Till you come back… (ISHQBAAZ) Chapter 1

Chapter: 1

Hello everyone I just hope that you have not forgotten me. I was going through one of my works and then I thought why not write it down using some characters from ishqbaaz. So, I just hope that you like this and if not mention it I will stop. Anyways this is priya signed in with another new story of shivika.

It is a beautiful and bright sunny morning in London. People were celebrating as the snow, had just left the city and had promised to come back the next year. Road workers were smiling since they were not going to face the snow soon. But among these happy minds there was someone who was lost in his own world and was having a disturbed mind. He was standing in the balcony of his apartment and his fair colour was just glowing more in the sun, eyes which were coloured like ocean was lacking the playfulness of the ocean waves in it. He had a rough but maintained beard which gave him tough look. He is looking into the streets. Flashes of a girl smiling and dancing in rain was flashing in front of his eyes and then a sudden flash of car blast, with this he finishes his thoughts. A lone tear escaped his eyes. His grip got firm on the pavement of the barrier. Yes, so he is our shivay. He then wipes away the thoughts and gets ready to go to office.

In office, everyone wishes him but he doesn’t reply to any one of the wishes. He was as usual scolding one of the employee as he had not done the paper work properly. In the mean-time a girl also in her mid-20’s entered the cabin and asked the employee to leave. Shivay just looked her in disbelief and she looked back at him folding her hands to chest in an annoyed tone.
Girl: what is this shivay? why were you scolding him?

S: and why the hell are you interfering in my works?
Girl: (in anger) for your notice shivay I had sent that person out for some work yesterday. That is the reason why he couldn’t finish the work you gave to him.
S: (arguing back) haan so what? He had the rest of the day he could have even completed his work in the left hours.

Girl: (poking him) shivay he is not a workaholic like you he knows that he has a family back which is waiting for him so that he can spend time with them, not like you who is always behind official work. (concerned) shivay I am the only witness of your deteriorating health from the last two years. Shivay why are you doing this to yourself?
S: I have warned you many times that you better stay out of my matter.
Girl: (calming down) okay fine. I won’t interfere, but can you just pardon me to tell till when are you going to punish yourself like this.

S: (smiling) I guess till my life ends.
Girl: (in disbelief) really shivay I can’t believe that you are saying this. Shivay ups and downs happen in life but that doesn’t mean that you must run away from your family like this.
S: have you ever seen someone leave you who meant the whole world to you. (the girl was silent and she just looked at him with concern. He just smiled and said) well I have seen it and when that has happened in front of my eyes you can’t tell that ups and down happen in life and I must move on.
G: but shivay you have a family to look back. Om and rudra are waiting for you to return to them. And you are sitting here without even giving a single clue that you are alive or not.
S: relax yaar I have never told that I won’t go there. I will go but when the right time comes.
G: shivay why don’t you get it damn it that they are searching for you like mads and…
S: (cutting her and snapping back) well their breaking down is not the same if it comes to me. And haan if you are fed up with my work here then do mention it I will leave the next second. If you want to say something like that say it don’t drag personal matters in this.

He stood up to leave from there but he was stopped mid-way by the girl’s single question.
G: so, shivay have you decided that you will punish your family for anika’s death.
S: (holding her by her shoulder and getting angry) anika is not dead and she will never die. Do you get that? So, better think before saying something like this.
G: (wincing and struggling to get free) shivay you are hurting me.
S: (leaving her and getting calm.) look Malika, you better be out of my personal matters. And don’t worry I will be leaving from here soon. And then you will be free so till then I don’t want any discussion about my life.

Saying so he left the cabin and malika stood there facing him leaving. So, the girl is malika and shivay had collaborated with his office there with her firm and had started working with her since last two years. 2 years back anika had met with an accident due to which he left India and came here and started working. (The reason why he is running away from his family will be disclosed in further story.) though everyone tried to make him understand that anika is no more shivay was not in any mood to grasp it or accept it. He somewhere had hope that anika was alive. Malika was aware of shivay’s state of mind so she had tried a lot of time to make him understand but whenever she would take the topic he would react something like this. She just sat there and taking anika’s photo kept on the table said.

M: where are you anika? I don’t know how will I manage shivay. if his faith is true then come back and get him back else he will become a beast.
She kept the photo back and wiping her tears left the place. In the evening shivay is walking down some streets and flashes of anika is coming in front of him. He then settles down on a chair and closing his face with his hands he thinks.

S: why anika why did you leave me? Even after leaving also why are you making me feel that you are there somewhere. Plz anika after you have left I am no more alive. The family which is waiting for me back, how can I go to them on knowing that they are the ones who took you away from me. (facing the ground) I know that you are there somewhere in this world as my heart is not accepting that you have died. Plz come back…
He was lost in his thought when sahil came from behind and sat beside him. Sahil lives with shivay and now he is totally fine and it was for his treatment only that shivay had decided to come to London. Sahil looking into the distance says.
Sa: so, jiju are you done with your talking with your own self.
S: (looking at him and adjusting himself.) hey when did you come? How was your day?
Sa: that was not the answer to the question I asked.
S: (smiling and ruffling his hair) it is nothing like what you are thinking. I am fine and after all what will happen to me.
Sa: (nodding his head in agreement) haan you are correct what will happen to you, you are absolutely normal.
S: so, how was your day?
Sa: it was good but I miss my friends from my old school. What are these gore shores they only open their mouth to talk English nothing else? (making an irritated face)
S: (smiling and looking at him) hello mister you are in London the place where people speak English so what do you expect them to speak other than English haan?
Sa: (scratching his hair) aah… jiju plz haan stop praising them. I am fed up now. Half of the thing which they talk just bounces off from my head and now you are beginning with your speech. (mockingly folding hands) thanks but no thanks…. I am least interested.
S: (smiling) okay, okay fine baba… relax.
Sa: (there was a short silence in between them. Then he asked) do you really think that didi is alive??
S: (his face fell. He just looked at him and found him looking expectantly at him.) I don’t know but I do feel somewhat like that.
Sa: acha tell me one thing why are we not going back to India.
S: sahil can we talk something else.

