya signed in with another part.

NOTE: om has married ishana and they do love each other a lot. Ishana is not a con girl but she runs a dance classes all throughout india which has main branch in Bombay. They had got married six months ago, and rudra has got engaged to soumya. And malika she is shivay’s school friend and everyone in OM knows her well and consider her as family and is still single.

Ishana who was outside heard what omru talked and after rudy left she came in and saw him crying. She felt bad that she came and hugged him. He too hugged her back and she patted his back to soothe him. After sometime he left her and said.
O: ishana I can’t take it more. I mean…
I: (holding his hand and cutting him in between) relax om I know it is though for you, but you have to be strong.
O: but how I have tried my level best to trace shivay but I can’t just find him.
I: what do you think om whether bhaiya is there or not?
O: (getting shocked and angry at the same time. He held her by arms and said in anger) don’t you ever say that again. Nothing can happen to shivay.

I: (calmly she smiled and looking straight at him) look this is what I wanted?
O: (confused) what do you mean?
I: (indicating the way in which he held her) see when I told you something which you can never accept this is the way you react. (om left her and she holding his hand said) om as far as I know love connects people. And in your case the love which you three brothers share is unique and it cannot be explained. Even when he is not in front of you, you can still assure that he is right there somewhere where on trying also you are not able to find him. Like that only from the tales which I have heard when you all tried making bhaiya understand that anika didi is no more he was not able to accept it.
O: (but confused) but that accident. Anika was in the car when that blast happened.
I: (smiling) well I don’t know about it but if bhaiya feels that his wife is not dead we can’t force him either to accept the fact which we believe. I agree that 2 years is a long span of time and bhaiya should returned till now. After all the thing that happened has happened because of someone who is right here in this house and how can you expect him to stay right under the same roof with that same person. (cupping his face) All I can hope is that bhaiya returns soon so that everything gets back to normal.

O: (smiling at her) well I know that I have never been able to take care of you. all throughout I am busy with sculpting and then rudy.
I: oh, fo you know what Mr artist you talk lot. And who told you that you are not giving me time. I am getting all the attention that a wife wants from her husband. So, now just relax and finish your work. I will go and check ma.
O: okay then.
She smiled and left. Om continued with his work. In some place near goa there is a beautiful resort. A girl in her mid-20’s is instructing the workers over there how to arrange the things. She is getting irked by the confusion that is getting created. She then shouts at the top of her voice making them go silent and obediently follow the orders that she is giving. The resort is named HEAVENS LAND. One young man in his mid-20’s come there and says looking at the atmosphere around.
M: hmm seems like someone has dropped a nuclear bomb.
Girl: look dev I am least interested in jokes right now.
Man/dev: arre why you spitting fire on these poor souls’ kali mata.
Girl: (mocking him) haan make fun na… you know what this kali mata is lacking her weapon otherwise it would have surely passed your body by now.

De: (pulling her leg) poor kali ma… so bad to know she is running sort of weapons.
Girl: (with a made-up smile) very good do you know that I really don’t need to have a large weapon to kill you. I just need some mere weapon like (bending down and taking a fork) this to kill you. (smiling at him) and do you want me to do that honour now?
De: (getting a bit scared) sorry mata I want to live for some more time. (taking the fork back) so I guess it would suit for the fork to be placed here and get it used for eating. (lending her glass of water) well anika why do you get stressed this much.
So, friends that’s none other than anika and as shivay believe she is alive. She was rescued by dev who took care of her and on her request, she was brought to goa. So, the resort belongs to anika who runs it and its financial dealings and housing is managed by dev. And don’t worry dev won’t be a bone to shivika’s story for that I have some others. Anyways back to the conversation.
A: (relaxing a bit) what to do dev these people you know what they are useless. They don’t even understand a simple thing I ask them to keep things here and they keep things there. And above that that stupid party people they are pestering me by calling now and then. (the same moment her phone rang with the customer. She banged he head on the pillar next to her leaving dev surprised) see when we think of devil. It calls. (giving her phone to him) I don’t want to talk with this guy yaar he is driving me insane.

