Three Shot Competition (Level 2 ) Entry 2

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Soon it was morning. Zoya didn’t wake up yet but Noor woke up and saw her sleeping.

“Looks like Appi is too tired. I will wake her up little later”. She thought and got up from the bed.

Zoya was still sleeping…

Zoya saw Aditya sitting on a bridge. So , She approached near him. He had a bottle in his hand. Zoya saw that bottle and wondered what that bottle might be as she knew that Aditya had stopped drinking alcohol because of her. So she went near him and kept her hand on his shoulder. Aditya looked back and noticed Zoya. He didn’t had any emotions in his face. Zoya took the bottle from his hands and smelled it and she noticed that it was alcohol…..

She was shocked and surprised. What made him do this……

Suddenly she got up . From sleep….

Noor forgot to wake her Appi , but fortunately Zoya woke up due to the wierd dream she had. She saw that it was quite late. She thought of not going to office too, but as soon as she remembered Aditya, Zoya hurried to get ready.

She quickly got up from bed and first thing to do was checking the phone. She checked her inbox with hopeful eyes but she realized that she hasn’t received any messages. So, she kept back her phone somewhat sadly , but thought to not get sad as she will meet him today also.

She got ready quickly and ran downstairs and while going near the door , she remembered that something is missing but she couldn’t recall what it was , as her mind was fully craving to see Aditya and talk with him.

Noor and her mom saw Zoya hurrying. “Appi” Zoya looked at her and Noor replied , “your breakfast?”. Zoya was not in a hungryy , all she needed was Aditya …. Only Aditya.

“I’ll have something from canteen” . Zoya replied and opened the door.
She ran along to the bus hault, stopped there, and turned around to catch a glance of him.

Sadly she couldn’t find Adithya there. Zoya had to make her mind now. “I was late after all…” She said to herself and got into the bus.

As always she sat near a window.

Whole day , she was thinking about Aditya . She couldn’t divert her mind to her work. So , when the lunch break came , she thought of calling him.

It was quite difficult for her to wait until that. But she had to.

So , finally lunch break came. She quickly grabbed her phone and called him…

Zoya: Hello? Aditya?
Aditya: (quite surprised) Zoya? What happened? Why did you call at this time? Any problem?
Zoya: No, actually… We couldn’t even talk properly since few days… So…..(while she was about to say something, Aditya cuts in between)
Aditya: That’s true. Ok then shall we meet in evening? At Cafe?
Zoya: (overwhelmed by the suggestion) ok. After office time then.
Aditya: Sure.
Zoya: (smiling) Ok see you soon. Bye
Aditya: Bye Zoya.
She cut the call. Both of them smiled looking at the phone.

In the evening…….

Aditya was waiting at the cafe. Zoya arrived while he was ordering a coffee.
Aditya saw her and smiled. Zoya went there and sat in front of him.

Zoya: sorry for being late..
Aditya: Yaar it’s ok. So let’s have a long chat.
Zoya smiled.
Aditya was about to say something but was disturbed by a phone call..
He looked at his phone and Zoya’s face , got up, said, “Excuse me ,” to Zoya, and went outside. Zoya nodded her head while she watched him going out. She felt a relief thinking that Aditya was not really angry or mad at her.. “it was a misunderstanding, but why didn’t he talk with me that day” she thought.

The waitor served coffee to her, while Aditya was still outside. She thought that he will come soon but he didn’t. So she started to enjoy the coffee while giving quick looks towards the door , hoping Aditya might come back.

Zoya was about to finish her coffee but…….

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