Three Shot Competition (Level 2 ) Entry 3

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Shivaay took me one day to that shop when there was no one. I asked him what he is actually planning ! He smirked looking at my dull and disappointed face. He quickly picked up the bag and holding my hand and we rushed towards the shop exit !!!…Everyone were just screaming

“Chor…chor…chor pakdo”

Hahahha…It was so hilarious at the same time scary for me !…The ridiculous thing was that shopkeeper caught us and called cops immediately. We both were thrown in the prison. I was so angry and was scolding him the whole night as we were stucked. Later, in the morning, we got bailed as well as slapped and beaten up by our parents !!!…Omg i can never forget my bad memories all thanx to him !

I was so exhausted by shivaay’s stupid plan !…Later i decided not to talk to him. We werent in talking terms since 3 weeks !…

Those three weeks were the most lonely three weeks for me and even shivaay. Later we both patched up and soon that day came when we said goodbye to our school life and entered into the ravishing chic lol just kidding rugged and indisciplined college life. Shivaay became more Naughty in college whereas i became the Diva ! Hahaha…It sounds so weird, Yeah i was the Diva of my college…Its true you dont believe !…

You know what even i have those beautiful and shining troffees which had i won in the College Queen Contest (CQC) !…Those days were really amazing.

To celebrate my victory, Shivaay throwed a party which was actually non alchoholic but unfortunately some of my good for nothing friends added liquor or i mean to say alchohol in my fruit cocktail.

Yeah literary i got drunked and started behaving extremely awkward and danced as well !..Even some of my friends recorded my video. In the video, i saw shivaay too was dancing with me. Though he was a non alchoholic, actually i am too but circumstances…..anywayz just to support me he too danced like a drunkard although i was the only drunked person there in the whole party !…

Later i thanked shivaay for supporting me. He throwed his arms and i hugged him as a very close friend very close to heart. Yeah that was the first time when i hugged shivaay not as a friend but more than that !


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