Three Shot Competition by Neha

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This is Neha here ! I am here with one competition… And read below to know about competition…

Anyone can participate in this competition.… And you have to write three shot story as there are three levels and here are the rules for your participation…

1.You can write on any couple irrespective of the serial being off air or on air .. Otherwise you can also use other characters instead of characters from serials .

2. The Story has to be a three shot story . You can give any type of ending to your story according to your wish .

3. After submitting your story, you won’t give information about it to anyone .

If anyone has any doubts, ask in the comment section or message me privately..


1. You can enter into this competition by commenting “I’M IN” in comment section along with serial and couple’s name. No restriction on number of participants but last date to enter is 17th May 2018 after that I won’t allow.

2. Those Members who want to be judges, contact me at [email protected]..
The judges cannot share with anyone that they are judging the competition. Further details will be given there only ..

3 .There will be three levels . In the first level , you have to submit the first part of your story . In the second level submit the second part and submit the third part in the thirl level.

4 . Submit the entries on [email protected]. The last date for submitting is 24th may . Submit on or before 24th May 12:00 am IST ..You have to mention your name, couples name and name of the serial you are writing for ..

5. As soon as the entries are published voting process should began . You have 48hrs to vote for the entry .After that no votes will be counted.

6.Since, I will be submitting it to the telly updates authority,  guests can also participate.

For clearing doubts, comment below or message me ..

So as of now signing off… Hope you all participate in competition and make it successful… ☺☺☺☺

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You can find all competition entries on THIS PAGE.

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  1. Shrilatha

    What about multiple would be not fair

    1. Neha.love7873

      Please clarify about what you’re saying in the private message

  2. Praneetha

    I’M IN

    1. Neha.love7873

      Please enter the name of your serial and couple

      1. Praneetha

        Couple name:season

      2. Praneetha

        Couple name:swasan

  3. Mona_2005

    I’M IN
    Couple- shivika

  4. Mona_2005

    Doubt- do we need to give the intro if we change their attitude as they are protrayed in serial???

    1. Neha.love7873

      No, you don’t need to post the introduction

  5. Devihaa

    I’M IN.
    I’ll be writing on “RagLak” from “swaragini”
    And am I supposed to mail you all the three parts at a stretch?

    1. Neha.love7873

      Sure !
      As per the rules you have to mail them one by one during the period of different levels . Hope your doubts are cleared

  6. I’m in

    1. Neha.love7873

      Please enter the name of your serial and couple

  7. Aarti32

    Is 24th d last day for participating or submitting our story??
    And do we have to submit only the first part on 24th or all the parts??

    Anyways, I’m in

    1. Neha.love7873

      24th May 2018 is the last date to submit the story. By 17th may , you have to enter into the competition. You have to submit only first part and the rest part in the next two levels ..
      Please enter the name of serial and couple

      1. Aarti32

        Couple name – SamAina (Sameer and Naina)
        Show – Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai
        My name – Aarti

  8. Riana

    Hi Neha,
    “I’M IN”
    Couple name- Shivika
    Serial- Ishqbaaz

  9. Niyati

    Di, “I’M IN”.
    Couple name – Don’t decide yet ….Pm you if I decide ?

    1. Neha.love7873

      Sure !Tell me before 17th May 2018 positively ..

  10. Anee

    Heyy Nehuu “I’M IN”.
    cuople name : Kaanchi
    Serial: Savitri Devi collage and Hospital

  11. 23SAMAIRA0906

    I m in
    Couple name:Kaanchi/ Sabir (Kabir and Sanchi
    Serial:Savitri Devi College and Hospital
    By the way where we have to submit???
    And when we have to submit the first part??

    1. Neha.love7873

      Sure ! You have to submit me by gmail which is [email protected]..and by 24th May you have to submit the first part

  12. SHIKZ

    I’M IN

    1. Neha.love7873

      Hello Shikha ¡ Sure

  13. Lavithra

    I’M IN…
    I would like to participate…
    TS name:Premam
    Couple name:Prem and preethi…
    Am writing this story on my own…
    Its not based on any serial,will it be ohk?
    And plz tell when we must submit the ts along with dates…
    If you tell dates then I’ll submit them on those days yaar…
    We must update that like a normal telly ff in tellyupdate or must mail the story to you???
    Plz tell yaar,I dnt know as am new here…???

