The three trimester tale (Shivika OS) by Sanchi

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Hi everyone.. as I had promised a friend that I will post a story on Shivika near my birthday and I am back with madness. Its my birthday on Saturday so here you go folks I give you this crazy one shot……………

A pleasant morning like this one found Anika burning holes into the calendar in front of her. She was counting days again and again. She was weak in mathematics but it didn’t mean she was hopeless at such a small work of counting days in a calendar. After her 25th attempt she felt exhausted and gave up, finally coming to the conclusion that, in fact SHE WAS LATE. It had left her shocked because not a month in her existence was she late. How can this happen? It wasn’t just measly 3 or 5 days but a total of 18 days. A number of scenarios ran through her mind so as to find out the reason for this anomaly. Her mind suddenly came with an alarming idea and she catalogued her change of habits due to extreme fatigue and induced sleep. Gathering her courage (she had plenty of it) she decided to take a pregnancy test.

The star crossed couple Shivika planned to enjoy a date. Shivay agreed only because his wife Anika was forcing him for it. He took her to a classy restaurant where they had booked for a candle-light dinner in privacy. Whole evening Anika was jittery and on edge of her seat, she couldn’t come up with an easy way to tell her husband the breaking news. She was a nervous wreck, braving the winds she finally decided to lay it out there just like that.
“How was your day dear?” enquired Shivay casually taking a bite of the food kept in front of him. “Oh you know just this and that, how was your work?” was her absent answer, giving her a dubious look he replied “the usual, cracked a deal again, pass me the glass of water will you?”
“Congratulations on the deal, here is your water and by the way I am having a baby” she said casually as if she was discussing today’s whether with him. “Thank you and congratulations for the baby” was his absent reply while taking a sip of water. Anika waited patiently for it to click and exactly after 3 seconds Shivay started to cough as his water had gone down the wrong tube. Rolling her eyes she patted his back. Shocked blue-green eyes looked upto her “A BABY? WHAT DO YOU MEAN A BABY?!”

Anika gave him ‘the look’ as she spoke. “I mean a baby. You know, one of those tiny things that cry, eat, sleep, wake and repeat? Usually get delivered wrinkled and covered in pink and purple goo whilst screaming murder? You act like a really big one sometimes? Ring a bell?”
Glaring at his wife Shivay growled at her “I know what a baby is woman! What I don’t understand is how are you having one?” (Can somebody hit him hard on head??)
Raising an eyebrow, Anika spoke “well I can tell you that growl of yours had something to do with how this baby came about.”
Shivay paused “wait that means I am going to be a daddy.”
At this moment Anika was all ready to murder him but channelled all her irritation into her irritated look. They finally proceeded to celebrate in name of their baby and one thing lead to another.
The couple decided to break the news to their family and close friends as it was still very early for the public announcement; oh goodie!

They fixed next Saturday to host a small dinner and tell the grandparents and friends about the new development. It was borderline impossible to hide something so big from prying eyes of their family. Sigh!!
Come Saturday everybody sat at the dinner as the servants brought out the appetizers. The group included all the Oberoi’s with their respective halves, Anika’s parents Shree and Alok(she found them after her marriage, a story for another day), Mona, Sahil, Sundaribua, Daksh and ACP Ranveer(he was engaged to Prinku after all). Everyone was speculating as to why they were suddenly called. As everyone was lost in catching up our Shivika were giving nervous looks to each other. Shivay finally decided to man up and just spit out the news. He stood up and cleared his throat to gain everybody’s attention.