De: (smiling) what are you saying anika you are already insane and how can this poor soul drive you insane again.
A: (getting angry) really dev. Wait a minute let me show you how much insane I am. (dev escaped from there laughing and attended the call. She looked at the arrangements and came back to her irritated form) hey you (to the workers) arre I am telling you a simple thing and why are you not getting it…
Dev who was witnessing this from far just smiled. After some days shivay received a message from his sources that dadi was not well and was admitted to hospital. Malika saw him tensed and after the meeting she asked him.
M: shivay is everything all right.
S: amm (looking somewhere) yaa I am fine.
M: (irritated) shivay enough of your drama tell me what happened during the meeting you got tensed what happened?
S: amm dadi is admitted in hospital.
M: (shocked) what? And how did you know that? I mean you are not even having touch with omru.
S: malika my family has been my first priority always. Even when you used to question me that why am I not telling anything about my whereabouts to my family and you thought that I never care for them but the real thing is I always had an eye on what is happening there.
M: (confused) how?
S: I have hired a servant over there who always informs me of the things that is happening there.
M: oh, so then why are you taking the help of the servant shivay, you still look healthy shivay that you yourself can keep an eye on them by being close to them.

S: look malika I am done with this topic long back. Plz don’t start again.
M: (getting angry) enough shivay. I have suppressed whatever I wanted to tell from 2 years. Now let me finish. (he sat there silent. Looking the atmosphere heat up the fellow workers who were there left from there. She calmed down and said) so, shivay I know that what happened was wrong but there must be something which we might be not knowing. The circumstance that lead you to believe that pinky aunty is behind anika’s accident might be different. And shivay it has been 2 years now. You have left your family and came here that too without informing anyone. Now how much will you punish them. Shivay I have personally met pinky aunty she is really regretting for what she has done.
S: (countering back) regretting… really malika you said regretting. So, just tell me malika will I get my anika back from the regret that my mom is doing.
M: (in a calm tone) shivay I know that but now enough. I have handled you enough. Take some break, go there and meet them, spend some time with them.
S: (surprised) what are you in your senses malika?
M: arre I am not asking you to go and settle down there. I am just asking you to meet them and then come back. Since, 2 years you have been working nonstop. And I am glad that I have got such a wonderful partner. But partner you really need a break now.
S: but malika…
M: (cutting him off) no ifs and buts. You are going and that’s final.
S: but my bruises will get fresh again.
M: well I don’t think that it has healed up from the time you came here. So, stop fussing around and think about sahil too he is a kid shivay and he has his own emotions. He has the right to meet his old school friends his neighbours and all. (he was about to say something she cut him off) so, get yours and sahil’s bag pack. We are going to meet dadi.
S: (putting the file down as he knew that he cannot back out) fine then. As you wish. But don’t even think that I am doing this just because you are forcing me.
M: (smiling) you are most welcome but I don’t want any credit or certification from anyone as I know how I should handle you.

Shivay smiled. And then by midnight they boarded the flight from London and next day arrived at Bombay. Sahil was so happy to be finally back in india after a long time. He just hugged malika and thanked her a thousand times. Finally, shivay and sahil went to OM and found no one there as they had gone to hospital. They got fresh and picked malika. Sahil was dropped in his old colony and the rest 2 went to the hospital. Omru were out to purchase some medicines. Shivay asked malika to get in as he needed to warm up. She went in to find ishana taking care of dadi and rest others supporting each other. Priyanka on seeing her there asked.
Pr: malika didi… you here?
M: (rest everyone sees her and gets surprised. She smiles and says) actually I got to know that dadi was not fine so, (confused) amm did I do something wrong by coming here.

I just hope that you liked the story so far. If you really need me to change something, then do tell me I will take into consideration. you can take any actor you like for the role of dev. If you like, then please do comment both positives and negatives are appreciated. So, this is priya signing off.

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