Sa: (sternly) no… you have run too much now. Till when will you hide everything inside.
S: you know what sahil you both brother and sister are the same. (sahil looked at him confused shivay faked a smile and said) amm anika was also stubborn like you. she will not leave a topic until she gets a final and satisfactory answer.
Sa: really than why did you force her to marry you?
S: I have asked forgiveness a thousand times to anika, I had to as the circumstance forced me to.

Sa: jiju as far as I know you never kept yourself away from omru. It has been 2 years now and how are you keeping yourself away from them.
S: (smiling) who told you that I am doing that? I am still keeping track on them. Though I am not close to them I am still knowing their each and every moves. I am staying away just to make mom realize her mistake.
Sa: (mocking him) and what do you think you are doing a great job haan? arre you are killing yourself as you have still not accepted di’s absence and above that you are leaving omru alone?
S: (with tears) there is a correction not only omru but priyanka and dadi too.
Sa: (looking at him in disbelief) jiju are you kidding me or are you trying to make yourself a joke.
S: (confused) what now? What did I do?
Sa: you know that these 4 people cannot live without you and you have left them and come here.

S: well sahil don’t you think that you are talking too much philosophical stuff.
Sa: (smiling) haan… haan change the topic now that is the only thing that you have learnt. And after all, how can I not start talking philosophical stuff?
S: (confused) what do you mean?
Sa: arre I am living with you and now have adopted to your kind of lifestyle. So, it is just natural that I am talking like this you know na like grownup stuff.
S: (tickling him) acha you are saying that I am a bore type of person haan.
Sa: (laughing) ha… ha… ha… I am not saying it I am making you aware that you are very boring person. God only knows how anika didi managed you.

S: (frowning) really… let me show you how boring person I am.
Sahil understood the talk was leading somewhere to mischief as he had hit the bull in the eye. He silently stood up and ran away. Shivay too ran behind him. Malika who was watching it stood there and thought.
M: shivay it is so good to see this side of yours.
Saying this she just went off. Back in India om was working on a statue and rudra came in. he saw om working on the sculpture and knocked the door. Om looking back smiled and said.

O: what happened rudra? Come in there is no need to knock.
R: I saw you busy that’s why?
O: so, tell me what happened. Why have you come to me?
R: (sadly) I am missing bhaiya so just thought to talk to you.
Om on hearing bhaiya stopped sculpting and looked at rudra. He found him in tears and hugged him. Rudy hugged him back and om pacified him. He gave him a glass of water and said.
O: don’t worry rudra nothing will happen to your superman.
R: how can you be so sure o? we have tried to search him everywhere but…
O: (cutting him off) rudy you must try to understand the thing which has happened in his life was just what he couldn’t accept.
R: so, what o if he couldn’t stand it he will run away from us?
O: rudra first see yourself and then tell about him. Like the way, you have changed from Romeo to a complete sensible person like that way only shivay is trying to make up his own mind.
R: and why is he taking this long-time o? was 2 years not enough for him. Arre for a mistake committed by choti ma he has left us. Was it a right decision?
O: rudy we don’t have any right to blame anyone? And what choti ma did was the thing which situation has made her do. Listen rudra we all know what anika meant in shivay’s life? She was his soul and it will take time for him to accept the fact.
R: o how long will he take?
O: (calming him down) I don’t know. But I am sure if something will happen to any one of us the next moment he will come here for sure.
R: (getting some idea) haan good idea o.

O: (confused) what idea rudra?
R: I will drive harshly and get into an accident then on knowing it bhaiya will come na and then we will not let him go.
O: (shocked) what rudy are you out of your nuts? Don’t even dare to talk like that again? Arre then why am I living here haan tell me what you want I will give all what you want like shivay did? But don’t ever try to do or say this stupid thing again.
R: (confidently) fine then I will not. And as you said that you will get me what I want. Right. (om nodded in a yes) fine then bring back bhaiya.
O: (smiling) I will rudra. Now go drink your protein shake else you will get me beated from shivay for not taking care of you.

R: (hugging him) really o you will bring bhaiya back. Thankyou.
And he left. Om just smiled at his little brother antique and then looking at the frame in which the three brothers were present which was hanging on the wall he sighed and said.
O: where are you shivay? yaar I won’t be able to handle rudy more. I know that you are having a very difficult phase of life but look at me now I have to take your place and handle everyone here. Shivay this is not possible for me. Plz come back. Plz…
Tears escaped from his eyes.

That’s it for now… I want to know if you need me to continue or not so just open up and tell me… I will be waiting for your comments. Every type of comments either good or bad are appreciated. Just make me aware if you want any change in topic line I will try for sure. And haan again I am repeating the same phrase I am writing this story in the flow of typing so I can’t predict what will be the output coming from it. So, if possible do bear with me. And one more thing the characters will also increase if in case needed. So, this is priya signing off… bye… take care… and do comment.

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