Looking around he spoke “I know you are all wondering why we called you hear today.”
Siddarth interrupted him “Are we celebrating SSOO finally coming to her senses and divorcing you?!” He was promptly silenced by a tight slap across his head by his lovely wife Mallika.
Shivay continued “we wanted you all here when we shared the good news; Anika and I are going to have a baby.”
The grandparents stood and rejoiced. Many hugs, kisses and handshakes were administered. “Finally I will see my kanji aankhon wale pota-poti’s!” Anika turned tomato red at Pinky’s exclamation. Rudra was a complete different story. He was jumping around the table in excitement shouting “I will be a chacha soon.” He jumped on Shivay as he was not the pregnant one proceeded to peck his brothers cheek, “Finally bhaiyya you gave me a baby! Thank you bhaiyya. Thank you!”
Everyone looked at him oddly, Soumya was the first to speak “um.. Rudra you didn’t hear it right I think but Shivay bhaiyya got Anika bhabhi pregnant not you. In fact if it had been you then…” she trailed of unable to complete her sentence, afterall it was her husband she was speaking to.
Rudra glared at her “Shut up Sumo! What I meant to say was I will be a chacha soon. Bhaiyya’s baby is mine and vice versa.”

At his last line Soumya had a coughing fit and soon Rudra too joined her when the realisation of what he had said hit him. Shivay finally succeeded in prying Rudra off him. It was time when the young male members sans Shivay let out an excited statement of “I am teaching him how to play football.”
Everyone gave each other an exasperated look. But they all decided to leave the boys to their fantasies that it was a fool-proof truth that Shivika would have a son.

As the second month came upon them, we would find a bleary eyed Shivay with messed up hair (s*xy right?) holding back Anika’s hair as she emptied the contents of her stomach in the bathroom. He had actually become an expert in braiding her hairs so he would go out to bring the only thing which made her stomach settle down, a towel soaked in Tej Oberoi’s cologne! Weird isn’t it?

Well it came into light when Anika had her first round of morning sickness. It was like any normal morning when she shot out of her bed and ran to the bathroom to empty her stomach. Shivay had promptly freaked out shouting something about Anika giving birth pre maturely… Through mouth. All elders had assembled into their room hearing his panicked shouting (dont blame him people, it was first time that he was becoming a father?). Pinky and Janvi had rushed to Anika’s side and were holding her hairs away from her face and rubbing soothing circles on her back. Shivay watched this carefully so as to help his loving wife next time. Well according to his dad and bade papa there were still many mornings to come. The ladies came out of the washroom and Anika went directly towards her bade papa sniffing the air around him. It was settling down her stomach real quick. Janvi let out a disbelieving laugh “Oberoi’s all are ridiculous, especially the unborn ones.” At Shivay’s confused expression Pinky continued “Cant you see beta? Your bade papa’s scent calms her down quickly. It is said that the baby is more attached to the person whose scent it likes.” Hearing this Shivay moved closer to his wife only for her to run to bathroom once again when she inhaled his scent. Shivay letting out a sigh “guess I have to change my cologne now.””And shampoo too” was heard from the bathroom in between retching.
When the bro-friends gang heard of this development, they went upto play the game of ‘sniff and puke’ as Rudra named it. First to go was Om whose scent had no effect on Anika, next was Daksh whose perfume made her run to the washroom again but his scent combined with Siddarth’s had a lulling effect on her where she started to sleep sitting between both of them.

Rudra was most ecstatic ‘being’ as his cologne had a positive effect on his bhabhi. He was jumping once again around the living room shouting that the baby liked him the most. Shivay was pouting sitting in a corner thinking the baby didnt like him. Soon the guys dragged him out to play a game of ball. The father’s worries went in vain as when he came into the house after playing, all sweaty, Anika promptly went up to him and embraced him tightly taking a deep breath. Apparantely the baby loved its father’s natural scent so much that it made the mother cling to him seductively. Well, the towel soaked in sweat would be unhygienic and Rudra’s cologne was harmful for a pregnant lady the result was towel soaked in Tej Oberoi’s cologne.

As every bad thing has an end gradually the morning sickness also subsided when the couple stepped together into the warm sunshine of month three. Well, saying it was a sunshine for Shivay would be kind of irony because as the third month started his nightmare also started, i.e., cravings.
On a cool clear night Shivay was roughly woken up by his beloved. He sat up blinking away sleep from his eyes and looked up at his wife in irritation” What is it Anika?””Shivay I want to eat ice cream.””What now?! It is 2 in the morning dear.” He tried to reason with her. Throwing daggers at him “I know billuji but I want ice cream right now.” Rubbing his face tiredly he asked the question he was most scared of “Alright which flavour?” Excitedly she said “Strawberry, vanilla and red.”

