Three Shot Competition (Level 2 ) Entry 7

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Story name : just I love you! (Part – 2)

Happy reading!

Precap : Ragini going on a date with rohan

The car stops at a restaurant. Both go inside.
“Rohan why the restaurant is empty??” Ragini asks looking around.
“This is my dad’s restaurant Ragini… and so I booked the whole restaurant so that we can have some special time” he replies in a husky voice at the end.
Ragini smiles slightly but somewhere in her heart she did not like it . They both sit down and eat some pastries. Later Rohan plays some romantic music and calls her for a dance. They both dance. And at that time Rohan snakes his hands around her waist. Ragini who was already feeling awkward, gets uncomfortable.
“Excuse me!” Saying she tries to go. But Rohan pulls her closer with lustful eyes “not so soon baby… today I’ll enjoy every bit of you! ” he revealed his true color.
“ moron. .. leave me..!” Ragini shouts pushing him and runs. Rohan forwards his hand to catch her but at that time a strong arm blocks his way.
Ragini looks up at the person and finds Laksh. She smiles knowing that she’ll be safe.
Laksh beats him badly. He gives him a lot of punches and kicks for misbehaving with HIS RAGINI.
“Never dare to touch her..” Laksh warns a bleeding rohan and grabbing Ragini’s hand he walks out!

Raglak are walking in an empty road. It was already dark and silence prevailed among them. Ragini was just walking blankly remembering all the recent events . And Laksh was just looking at her.
He holds her hand and softly calls “Ragini! !”
Ragini turns and looks at him. She couldn’t control it more and she hugged him tightly and broke down. “You were right Laksh. . He ..he tried to..”
“Sh ..ragini. .dont worry..”
Laksh let her cry her heart out. And all the while he was soothingly rubbing her back. After sometime she stopped crying. But still she was hugging him. Maybe she felt secured in that place. Laksh slowly breaks the hug and wipes her tear strains cupping her face.
“Much better?” He asks for which she nods her head.
“Ragini until I’m there.. I’ll never ever let anything happen to you..”
Ragini looks on. He planted a kiss on her forehead closing his eyes. Ragini holds his hand which was cupping her and closes her eyes too. Indeed it was a kiss which lasted for minutes.
He breaks the kiss and gives her an assuring smile. And she too smile back genuinely.
“Ok..come I’ll drop at the hostel..” he says.
“Hmm..Laksh actually I really excited about my first date..and I prepared my mind that I’ll return back late…” she said with a pout.
“What..? You just saw right? How that scoundrel behaved. . And still you wanna go on a date with him..” Laksh blurts out.
“No..not like that..hmm.. you take me somewhere na..!” She replies with a cute smile. Laksh has a million dollar smile crept on his face.
“So… you want a date with me…??” He asks smirking .
“Not a date… but I want to go with you somewhere now..” she declared.
Laksh smiles widely. He looks around and spots an old park. He drags her to the park while she giggles following him
“Ok! Let’s play a game..!” He suggests .
“Game?” She asks raising her eyebrow.
“Yup! I’ll play songs from my mobile and we will dance according to the tune. .what say? ?” He explained.
“It’s nice..but we cant do that..!” She replies
“Why?” He questions.
“Because I don’t know to dance..!” She says with a fake pout.
Laksh narrows his eyes listening to this
“Oii.. drama queen. .. I very well know that you can dance… did you forget that day..?” He asked mocking.

Flash back.

Ragini and laksh went to a disco as Ragini wanted to see how a disco is like. She looks around and sees people dancing crazily. “Ragini…lets dance! ” laksh calls her.
“No laksh you go..” she says and goes to the bar counter and sits there.
Laksh goes and dances with some girls. Ragini gets annoyed seeing Laksh dancing closely with a girl who was drooling over him.
“..ah..he came with ..and he’s enjoying with other girls… look …how she is touching him..dont he have some shame..?” She complains to herself.
And the girl kisses Laksh’ s cheek.
And ragini losed her cool. She turned around and spotted an Orange juice beside her. She takes it and gulped it down in one go without knowing that it was not an orange juice. .but rather vodka.
The alcohol started its job and Ragini started feeling dizzy. And immediately she started enjoying the curent atmosphere which she hated at the beginning.