    1. Neha.love7873

      Hello Lavithra !
      Yes you can use characters of your own . You just submit the first part on 24th May and after the completion of level 1, further details will be provided

      You have to mail the story to me …
      Any doubts message me or comment here or mail me

      1. Lavithra

        Thank you Neha….???

  14. Honey

    couple name- abhigya
    serial kkb
    should we submit part 1 or all parts before 24 th may

    1. Neha.love7873

      Sure ! You have to submit only part 1 on 24th May .

      1. Honey

        kk dr

  15. Ananyagour

    I’M IN
    Couple : shivika
    Serial name : ishqbaaaz
    Name : Ananya
    Doubt – am I suppose to mail only the first part of my story till 24th may?

    1. Neha.love7873

      Sure ! Yes you are supposed to mail only the first part till 24th may

  16. Aarti32

    Is it compulsory to write dialogues in English or we can write in Hindi??

    1. Neha.love7873

      You can write dialogues in hindi but with english translation according to rules of TU

  17. The results would be on the basis of votes or the judges are going to score the entries?? Can you clarify the basis of judging the entries?? I mean like grammar, plot etc. etc.

    1. Neha.love7873

      The results would be on the basis of both points given by judges and votes . The points would be given according to writing pattern, execution of the plot and gist of the story

  18. I’m In

    1. Neha.love7873

      Sure ! Submit the name of couple and serial before 17th may

  19. Priyu

    ? well…. Is this competition only for love stories?

    1. Neha.love7873

      No ! You can write any type of stories but it has to be a three shot story

      1. Priyu

        ?ok thank you for helping

  20. Aamna_2690

    ‘I AM IN’
    Name : Aamna Aka Aanu (pen name)
    Serial : Tashan e Ishq
    Couple : TWINJ

  21. Devikaaa

    Hi Neha, I’M IN.
    I’m Devika
    Couple name : Ankhi
    Show name : Tumhari Paakhi

  22. I’m In
    Name :Mia
    Couple: Swasan
    Show: Swaragini

  23. Nupurchhapre78

    Im in
    Couple name -shivika
    Serial name-ishqbaaz

  24. Fidato

    Hi…. Neha…. I’m in…

    Couple name : Kriyam (Krishna & Sayyam)
    Serial : SSEL

    One doubt… Is there any word limit to each part….???

    1. Fidato

      Hi… Neha.. sorry…. I didn’t get you…. Is there any word limit……??

      1. Neha.love7873

        No, there is no word limit

  25. Priyu

    Hello hello I’m also in.
    My name Priya.
    Serial name – Bepannah
    Couple- Aditya & Zoya

  26. Nivedha

    I’M IN
    Name : Nivedha
    Couple : ISHRA
    Serial : Yeh hai Mohabbatein

  27. Nandini_murali

    Name : Nandini
    Couple : samaina (Sameer and Naina )
    Serial name : yeh un dino ki baat hai

    1. Neha.love7873

      But comment “I’m in”

  28. A12345

    Can i participate now?

    1. Neha.love7873

      Yeah you can participate now !
      You can enter into this competition by commenting “I’M IN” in comment section along with your name,serial and couple’s name.

      1. A12345

        Serial: SwaRagini..but my concept doesn’t match it!

    2. Neha.love7873

      Sure ! But I don’t get what are you telling about your concept

      1. A12345

        I mean doesn’t match show!

      2. A12345

        I mean my ts would be different from the show is it ok?

  29. RuCh23

    I’M IN
    Name – Ruwani
    Couple – Kanchi
    Serial name – Savitri Devi College and Hospital

  30. Nandini_murali

    “I’m in”

  31. Niyati

    Couple – Ardeep
    Serial – Ishq main marjawan

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