He was right, he could have died a happy man just without knowing that, one more time he tried to reason with her “Anika, there is no such flavour called as red sweetie.” Thus began the waterworks, “billuji you went on and got me pregnant and now you even refuse to take care of me? I am Anika Shivay Singh Oberoi, if I say there is a flavour called red then there is a flavour called red. You are only trying to avoid me as I am no more beautiful.” Consoling his wife, he took her face between his hands, staring into her eyes gently spoke “sweetheart no matter in which condition you are, you will always be beautiful to me. I love you baby.” He was about to close the distance between them by sealing her mouth with his but she stopped him stating “billuji, my icecream?”

He fell down from the bed in disbelief. Trust his woman to spoil a romantic moment just for ice cream. Cursing everything he went out to his best brother Omkara’s room and pounded on the door. After about 5 minutes of knocking and shouting Zulfi Singh Oberoi answered the door in annoyance “what is the matter Shivay? Couldn’t you wait until the morning?” Shivay responded calmly “tell me Om what is a red flavoured ice cream.””Didnt you have any other time for jokes Shivay?” He responded grimly. Ever the calm and collected Shivay just shrugged at him and before he could utter another word grabbed his hand and both the brothers went towards Rudra’s room. This time it was Soumya who answered to their call “bade bahiyya? Bade baal wale bhaiyya? What is the matter?””Where is Rudra?” Was their simultaneous query. “He is sleeping bhaiyya.””What? We are awake and he is sleeping? This can’t happen.” They chorused and went into the room making Soumya wait at the door. Few minutes later both the elder brothers dragged a crying Rudra out of the room. Off went the three brothers towards the kitchen.

Shivay was the first one to speak as his brothers were falling asleep on the kitchen counter “So guys, tell me what a red flavoured ice cream is?””Ask bhabhi, she is way more intelligent than you” said Rudra in between yawns. “Shut up Rudra.” Was all Shivay could say in irritation. “Put some red wine in ice cream bhaiyya” told a wide awake Rudy. He got slapped across the head for his suggestion. “O why did you hit me?””Dumbell Oberoi you cannot give alcohol to a pregnant lady besides Anika doesn’t drink” said Omkara.

“You know Om, now I am scared for Rudra’s kid. Dont know how our little brother would handle the situation.” Before Rudra could form a comeback, Om came up with a brilliant solution for their problem “Shivay add red colour to vanilla ice cream and take it to her.””It might just work out Om”
And so the brother’s adventure during midnight came into existence. With great effort they finally prepared the ice cream for the would-be mother. Relieved OmRu ran back to their respective rooms before Shivay could even utter another word. Chuckling to himself the Oberoi knight marched towards his room with a bowl of ice cream. He stopped short at the entrance hearing Anika talking to her belly.

“You know sweetie, your dad is the best in world. He loves you so much even more than his hairs.” Her ranting was cut short when she heard a soft laugh at the door. Seeing that her handsome husband had caught her she flushed red. “How much did you hear?” She asked him.
“Only the part where you were praising our baby’s daddy but dont you think the hair thing is pushing a bit?” He answered her mischievously and handed her the bowl of ice cream. Smiling brightly she dig into the sugary heaven happily. After a while she even shared it with her hubby while he preferred to lick the icecream off her lips just to tease her. Soon they were lost in the bliss of their own personal bubble.
One must say that the nightly endevours of our favourite couple are becoming cuter each day.
A few days later this so called ice cream debacle was being related to the entire gang.
“My baby has amazing taste in food” was Shivay’s proud statement. “You would say so Shivay, you love cooking” came a sarcastic reply from Daksh. “Why red colour?” Was the question asked by ACP. “Apparently Oberoi women have craved coloures things during pregnancy. Dadi even told me that we have units producing food colours with natural composition.” Omkara filled him in. All the men seated in the room nodded thoughtfully at this new information. “Shivay…” Came a very pleasing tone. Automatically, as if on remote control the said person went upto his wife “which flavour?”A beaming Anika happily said “pomegranate, lime and dark green with small choco-chips.””Right away madam, come on men I will show you all how to prepare ice cream.”Stating this Shivay walked towards the kitchen and he was followed by the herd of men in the group. They came back after a while each one carrying an extra bowl of the said flavours for everyone.
Anika gladly dig into her bowl of goodies. It was Siddarth who broke the silence “Shivay would you give me some of those colours?” Shivay followed his line of sight and saw Mallika eagerly eating her ice cream.
“Sure Rana, even I dont wish a hormonal, more-than-usually-crazy-and-heavily-pregnant-Mallika on you. I dont hate you that much.”Exclaimed the great SSO
He was soon gifted back with an eyefull of ice cream, courtsey of Mallika.