“Change the music…!” A voice grabbed everyone’s attention to the stage. Laksh hung his mouth down looking at the person. Yup its Ragini!
“Oii DJ .. didn’t you listen.? Change the music” she shouts.

The DJ changes the song. ‘HUNGAMA HOGAYA’ plays.
Ragini started dancing crazily. She was doing a bit se*y moves too. She then removes her overcoat and swirls it up in the air and throws it to the crowd who were cheering her! . Laksh catches her overcoat and jumps into the stage.
“Array…Laksh. .come. .dance with me” she says pulling him.
“Ragini..stop it you are not in your sense” he says and maked her wear her overcoat.
“Why you wont dance with me…you danced with those stupid girls right? ” she asks pushing him.
“Ragini listen. .” He holds her properly as she stumbling due to the alcoholic effect.
“ wont dance with me na.. fine .! Hello handsome boys…anyone wanna dance with me??” She shouts like a kid looking at the crowd.
“Ragini. .stop it…ok I’ll dance..” Laksh says stopping her from shouting.
Ragini smiles widely.. “no boys sorry… the opportunity is over..! My Laksh is ready to dance with” she says in a kiddish voice.
Laksh smiles looking at her.
“Ragini…look over there..” laksh saya pointing her back
“Where. ..?” Asks Ragini scrutinizing, trying to focus her eyes as her vision was blurred.
Laksh takes this as an opportunity and lifts her up on his shoulder.
“Ahh…you cheater..duffer leave me..” shouts Ragini beating his back with her soft hands.
While Laksh just makes their way out of the disco.

Flash back ends.

Both laugh remembering that incident.
“Ok..let’s dance. .!” Exclaims Ragini.
He plays the song ‘sadi ka fall sa’.
Both do crazy steps and laugh a lot!
Next song ‘gerua’ plays.
Laksh twirls Ragini round and round. He keeps his hand on her waist and her hands were on his chest and they both dance along with the tune.
He bends her down and stares at her lovingly.
He lifts her up and rotates her in the air. At last, he pulls her closer and snakes his hands around her waist. She encircled her hands around his neck.
She didnt feel uncomfortable with his touch which she felt when Rohan did the same. His lips was just few millimeters away from her’s.
A bark of a dog brought them back. Both part away and were feeling awkward. After the awkward silence which lasted for minutes. Laksh spoke up “I’m sorry! !” He said feeling guilty. She just nods.
“Ok! Let’s go..!” He said moving
“Where? ?” She asked following him.
“Just come with me! ” he replies.
They both walk down the road. Ragini spots an ice cream seller and looks at Laksh with a sheepish smile. Laksh chuckles seeing her expression and buys two ice cream. After enjoying the ice cream they go to beach and spend some quality time over there not by bantering but by sitting silently enjoying the moonlight breeze and waves.
And after that, all the way they where chit-chatting, giggling, bickering, laughing and finally they reached their hostel.
“Thank you Laksh. ..this is the best day in my life..thank you! ” she said hugging him.
“There are more best days to come Ragini!!” He said.
And both went to their respective hostel.

Next day morning

Ragini comea out of the bathroom wiping her wet hair and smiling reminiscing last day events. She finds riya dressed up gorgeously and is searching something.
“Riya..why are you dressed up like this??” Ragini questions.
“I’m going to propose him..but where is lucky bracelet…” she replied busy in searching.
“Propose whom? ?”asked a suprised Ragini.
“Nah…baba..mein nahi bataungi (no..I wont say)” riya says wearing her bracelet .
“Hey! Please yaar..!”says Ragini pleading.
“Hmm…let me give you a clue… his name starts with ‘L’..” she says blushingly and rushes out of the room.

“Mad girl” Ragini thinks anf smiles.
Suddenly she gets alarmed . “Wait! .. what did she say ‘L’?”.
She looks at her reflection in the mirror. “ will love that duffer” she says to herself.
“But why not..! He is handsome, cute, caring, loving…and who wont love him? ” she says depressed by the thought that her Laksh will become someone’s else!

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