Anika turned to look up at Shivay one day while she was lying on the couch.” You know billuji I am starting to wonder if the men dont think that a baby’s gender depends on their wishes.” At his confused look she continued to explain “All the male population in our family and friend circle are sure that our child will be a boy.” He smiled and brushed the frown off her face gently saying “there is a reason dear, from several decades every first born in every Oberoi woman is a boy.””Oh! So what do you think? What will our baby be?”Anika questioned back. “I dont mind if our baby is a boy or a girl” he stated stealing a kiss from her. Their moment would have continued if dadi had not come looking for them. “Anika puttar I have come here to give you these clothes.””Thank you dadi.” After she leaves Anika goes through the new clothes and Shivay who is watching her laughs out loud. “What is the matter?””Look at these clothes Anika; they are so big, size of a room.” He replied chuckling. The nerve around Anika’s eye started to jump in annoyance. Without watching her reaction he continued, “I mean you have already become fat, in another 5 months…” He trailed off realising his mistake now. It was eerily calm, he looked upto see Anika fuming in anger, “fat?! Ha?” Was the only thing she said.

The fourth month had significantly brought a rise in Anika’s hormone levels i.e., her anger would sometimes go out of proprtions. Also a bit of weight gain, mentioning which brought the hell upon SSO.
That night found the great Shivay Singh Oberoi sleeping fitfully on the couch in living room. His crazy wife had banned entry to any of the rooms whenever she kicked him out of their room. Even his brothers were scared of her; if they helped him then eventually she would get both Ishana and Soumya to do the same thing with them. It was 200th time that he reconsidered the sanity behind his decision for marrying her.

In the middle of the night our sweetheart Anika woke up sniffling n lightly crying while she craved for ice cream. She had kicked her own hubby out of the room, so it was upon herself to get what she needed. When she came to the living room she saw Shivay sprawled out on a sofa, with one leg dangling down and blanket thrown down. Sniffling she went to him, corrected his posture and caressed his face. At this point her hormones took better of her and she started to bawl out her eyes. Startled Shivay woke up to see his distraught wife crying her eyes out while sitting on the cold floor. Her pitiful state melted his heart and he quickly went into action of a dutiful spouse.
“Anika what is the issue darling? What happened, tell me.” he softly asked her while rubbing soothing circles on her back. She clutched at his shirt and laid her head on his chest. “Come on sweetie, tell me what happened? Did I do something again baby? I am so sorry love; now don’t cry like this baby.”
His words brought another round of emotions and tears in Anika’s eyes. Sobbing she started to speak “no Shivay you didn’t do anything wrong. I am sorry, I overreacted. You were just teasing me about gaining some weight b-but I remembered an article I read in a magazine, it said that husbands leave their wives because they lose their shape after pregnancy. Please Shivay don’t leave me.”

Grabbing her shoulders he spoke to her softly “Anika you remember I told you once that I will not stop loving until the end of time dear. How come I will not love you now as you are going to make me the wealthiest and happiest man on earth? Moreover, you look ravishing dear; quit thinking such stressful things sweetheart.”
Hearing his sweet words Anika started to cry even harder, alarmed Shivay asked looking all over her if she was alright “what happened dear? Why are you crying again?”
Wiping her tears she answered back “you got to leave me seeing the way I have been acting lately. Shivay you are so sweet, I don’t deserve you.”
Chuckling lightly at her antics he embraced her one more time before carrying her to the bed. Well, what can I say our Shivika are the cutest!!

Watching Anika bawl her eyes out one more time as he came back home from work Shivay winced “what happened to her?” he asked Soumya who was attending to the would be mother.
Rubbing her temples she replied “Di tried to prepare you china wala paneer. It burnt halfway through the preparation. She wanted to surprise you.”

Shivay ran away from his room in a hurry and went straight to kitchen. He took out ice cream in a bowl accompanying it with a glass of water and went to soothe his wife. After reaching his room, he signalled Soumya to leave them for some time. She gave him a grateful smile before going out. He held the glass of water in front of his wife, Anika looked up in surprise “th-thankyou billuji.” And took the water and gulped it down in one go. “Why do you cry so much and stress yourself out?” asked a worried Shivay because lately Anika’s hormone levels had gone very high and she was an emotional mess most of the time. She couldn’t even blink without crying out her eyes. Glaring at him she replied “it’s because of your child!!” smiling he held out the bowl of ice cream to her. Seeing it the soon to be mom forgot her burnt Paneer and hugged her caring husband. Shivay sighed in content, he was in half a mind to fly to London till Anika delivered.
The reason being during fifth month the child was using its mother for all excretory purposes consequently; Anika was waking up most part of the night. Shivay being a light sleeper he was also wakened up each and every time. It had taken a great amount off fine from his sleep, resulting him being more and more cranky each passing day. He had already fired about 20 people from work and had broken 15 cell phones just out of frustration in a single week. He couldn’t even share his woes with his beloved, in the state she was she would place herself guilty for ruining her husband’s comfort and it would later be impossible to stop her from divorcing him just for his well being sake.

Later that night everyone sans Anika who was slumbering away as a result of crying all day, grouped in the living room to discuss plans for Anika’s baby shower. It was decided by elders that no men would attend the function as it was exclusively for ladies. Shivay thanked heavens as he planned to get some much needed sleep during this time.
It was some days later the Oberoi mansion shook with loud voices shouting and cursing. Shivay was seen engaged in a battle of words with Mallika, both were breathless and red from anger. Good thing was Anika was dragged for shopping with Soumya, she was saved from all this stress.

“No Mallika I can’t allow it” Shivay declared firmly.
“But why Shivay? It is a great idea for baby shower” Mallika retorted
“She will not agree, also do you want to make my life a hell or what?” he snapped back
“Guys…” Om tried to calm them one more time…
“Shut up Om.” But he was again silenced by furious Shivay.
“Shivay watching romantic films at night will not harm her. You want her to have some good company and all of us girls will be there.”
“That is the problem Mallika, she is very sensitive right now. Some days back she watched a movie and was so guilt ridden that she had witnessed some strangers intimate moments. She actually thought she had committed a cardinal sin by doing so. It took me about 5 days to make her look in my eyes again and now you are suggesting that you will watch more romance.” Shivay exhaled the breath he was holding.
“So what? Can’t you make her see reason?” Mallika queried back.
“Didn’t you hear she is Anika Shivay Singh Oberoi, what she says is universal law.” Repeated Shivay weakly.
“Besides Mallika Di our champ will not like romance movies, show him some action flicks.” came a retort from Rudra.
Wrong thing to say at wrong time “Rudra the baby can be a girl, why are all of you guys so sure that it will be a boy?” she spat angrily.
“We just know it” chorused Rudra and Daksh.
“If that’s the case then let’s have a bet.” came a joyful reply from Siddarth who was silent till now.

Interested Rudra chirped in “what are the terms?”
“If Anika gives birth to a boy then my wife Mallika will come to his wedding dressed like a penguin.” he winked at Mallika who was fuming at this stupid wager “…And if it’s a girl then Rudy you are going to come to her wedding looking like Marilyn Monroe.” Siddarth continued.
Before anybody could protest the wager was agreed on. Shivay rolled his eyes went by his wife’s side who had just come back to home looking tired. The group dispersed slowly not making a single decision about the upcoming event. Only Om was left seated on the couch who was praising himself for being the sensible one in this circus of a family. Poor Om, such a big responsibility on him. He wondered if it was the credit of being an artist or if it was something special about him.
The baby shower ended without a hitch was the news Shivay got when he came back home after the sleepover in farmhouse feeling completely rested and in good mood saying he was feeling light like a balloon. Instead of warm welcome he was expecting he got his favourite set of plates thrown at his head by his Anika (just because he said balloon, come on that’s not fair).
The elders when got this news extended their stay at Vaishno Devi, giving the reason that they wanted to be near Mata to be safe… to pray for the safety of their children.

With the start of the sixth month, also came the beginning of four months of kicking.
When first time Anika felt the baby kicking she quickly called Shivay and told him to come home as fast as he can. Within 30 minutes SSO reached his wife looking scared and ready to kill the person who tried to harm his wife. Well it’s totally his mistake as he mistook the urgency in her voice over call as emergency due to threat. He was greatly annoyed when there was no such thing but his mood instantly improved when Anika told him the reason.
With great trepidation Shivay lowered his ear to her abdomen and waited. Before long he heard tiny thuds against her abdomen. His look at that time was priceless.
With a fearful expression he turned to his wife “Anika there is a baby in your belly?!”
Right eye twitching she stared at him ”yes billuji there is a baby in my belly, I think I made that point clear when I told you I was pregnant.” Placing her hands onto his shoulders she spoke through gritted teeth “what do you think was going to happen dear? That I was going to give birth to a doll?”

Shaking his head “No, I mean there is a real, breathing baby in there…” he gestured towards her belly wildly and continued with fearful tone “what if I mess up and can’t take good care of it? What if I forget to change its diaper and it holds a grudge against me about it in future? What if… and his words were just lost as all these epic realisations hit him one after one like tornado. Anika slapped him hard to bring him out of his nightmarish thoughts “get a grip Shivay, it’s not freaking third coming of Voldemort in Harry Potter.”
“But what if…”
“Don’t complete that line Shivay, I don’t want to give birth in jail just because I murdered my own husband.”
“One more word Shivay and I will kill you” Anika warned him.
“Yes Anika, I will be quiet.”
Later that week Anika was retelling this incident to the gang. “I knew Shivay was stupid from the start“ said the wise Mallika.
“Anything to make my woman happy, in return she leaves me a happy man” replied Shivay teasingly.

At that precise moment Anika’s hormones kicked in “Billuji you only tolerate me because of this?”
In his utter stupidity Shivay replied “yes baby I wouldn’t have married you otherwise.”
“I HATE YOU BILLUJI, DONT EVEN TOUCH ME AND DONT EVEN TALK TO ME. I WILL CATASTRATE YOU. YOU WISH YOU HADNT MARRIED ME!!” and she proceeded to hit him with the vase that was kept on the table nearby. Rudra was laughing at how his bhabhi made a mess out of his bhaiyya. Only Siddarth and Ishana were trying to calm Anika down. Every other person in room was totally humoured by the couple’s fight.
“Anika… st-stop… I really lo-love you.” Pleaded SSO.
Making a last attempt to subside her anger “how about if I get you that chocolate chip ice cream with your favourite fruits on top?”
Blinking owlishly Anika calmed down “ice cream you say? Yes please”
Shivay thus went to kitchen, victorious in saving himself and smiling devilishly at all the spectators. This brought a fresh round of laughter among the group
Whereas Sid and Ishana looked at each other clearly thinking they were the only sane ones left in the house.
Shivay came back saying that he had added her favourite chocolate sauce to the confection.
Clearly indeed.

The beginning of third trimester that is the seventh month Shivay had a small get-together with his chums at his home in the parlour. The said chums included Daksh, Siddarth, Ranveer, Aneesh, Ronit and of course Omru.
Their conversation about American elections and how USA was going to pay a huge toll for electing the orange president was cut short when the parlour door opened and in came, more like waddled, Anika followed by three servants carrying an assortment of snacks, in her own hand she was holding a delicious looking cheesecake. As expected Shivay zeroed only on one thing. “Woman why are you carrying things in your state?” Placing the cake on the table she rounded on her husband “I am not sick Shivay, I am only pregnant and I am perfectly capable of preparing and serving my husband his favourite confections.” She soon realised her mistake when dawning look came onto his face. “How can you cook in this state?” to the servants he barked “Why did you leave her to bake in this condition. Do you want something to happen to the baby?”
One of the brave servant answered his master “madam wouldn’t listen to us sir, we tried to stop her.”
Irritated Anika said “stop scaring them Shivay, I am fit to handle a whisk and a bowl. If you don’t stop throwing tantrum then I am going to give this cake to all your friends.” Saying so she again walked out of the parlour and behind her went the servants trying to stop her from doing anything harmful- basically everything besides sleeping.
Shivay gave a resigned sigh and Daksh who was sitting close to him tried to console him saying “You should be grateful Shivay, Anika looks healtier and radiant more than ever with that baby bump.” “Yes she took well to the pregnancy, even though she carries around like a penguin, she maintains both poise and grace to top notch.” Said Siddarth.
Confused SSO spoke “well she has always been epitome of poise, what is so special about it now?”
“Dost you are lucky you can ask that question. My and Ronit’s mum join Mrs. Kapoor and her daughter for tea sometimes. You know their daughter Tia she married some French bloke Pierre or something. She is 5 months pregnant…” Aneesh looked at Ronit for confirmation.

Nodding Ronit continued where Aneesh had left off “We also had the opportunity to join them few times and it has been a total embarrassment in the name of high class society and its upbringing.”
“Why so?” inquired Rudra curiously
Aneesh answered him “Honestly, the woman is like a rabid, rampaging wild boar! Her poor husband is a nervous wreck! She’s constantly screaming at him to do things for her. Not like Anika; she yells at you when you upset her-which is understandable. I’m talking she decides she’s craving orange juice, and instead of asking for them like a sane human being-”

“-she shrieks at the man, demanding he bring her the juice before she divorces him and sues him for every Knut he’s worth due to charges of neglect.”Ronit finished off the sentence. The rest of the men sat there in shocked silence “bu-but Tia was a number one student in all our etiquettes and decorum classes? In fact she did even better than Mallika.” said Daksh disbelievingly. “If you ask me all those classes have went down to hell. She can’t even do a single work without breaking something or throwing a huge tantrum.” Replied Ronit.
At that moment Anika came in again just to check in the snacks and drinks. Without uttering a word Shivay went straight to her and engulfed her in a tight hug in front of all his mates after releasing her he gently cupped her face and said “Anika, I love you more than anything; more than my life. I love everything you do for me, and I’m grateful to have you by my side forever. I love that you’re having my baby, and I love that you still love me after I got you pregnant. Thank you for marrying me, for having my baby, and for the cheesecake; it’s amazing!”
Confused Anika looked around the room “I didn’t know that I was such a great cook.”

The eighth month was upon the couple as they got closer and closer to Anika’s due date. Being on strict bed rest, Anika was prone to the occasional bought of crankiness.
And she made damn certain everyone knew it.

In exasperation Shivay glanced at her feet while getting ready for work. “Pink.”
Anika scowled. “I want them blue! Make them blue!”
Left eye twitching-it started to do that a while ago- Shivay took the nail paint bottle and proceeded to paint them. After finishing he handed her a mirror so she could look at her pretty, royal blue toes.
Anika grinned up at her husband adorably.”Shivay…do you like my toes?”
Smiling at her tenderly, Shivay shook his head at his wife’s antics. Instead of speaking, he bent down and kissed the arch of each foot.
She had-thankfully- been in a noted better mood this month. Other than the occasional grumpy spell, Shivay was the apple of her eye all month. Of course, it helped that he would bring her candies and chocolates whenever he left the house for anything.
Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend, clearly knew nothing.
“Shivay do you have to go to work? I miss you when you’re not here.” She pouted at him irresistibly. It was almost enough to make him skip.
Shivay sighed at her. “I wish I could love. But this is my last week of work until a month after the baby’s born, and I have to go. If I skip anytime this week then I will have to work straight through your delivery.”
As he walked towards the door he looked back and spoke over his shoulder. “Besides, I have to bring home the aloo puri for you and our baby, remember?”
As he walked out, he heard a faint harrumph. “Whatever.”
Smiling to himself the soon to be father reached his office and immersed himself in work.

Everyone was walking on eggshells around Anika, just waiting for her to pop. She was a week past her due date and in the foulest mood anyone had seen since the first month. Pinky, Janvi and Shree had practically set up a tent outside her room; the grandfathers could only shake their heads at the excited women.
Poor Shivay was in a right state. He couldn’t leave his wife to her own devices lest that pesky conscience she had planted in him act up. And if that baby didn’t show up soon, there was going to be one less Oberoi in the Oberoi mansion, the way Anika had been looking at him for the past week.
“I hate you Shivay, you are never coming near me again after I get your brat out of me.” Anika spat in anger. Shivay didn’t even bother to argue with her instead he tried to make her more comfortable.
All the Oberoi’s planned to arrange a small party, just to cheer Anika up. She sat in the centre of room in a cute yellow dress but was throwing murderous glances at anything that moved. Guys standing in a corner took note of her expression and started to chatter aimlessly about that.

Daksh whispered to Siddarth “if you ever get Mallika pregnant Sid I swear I will kill you myself for dooming us all.” Rudra being the loudmouth idiot he was shouted “what? Mallika di is pregnant?” he was thrown a nasty glance by Mallika who was ready to just kill him as women surrounded her to congratulate but the limelight again shifted back to Anika as she called out to her hubby “Shivay, I think it’s time.”
Without wasting another moment Shivay helped her up and carried her over to the car. The hall which was silent till then erupted in excitement and everyone; I mean everyone followed the couple to the hospital. In all this madness Om was the sensible one who had the mind to pack the essentials and take them to the hospital with help of Ishana.
*The Delivery*

The day everyone had been anticipating was finally here, and to be frank, Doctor Singh didn’t know whether to tend to the expectant mother, or her husband.
She was in labour, but he looked like he was in a worse state if you can imagine that. Then again, it might have something to do with her threatening the existence of any future Oberoi’s…
In between all the chaos of labour room and calm of charged waiting room, the doctor came out after several gruelling hours to the father saying he could meet them first.
Shivay entered the ward bit fearfully, the first thing he saw was his Anika sleeping peacefully on the crisp white bed looking more beautiful than ever. He went to her caressed her hairs with a loving look. Sensing his presence the new mother opened her eyes and her face glowed when she saw him. “Shivay…” “Shh… Thankyou love” he said and pecked her forehead.

She pointed him to the cradle where their baby slept peacefully “Our daughter.” Glancing at his baby Shivay automatically moved and picked up the bundle of joy with utmost care and when he turned back to his wife, both their eyes were moist with unshed tears.

After the parents had settled down with the baby in came the total Oberoi clan with all their friends. They were loudly arguing who would hold the child first. It was Dadi who got the first turn “hello champ, I am your Rudy chacha!” Rudra said from Dadi’s shoulder. Anika rolled her eyes at him and broke the big news “the baby is she Rudra not He.” “Ha good joke bh…”his words were lost as he fell down with a thud
It took ten tight slaps from Omkara to wake Rudra up. “A Girl!! Bhabi how can you do this to me?” he said defeated. “Oh I am sorry Rudra I didn’t deliver a baby boy, my mistake” Anika replied back sarcastically. Someone cleared their throat loudly “Rudy remember the bet?” It was Mallika of course who was giving a victorious smile to the whole guy gang whose heads were bowed down in shame.
“However what name have you decided for her guys?” Mallika asked the new parents.
Shivika looked at each other grinning like idiots and together said “Shivika” everyone rejoiced at the name and the baby and finally congratulated Anika-Shivay for their new addition to the family.
It was dadi who concluded this long tale saying “All is well that ends well.”
Words to live by…..


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